Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


We will be attending my son's Halloween Parade at his school later today, armed with our camera! :) In the evening, we will leave some candies on our front porch for tricksters before we go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. What about you? Do you have any special Halloween plans today?

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Guest post- Workplace Design Trends!

This article is provided by Tara Simmons.

Designing workplaces today is much more interesting than it has been for decades. At Custer, the design team works the latest trends into customer solutions - which often inspire new, thought provoking applications for their spaces. 

We begin by examining the customer’s use of their square footage. Older workplaces frequently have larger individual workstations/offices and few team spaces. Reducing individual square footage and reallocating all or some of that to shared spaces is very common in today’s workplace. These shared spaces can include a variety of individual areas for focus work, very open collaborative spaces, or any combination thereof. Designing a wide range of individual to group settings frees employees to move around the office and work in the areas that will best support the projects they are working on at that time.

Encouraging employees to collaborate is a stated goal of many of our customers, and a properly designed environment can help them achieve this. Collaborative spaces include a variety of seating types, from lounge to stand-up height - which allows a change in posture throughout the day, minimizing stress on the body. Incorporating technology into these collaborative areas is important in making the workplace successful. Outdated offices often lack technology, which can make collaborating difficult and inefficient.

Employees respond positively to inviting environments.  Natural light and views play a big part in developing a more enjoyable working environment which is why glass walls are frequently incorporated into the workplace. Worker satisfaction is very important to us at Custer. 

Individual workspaces have become more compact partly because technology has drastically changed and does not require larger work surfaces. Technology has also allowed workers to become more mobile and less tethered to a specific workstation. Unassigned benching stations are becoming more common for mobile workers and really assist in lowering square footage requirements for workspaces. They can be made available on a first come first service basis or placed on a reservable system depending on the customer’s needs. Those workstations that still incorporate panels or walls tend to have them lowered as it allows for natural light to enter the space and encourages improved communication among employees.

When our customers plan to make large changes in their work environment, we encourage them to have plenty of employee involvement. The more input employees have, the more buy-in they will have for the new workspace. Communication is a key factor to a project’s success. Once implemented, we encourage our customers to orient employees to their new space. Communicating the intent of a new space and all the benefits it brings to the employees will help them understand that the new office furniture and the office itself have been designed specifically for their use. Designing a proper environment and open communication can result in happier employees!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The One Room Challenge- Week 5!

Welcome back to The One Room Challenge, we are now at week 5! If you missed any of my previous posts, you can start catching them up here: Week 1,Week 2, Week 3,Week 4.

Let's get back to business. For this project, I am decorating my son's bedroom from scratch with a very tiny budget. The only two items we didn't buy specifically for this room were the mattress, which was inherited from my husband during his bachelor days and the curtain rod that was inherited from our previous master bedroom. 

Over the last few weeks, I have shown you the painted room and some DIY projects. Last week, we attempted a project but nothing was accomplished but fortunately this week, we are getting back on track.

Remember the branch mobile installation that didn't work because my husband couldn't locate the studs in the ceiling? Well, he bought a new stud finder and it works! Here, I present you my new branch installation!

We used some hooks and clear fish lines for the branch installation. At first, I wanted to make a branch mobile with a few hanging paper airplanes but I felt the small room is getting too busy with all the pieces I am planning to add in later. So, I decided to hang just the branch and call it an art installation instead. I thought it looks kinda cool and I love it so much more without the airplanes.

After moments I hanged the branch installation, my son came into his room. He noticed it immediately and was absolutely in awe and said, "Wow, mommy, the "tree" is BEAU-TI-FUL". I told him it was a branch, not a tree and he told me "the branch is beautiful" a few times in a row. Lol. On the same night, while he was lying on his bed and saw me passed by his room, he said, "Mommy, I can look at the branch". 

A few days later, when I thought he is not interested in the "branch" anymore, he surprised me and said, "Good job, mommy. The branch is so beautiful and colorful" while I was previewing the "branch pictures" on my computer today. (He saw me working on the branch project earlier.) He is truly a sweet little guy and his words made the 4 1/2 hours of work I put into this DIY project truly worthwhile. Honestly, I never thought he would love the "branch" this much so I am really thrilled! :)

Anyway, another project I have completed over the weekend involved the Ikea puppy hooks.

While these puppy hooks look fun and adorable, you might be wondering what else needs to be done, right? Well, my husband thought these hooks will not secure to the wall properly so we will need to mount them to a wood plank first before hanging it on a wall. 

So, on our trip to Home Depot earlier, we bought a wood plank for this purpose. I brought in my measurements and was ready to ask one of the Home Depot associate to help cut a wood plank according to the dimensions I wanted. Luckily for us, we found a wood plank close to the size I needed for about $2, so we bought it. It was in its raw state so I painted it in a glossy white using the leftover paint we had in the garage. I didn't sand or prime it but it worked fine. I did paint over it a few times (not for coverage reasons) but to get the brush strokes as straight as possible. I will admit, I am quite the perfectionist. :)

Dried, painted and ready to go!

The screws are in!

All done, exactly the way I wanted!

Let's take a look at my check list again!

1. Put together an art decal project. Check! (Need to fix the peeling parts.)

2. Make a branch mobile. Check!

3. Find fun hooks for Isaac's clothes and backpack. Check!

4. Buy art frames and hang artwork. (Art frames bought, artwork haven't been hung yet.)

5. Shop for DIY project materials. Check!

6. Shop for toy storage. Check!

7. Shop for more accessories. Check!

For the big reveal next week, I will need to clean up my son's room (it's very messy), hang stuffs (artwork, curtain wire and clock), fix the art decal problem, style and photograph his bedroom. It's a lot of work but still doable, I think. Hopefully, nothing crazy comes up at the very last minute and mess up my plans in the process. Fingers crossed. 

Remember to check out the rest of the participants from The One Room Challenge below. I am sure they are making a wonderful progress in their rooms as well!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cool designer alert- Lyndsy Woods!

Meet Atlanta-based designed Lyndsy Woods. Her approach in design is by using natural materials, clean lines and a simple color palette to achieve a functional, comfortable and timeless spaces. Let's take a look at her lovely portfolio below!

Isn't her work beautiful? I really like that the designer keeps her interiors mostly neutral yet visually interesting. Her designs exude warmth, comfort and casual elegance. What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of neutral palette or otherwise? 

For information on her work, please visit

Monday, October 28, 2013

Home tour- A beautiful and grand Richmond home!

This beautiful Richmond home is designed by Suellen Gregory for her longtime client. Let's take a tour of this grand and glamorous beauty below!

Classic, elegant, sophisticated with a crisp and fresh approach, this home has a combination of the best aesthetic in the design world. My most favorite room is the gorgeous white kitchen. I am really drawn to its luxurious yet understated elegance and simplicity. What about you? Which room makes your swoon?