Thursday, April 13, 2017

Super Simple Ways To Hide Eyesores Around The House!

This post is provided by Katherine Smith.

Creating stylish interior and outdoor living spaces is a process that involves highlighting some features and hiding the unsightly inner workings. Eyesores like wires, AC units and plumbing lines distract from the decor you have carefully crafted, but they do not have to become the focal point.

We are following up our tips on hiding pipes with ways to hide other eyesores around the house. All of the creative ideas below can be handled in an afternoon without the hired help of a handyman.

Make Security System Panels And Wires Less Obvious.

Security system wires are the top item on our list because hiding them goes beyond improving the appearance of your interior spaces. Some thieves will cut security system cords as a way to disable the alarm. For safety purposes alone, it is best to hide these wires.

One of the best solutions involves hiding the security system panel altogether. An easy way to do this is to create a decorative cover. DIY blogger Kristen Salazar came up with a genius way to do this using a picture frame, piece of wood, hinge and knob. Cut the piece of wood so that it fits inside the frame then connect it with the hinge. Add the knob to the hinged piece of wood and hang the frame over the panel. You would not see the control panel and wires but can still access it easily. The idea also works for thermostats and garage door openers.

You could also avoid the problem altogether by using wireless equipment from a tech-savvy provider like Black Hat Security Systems. These types of systems are less of an eyesore and give you more flexibility.

Hide Television Cords With A Hollow Shelf.

If you have a flat screen mounted to the wall (like most people these days) cords are going to be a real problem. People have come up with some very creative solutions, and there are now products that can hide cords inside the wall is you don not mind cutting into the drywall. One of the coolest ideas I have come across is using crown molding to make an attractive, hollow shelf below the TV. It is kind of like a faux mantle that can hide all the unsightly cords.

A Simple Shutter To Cover An Ugly Utility Meter.

Utility meters pose a unique problem. It is a very unsightly, sizeable piece of equipment that the utility company is going to need to access. That means you can not create a permanent cover, but a temporary one can work just as well and it is a lot easier to accomplish. One of the simplest options is to paint some cute shutters and stand them in front of the meter. All it takes is a few seconds to move the shade out of the way and put it back into place.

Swap Out Unattractive Air Vents

Most air vents look the same, and that is not a good thing. Vents tend to be drab and completely utilitarian in their design, which does not fit most decor. But there is a quick way to give vents a much-need style boost. A decorative radiator screen can be cut to size and used in place of the standard slated vent.

Conceal A Kitty Little Box

You love your cat but could do without the smelly kitty litter box. Cat owners have poured a lot of time and energy into finding ways to conceal the litter box without limiting access for their furry friend. One option I really like is converting a storage cabinet. All you have to do is cut a hole in the side for your cat to get through. Depending on the cabinet you use it can also be used to store all of your kitty litter supplies.

Use Cafe Curtains To Cover An AC Unit

During the heat of summer, an AC unit can be a lifesaver, but it is still not attractive to look at. Give your unit a quick makeover with a pair of cafe curtains. Cafe curtains are short and meant to hang at the top of the window. However, for this project, you will want to use a tension cord to hang the curtains to cover the lower half of the window.

These are just a few creative, easy solutions for some of the eyesores that can disrupt your decor. Have an idea for disguising an eyesore around the house? Then share it with me in the comments section below!

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