Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Top Home Interior Trends For The New Year!

Everyone wants to have an updated home. With the start of the new year, everyone is scrambling to know the latest trends in home interior. Whether you plan to do big renovations or you want small updates that will improve your home, there will always be something for you to do. Here are the five top home interior trends for the new year:

Colors and paints - One of the ways you can change the way your home looks is by changing the colors. According to Pantone, the color of the year is Marsala (18-1438). However, it would not look as good if splashed all over every single wall. Make it an accent color by using Marsala within the drapes, accessories, and decorations for your home. If you have a wooden-themed home, you are lucky, as Marsala is a good accent for wooden pieces. Other top colors that you can work with this year are grey, olive, and Mediterranean blue.

Sculptural candles – Another design trend this new year is sculptural candles. Candles have always been good decoration accessories to have in different parts of the house. You can add them to a side table, a dining table, or above your fireplace. This year, instead of going for plain-looking candles, try to go for structural candles in different colors and designs. Play with shapes and scents and you will be on your way to have a stylish house that will please you and your visitors.

Window treatments – Get rid of those old curtains and become more fashion forward by adding other window treatments to your home. You can choose from Roman shades, blinds, or even a makeshift shade made out of a blanket. Choose a color that will complement that aesthetics of your home. Adding window treatments will increase the elegance of your home and it is a good alternative to those old curtains.

Spa in your own home – When we talk about the interiors of your home, we must not forget the bathroom. According to the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association, one of the trends this new year is spa-like features in the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, just add a few pieces that will make your bathroom feel more welcoming. The bathroom is a place of relaxation, so if you want to splurge, go ahead and spend for your bathroom.

Plants in the home – Some people always make it a point to have plants in their home to make it feel more lively and organic. If you are one of those people, the plant for this year is the pencil cactus. It may not have plenty of leaves, but it can make a big impact when you use it as a focal point in one of the rooms in your home.

These are the top 5 home interior trends that you can follow this year in order to update your interiors. If you follow these, you will have a beautiful home that will be the envy of your friends. For more help on the latest trends for your home, check out fashion magazines or consult an interior designer.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to decorate a Southern California Home!

Southern California homes are stylish, casual, and comfy. Everyone’s design aesthetic is different, but well-decorated homes typically feature open floor plans, clean lines, and are filled with brightness and color. How you decorate your home is going to depend on what style home you have. In general, Southern California has the following property types:

·  Bungalows
·  Beachfront
·  Ranch
·  Mediterranean and Spanish mission
·  Modern contemporary

You will find all of these architectural styles in Southern California: from real estate in San Diego to San Luis Obispo.

How to Decorate a Southern California Arts & Crafts Bungalow

Charles and Henry Greene are the originators of the bungalow. During the early 1900s, the Ohio-native architects were inspired by the arts & crafts movement. They designed the bungalow using natural materials, so it makes sense to decorate similarly. 

Bungalows typically feature covered porches, open floor plans, and manicured gardens. Bungalows are best decorated with hand-crafted furniture, and artistic wall-hangings. Choose paintings that are bohemian in a way, such as the painting of Gustav Klimt.  

How to Decorate a Beachfront Property

In Southern California, there are no shortage of beach houses. There is so many different styles that it is hard to narrow them down. For instance, some beach homes are small, single story homes. Others are expansive mansions. One thing does remain the same - beach homes are typically outfitted with verandas, and feature large windows. Both provide excellent views of the ocean, and large windows allow a lot of natural light into the space. 

Beach homes are best decorated in bright colors, such as white and aqua. Furniture should feature a neutral palate, but you can add brighter colors with accents (just make sure they are in uniform in color).  

How to Decorate a Ranch Style Home

In So-Cal, ranch homes are often referred to as ramblers. These one-story homes often feature plentiful windows and open floor plans. There are a few ways to decorate a ranch home. The rambler style home is very rectangular, so to offset this, choose furniture that features non-linear lines and new shapes. Colors should be natural, but here and there you can throw in something dark or eye-catching. For example, you can paint a room a heather grey, but include bright red accent pillows on the furniture.

How to Decorate Mediterranean and Spanish Mission Style Homes

Mediterranean and Spanish mission homes are easy to spot. They feature terra cotta roofing, and are influenced by Spanish architecture, such as stucco finishing and covered entryways. Walls should be painted in warm, natural colors, such as earthy oranges, sandy brown, and sea green. Mosaic tiles make great backsplashes, and can become focal points in any room (use them around appliances, as well as fireplaces and wood stoves). Finish with hardwood and wrought iron furniture to keep with the Mediterranean theme.

How to Decorate Modern Contemporary Homes

The phrase 'modern contemporary' is rather redundant because both words have the same meaning: new. Despite this, modern contemporary is the name given to So-Cal homes built in the 20th century. These homes are typically decorated in minimalist style, with clean lines and neutral colors. Shades of grey and white are perfect for the walls, and furniture should offset this color palate accordingly. For splashes of color, add plants potted in terra cotta.

How You Decorate is Up to You

This guide is simply to provide you with a jumping off point. When decorating, do not be afraid to allow your natural instincts to take over. It is your space, and you are the one who has to look at it every day, so why not infuse it with your personality? 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Top five creative design decisions for a house!


The integration of every single item in the house from lighting control, entertainment, climate control and security generally creates a personalized experience. It therefore, enhances comfort, convenience and peace of mind for the home dwellers. According to information about linear actuators at progressive, actuators can make a perfect design for the house. From the doors, furniture, family rooms, living room to the kitchen creative designs has ensured home automation an unforgettable experience. The house can now be controlled to ensure personalize lighting, climate and even security within the home. 

Control of the house

Majority of the home owners always start a second shift of work the minute they arrive home. They patrol the house turning on the lights, checking on the home security and other different house systems. Actuators have made it more efficient, economical and simple way to take control of the home. The automation has made to possible to fit the budget and the needs of a home more satisfactory. In simple terms, actuators are able to design the house in such a way that all the systems are integrated with one another. The systems are connected to a computer or mobile networks that allow house occupants to control everything from one point.  

Top creative designs

The top five creative designs are mainly the lighting system, climate control system, security system, entertainment system and the furniture. The lighting systems operate on a time connected to actuators that enable the lighting of the house controlled at predetermined times. The house security is mainly controlled to actuator controlled cameras and at different levels of complexity. They include motion detectors that monitor the doors and windows to facial recognition devices. Actuators can design a home to meet any heating, ventilation and also air conditioning challenges. It is possible for people in the house to regulate temperatures in the house or even individual rooms. It often comes with energy saving benefits. Controlling of opening and closing or doors and windows by actuators has made this possible. Moving of furniture to desired location in the house to create space, automatic control of entertainment cabinets and an automated kitchen are the best designs created by introduction of actuator system. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blinds in Your Bathroom: Be Trendy!

Home bathroom privacy is very important to most Americans. When you go into your bathroom to use the toilet, you are most comfortable if you have the room to yourself. It is easiest to do your business if you do not have to worry about constraining yourself because another person is in the room. Likewise, people tend to be most comfortable if they can bathe in privacy. They can feel quite vulnerable and exposed if they think that another person is watching them when they are not wearing clothes.

It is for these reasons that apartment and home dwellers add coverings to windows in first floor bathrooms. These rooms present certain challenges when deciding on the proper covering material in full and three quarter bathrooms. Many materials will become damp from humidity so it is important to make sure that water will not damage them. Some polyester curtains may work because they dry quickly.

Another option is to hang blinds in the bathroom. The right kind of blinds can provide a fashion statement that enables you and others to feel a particular ambience when bathing. For example, you may have a claw foot, freestanding bathtub. It may sit next to a window that offers natural light, but also needs to be covered to maintain privacy. In this case, you might install some waterproof, 1” mini blinds, which are made of a combination of aluminum and stainless steel to prevent rust.

If your bathroom fixtures are antique in style, you might want to match the décor by installing faux wood blinds. It can provide an old West feel to your restroom. Make sure that you do not install real wood blinds if there is a shower or bathtub. The humidity can damage the wood, which would be a shame since wood blinds are fairly expensive.

Another way to support a fashionable bathroom’s appearance is to hang vertical blinds over the window. They offer a modern feel that maintains privacy, yet allows natural light to brighten the room, too. Another advantage to vertical blinds is that the materials of which they are constructed are often resistant to a bathroom’s humidity. You can find many attractive, vinyl, vertical blinds that have interesting textures and come in many colors. You can also install faux wood vertical blinds to add a different look. This type of blind might be a good way to go if your cabinets in the bathroom have a wood finish or veneer.

The average bathroom is quite utilitarian, which can present a boring appearance. Most people use the bathroom because they must use it rather than desire to use it. Because of the nature of activities that take place in bathrooms, it is understandable that their appearance is downplayed. That does not mean that this room has to be boring.

If you are a person for whom style and fashion are everything, you will not want to neglect applying decorative touches to your bathroom. There is no reason that your bathroom cannot be as much a destination area in your home as is your bedroom. Just as you want to feel proud, safe and comfortable in your bedroom, you can decorate the bathroom so that it is fun to inhabit. Colorful blinds, a fun shower curtain, special faucets and fluffy, colorful towels all combine to beckon your or a guest into this room and to feel good while using it.

As long as your window treatments ensure privacy, all the rest is icing and fun.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Guest post- 40+ ideas for living rooms furniture for new year!

A living room is a heart of many homes. It is not unusual to spend a lot of free time there with a book, entertaining your family and friends, or just watching TV. A living room is a common area used by all the members of the family and therefore it should please everyone. At the same time, the wide range of living room furniture on the market can be startling. That is why decorating this room is particularly difficult, but as a matter of fact, quite possible.

Living room furniture varies, depending on the preferred style and functionality. The most important place is dedicated to the recreational area:  that is, a sofa, a couple of armchairs and a coffee table. After picking these pieces of furniture, it is time to choose the additional pieces. Those are the console tables, cabinets, TV and lamp stands, sets of shelves and many others. The most important element for living room furniture is the quality of materials that are used in its manufacturing. Additionally, the general style of the room should not be compromised. Modern technologies and original design ideas create endless possibilities for living rooms in all sizes whether it is large or small, bright or calm, contemporary or classic.

If you are looking for an exquisite item for your living room furniture for an affordable price our website will help you find exactly what you need. Do not forget to stop by to check out these wonderful selection of premium, stylish furniture to decorate your living room for the upcoming year!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Urban living: Decorating loft conversions!

Finding space

Decorating and living in small spaces requires a lot of patience, creativity and planning. Everyone always likes to maximize the value of their property since there is limited accommodation space in urban cities. Most people expand the number of rooms in their home to accomplish this goal. As a result there have been a large number of loft conversions spreading across the UK.

Furnishing loft conversions

You may have just converted your loft in your home to create a makeshift office or family room because you needed the spare bedroom for your new little one. Your new converted family room is small and furnishing it will take some planning. The process of selecting furniture for the new converted room above the narrow staircase is proving to be challenging. You will have gone to all the shops to find small end tables and chairs that will fit up the narrow staircase initially but the ultimate challenge remains. A modular sofa or corner sofa will maximise space in the loft to create a family room and office. It may not make sense to purchase any ordinary sofa because of design inflexibility or being able to get it through the front door and up the narrow loft stairs.

In addition, there may be a future need to store the sofa in order to create a guest room. A sofa solution that works would involve creating a modular or corner sofa (example below) for your new converted loft room that fits thorough the front door and up the stairs.

In order to achieve this, you would need to construct and collapse the sofa with ease and simplicity. It would also be optimal for you to choose your own fabric and customize its size. Most importantly, the customization of the sofa cannot cost a fortune as family decorating budgets are limited.

Placing the sofa in the new room

You would also need to place the sofa in the room in a manner that maximizes space and comfort. There is nothing worse than going into a newly decorated room and feeling uncomfortable in it. Here are some tips on putting your new sofa and all of the other furniture to make the room more appealing.

Easy access to the sofa

If there is only one door you should have easy access to get to the sofa and leave some room on each side for people to pass through. This is important for modular or corner sofas, too. If you plan to put your sofa away from the wall, leave a few feet of space behind it for people to pass through.

Use of a longer wall in the room

Put your sofa against the wall and people will move around it. It will create a focal point and allow for the illusion of a larger space.

The placement of furniture in the room

Do not put all the large pieces at one end of the room as it will look off-balance. Try to balance each additional piece of furniture that is large other than the sofa to the other side of room to create better balance.

Break up your modular sofa

In order to create more balance in the room, break up the modular sofa by putting the largest piece against the longest wall to create a focal point in the room.

Additional tips for making the room seem larger
lighter hues: 

If you love light and airy colors, then you will love the way they also help small spaces feel just a bit larger. Colors such as blue and green will also add to the effect.


Think soothing tone-on-tone for paint techniques, fabrics, and patterns. Creams, icy blues, pale greens, and butter yellows are just a few of the combinations that will make the room appear larger.

Eliminate obstructions 

The further you can see into, and through, a space, the larger and more open it will seem. Whenever possible, arrange furnishings to open up areas of floor and avoid blocking views to windows and doors. Smaller benches, ottomans, and armless chairs are just one way to accomplish this.

Match furniture to wall color 

You might want to consider painting some of the furniture to match. Even large chests and armoires will begin to melt into the background when finished in a color that is close to the wall tone. Add tone-on-tone stencil details to doors for added interest.

More light 

Uncovering windows and adding additional light fixtures will remove dark shadows in a room.

There are a wealth of things you can do with a loft in order to convert it into a livable room, especially with adaptable furniture, so start researching and experimenting today.

Bio: This post was created by the creative team at Nabru who specialise in making the most of limited space with their bespoke custom built sofas. With years of experience in the industry they have built up a portfolio perfect for those looking for urban living.