Friday, September 30, 2011

Cool illustrator alert- Pragya Kothari!

I always love artwork especially if it is modern and vibrant. The other day, I stumbled upon talented illustrator, Pragya Kothari, based in Philadelphia. Her work are distinctly modern, colorful and cheerful. Most of her subjects and themes are cute birds, pets, vegetables, fruit, nature, whimsical things and more. Let's take a look at some of her beautiful work below:

Do you enjoy her work? Personally, I love most of her artwork. They are gorgeous and the colors in her illustrations bring a smile on my face. I can easily envision her artwork in many spaces, particularly in a child's room or in a kitchen. Which one is your favorite?

For more details on her work and pricing, please go to

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool designer alert- Julia Buckingham Edelmann!

Featuring talented designer, Julia Buckingham Edelmann. Born and based in Chicago, her passion for antiques, artifacts, and found objects translates into beautiful and youthful homes with a timeless quality. As a former antiques dealer, she designs her interiors with keen interest in integrating antiques and artifacts with modern elements to reflect today's lifestyles. With a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from the University of Arizona, she was offered multiple jobs in the fashion industry, where she honed her aesthetic eye. Her designs are a mix of styles and eras, often creating surprising, whimsical and unique environments. Let's take a look at her beautiful work below:


The Designer: Julia Buckingham Edelmann

What are your thoughts on her designs? Do you enjoy her designs as much as I do? Any favorite rooms? Which is your favorite design element?

For more information on Julia Buckingham Edelmann's and her work, please visit