Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful and whimsical spring decor furniture and accessories!

It's spring in most places and with springtime, we see a lot of beautiful furniture and home accessories inspired by floral and nature. Most of the spring- inspired furnishings and decor come in vibrant and cheery colors so it's time to spruce up your home with some gorgeous spring accents. Here are some of my recent finds. Enjoy! 

Mr. Gnome Doll

'Rinca' Birdcage

Amy Ruppel 'In Pairs' Artwork

'Waiting Aviary' Shadowbox

Totem Tree 3D Puzzle

'Cornflower' Cushion

'Magnolia Large' Cushion

'Forklade Vuxen Josef Frank Lin' Apron

Tray Round 'Grona Faglar'

Tray Round 'Teheran'

Fabric Chest With Brass Handle

Sofa 703 190 cm

Sofa 678 180 cm

 Do you have a favorite? I love them all so let's hear from you instead. : )

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Using bold walls to make a design statement.

#1: Use modern wall decals in a large scale in an ordinary space to create impact and focal point.

#2: Use a single bold and bright stylized graphic to make a statement in a sparse and modern room.

#3: Carry a large black and white mural wall to a nearby wall to create a continuous and larger visual impact.

#4: Incorporate a bold graphic striped pattern on a wall instantly make it a focal point and a major design statement.

#5: Enlarge a favorite map (old or new) to create an inexpensive wall coverings as opposed to normal wallpaper.

#6: Enlarge your favorite idol or celebrity poster to create an oversized pop art for instant drama and major focal point.

Some of the above inspiration pictures might be a little overwhelming for most of us but adapting similar ideas but in smaller doses instantly injects visual interest and drama. 

What are your thoughts on the above inspiration pictures? Do you find the interiors livable or otherwise?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cool products alert- Whimsical Animal Lights!

I love lightings whether it is a classic chandelier, a modern table lamp, a vintage floor lamp, a mid century light fixture or sometimes even a kid's light night. I couldn't resist beautiful things that also serve a function. Recently, I found these whimsical night lights for kids aptly named Zzzoolight. The Zzzoolight collection was made in Italy and designed by talented designer, Ramin Razani. Each lamp is virtually unbreakable and completely safe for use in children's rooms, delivering a bright light while remaining cool to touch which makes them even more irresistible for parents' with modern aesthetics. Let's check out some of the enchanting lights below:

Images via

Aren't these night lights and wall lights super adorable? I really love them because they are fun and look like modern sculptural art for kids. My most favorite is the porcupine night light and my second favorite is the snail night light. Oh, I also love the moose sconce wall light. Which one is your favorite?

For more information on the products, please go to 

Note: There are more Zzzoolights products online which are not found in their official website.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Creating visual impact using bright colors against dark walls.

To achieve a dramatic visual impact in a bedroom, shades of blues, oranges and red along with varying patterns in a similar color scheme were used against the dark chocolate brown walls.

In a room with dark black wall and floors, the use of a few pop of reds, pinks and yellows as accents throughout successfully brighten and liven up the living space.

Incorporating a bright lime green decorative pillow, a colorful and modern adjustable floor lamp with a colorful floral upholstered armchair against a moody gray wall create contrast and visual interest.


A textured pink artwork combined with an interesting colorful patchwork fabric upholstered wingback chair and a colorful decorative pillow plays off a beautiful contrast against the dark gray walls. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creating a chic and comfortable modern living space using neutrals.

Teaming neutral toned modern sectional sofa with neutral toned artwork and built-in wall ledge with light wood chunky stools and a white shaggy rug creates a warm and chic modern living space.

Combining a pair of modern gray sofas, white modern coffee tables and an Eames molded armchair rocker, a beige rug and neutral accessories and carrying the same neutral tones with Eames side chairs to the dining area displays a chic and cohesive modern space. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautifully mixed rustic chic interiors!

Mixing a beige streamlined sofa with two modern wood occasional chairs and two brown elegant ottomans with a pop of blue artwork on the wall creates an eclectic casual, yet understated elegance in a rustic living space.

In a space filled with high, soaring ceiling, a stone fireplace and rustic reclaimed wood beams and rails, incorporating clean lined modern furniture in a similar neutral and warm tones creates continuity and cohesiveness.

  A combination of light and dark wood furniture with neutral furnishings with white horizontal wood planks lend a sense of rustic casual elegance.

Incorporating shaker style cabinets and modern stainless steel kitchen appliances with rustic wood beams and wide wood floors creates a charming yet updated interior.

The warm wood tones found on the dining table and the black leather fabric found on the chairs mimics the wood beams and floor exuding a sense of cohesiveness.

Minimal modern furniture and accessories found on the entry foyer  encourage the eyes to focus on the rustic architectural of the space.

A streamlined dark wood bed frame and a pair of rocking chairs blends seamlessly with the simple lines of the wood beams creating  an effortless rustic elegance. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cool products alert- Fascinating anatomy-inspired furniture and decor! (Part 3)

And finally, the third and last installment of fascinating anatomy-inspired furniture and decor. This time featuring Ukraine born, Netherlands based, talented artist Vladi Rapaport and his work, 'The Vanitas Collection' -a collection of products inspired by the Dutch "vanitas" still life paintings from the 16th and 17th century. "The characteristic type of symbolic still life painting is the one where the symbols of emptiness, time and death were placed on the canvas as a reminder of the vanity of one's earthly life". Now, let's take a look at 'The Vanitas Collection' below.

'Skull' Chair

The 'Skull' chairs were made using wood, polyester and glass-fiber.

'Brain' Footstool

The 'Brain' footstool was made using leather and polyurethane foam. 

'Something Dead' Lamp

This 'Something Dead' spine floor lamp was made using leather, steel, carbon-fiber, electricity wire and lamp.

All images via

Now that you have seen the remarkable 'Vanitas Collection" from Vladi Rapaport, what are your thoughts on the collection? Do you find them appealing or appalling? Personally, I love the gorgeous 'Skull' chairs very much. I think they are very interesting, well-made and well-designed. Do you have a favorite, too?

For more info and details on the artist and products, please go to

Disclaimer: The author of this blog did not receive any monetary payment or other compensation associated with this particular post.