Thursday, September 27, 2012

A product review- Packaways!

Recently, I received some samples from Packaways. Have you heard of Packaways?

Packaways are a new type of reusable plastic storage box that sets up automatically and knocks back down flat for space-efficient, out of the way storage when not in use. Packaways are ideal for all kinds of applications: home organization, basement or garage clean-up, moving, back to school, kids toys, seasonal clothing storage, sports equipment, etc. All Packaways products are made in USA.

Initially, I was sent the wrong samples but they sent me the right ones promptly. Now, that is great customer service! I received the Tote Packaways and Under Bed Packaways for this review.

The Tote Packaways:

The Tote Packaways, measuring at 18"L x 13"W x 11-3/8"H is lightweight and came with two erasable panels for labeling your items. There is one panel at the front and another panel at the side. I like that you can easily see the labels however you choose to store your box. Isn't that thoughtful and convenient?

Another panel at the side of the box.

I use the Tote Packaways to store my son's seasonal clothing. He has a lot of sweaters and jackets so I am thrilled to free up some space in the dresser.

It collapses flat when not in use. 

The Under Bed Packaways:

The Under Bed Packaways is huge, measuring at 36"L x 24"W x 6"H.

Like the Tote Packaways, it came with two erasable panels, one at the front and one at the side of the box.

I use the Under Bed Packaways to store my bulky sweaters and winter jackets. I have a lot of them so the under bed storage really comes in handy.

The lid lies flat when it's not in use.

The same goes with the box.

Overall, I am pleased with both my Packaways products. Made of tough corrugated plastic, they seemed pretty durable. I also love that they can be easily set up with no tape required and can be reused again and again. (I love anything that can be recyclable!) The added bonus is they can be stored conveniently and efficiently in tight spaces. What's not to love?

*I received this product to review for free and was compensated but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Are you a fan of the Packaways as well? How would you use them if you have one? 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A client's master bedroom project update!

Remember the master bedroom project I was working on for one of my clients, Kathy earlier? You may read about our collaboration hereRecently, she has sent me some pictures of her bedroom's progress.

Here's the moodboard I created for her master bedroom.

All the furniture in her master bedroom is staying. Kathy and her husband, Robert loves red. Here's the picture of her master bedroom when we first started:







Kathy and Robert's master bedroom isn't styled yet and far from being finished but everything is coming along nicely. Currently, Kathy is working on her curtains. I can't wait to see everything in its place. I am so excited about this makeover! I will continue to 
update this makeover project in the future, so stay tuned.

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Sponsored post- Joules!

This sponsored post is brought to you by Joules.

Autumn is advancing like a runaway steam train, and as the nights draw in and the mornings get darker, winter togs come out of their hiding places to keep us warm.

But why shouldn’t we look gorgeous when wrapped up for winter? This season all eyes remain on the UK and the fashion is quintessentially British – think wellies, quilted womens jackets and more tweed than you can shake a stick at.

And what better brand to opt for when hunting for folky fashion than Joules? The brands heritage is in the fields and markets of the countryside in the UK, and has developed into being the fashion of the aspiring country dweller.

We love the gorgeous prints and sumptuous fabrics in the Autumn Winter collection for 2012, with favourites being the feather and goose down gilets for women, Moredale jackets and cute animal print jumpers, not to mention the cosy slipper socks to stop cold feet on the kitchen tiles! And this quintessentially country brand have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us a fantastic collection of bedding sets, printed with farmyard scenes and bouncing boats to give our homes an everyday England too. 

If you are after a brand that are crazy about colour, dotty about detail and passionate about prints to inject a bit of fun into a dreary winter wardrobe, then give Joules a try.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest post- Take Your Bathroom From Boring To Beautiful!

This article is brought to you by Sam Peters.

Bathrooms usually get the least amount of attention of any room in the house. Often painted in drab colors, devoid of artwork, plants or other individual touches, bathrooms in most homes are bleak, utilitarian environments. However, they don't need to feature a lackluster ambiance simple because they're bathrooms. If you're wondering how to best spruce your bathroom up so that it least has a bit of personality, there are plenty of ways that you can infuse some character into it without making a substantial financial commitment.

For those on a budget, thrift store and flea market finds can sometimes work well to furnish a bathroom, but other alternatives such as the vanities available from retailers like are advised. Because the vanity is one of the key components of the bathroom, it's important that the homeowner select just the right one. Second hand merchandise often wears out quickly or is already flawed when bought, so it's best to purchase something new that will last for a long time.

A well-decorated bathroom can reduce stress levels of household residents as well as increase the market value of the home. Bathrooms can function as sanctuaries for harried parents and busy professionals. Although homeowners naturally don't want to include expensive artwork as interior accessories in rooms that have a great deal of moisture in their atmosphere, but there are other types of decorative items that can be used with optimal effect in bathrooms.

Brightly lit bathroom windows are prime spots for green displays of thriving, moisture-loving house plants such as ferns. This also helps to create a soothing environment. Hanging plants can also be placed in various spots around the room.

Candles, soap and other common bathroom products can act as decoration in their own right. Vibrant color, artistic shapes and candle and soap items that simply smell terrific will greatly enhance the feel of a bathroom. Towels can be chosen in colors that improve the appearance of the bathroom as well. The key to making a bathroom look good and feel comfortable is to select everyday items that not only function as what they were meant for but also provide maximum appeal to the senses.

Luxurious bathrooms sometimes contain features such as fireplaces, sunken tubs, antique or otherwise attractive and well-designed linen closets and thick, soft rugs. Not many things are more relaxing than enjoying a glass of wine while soaking in a sunken tub full of scented water in a bathroom lit and warmed by fire.

A stand-alone linen closet is something that all larger bathrooms should have. If the bathroom isn't large enough to hold one, it's recommended that it be placed in the hallway just outside the door. Because linen closets are considered to be substantial investments, homeowners should take care when choosing the right one. It's best to explore various styles and make comparisons before making a final selection.

Homeowners who have devoted some time and attention to creating a soothing, enjoyable bathroom find that they enjoy their time at home much more.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And the winner of the giveaway is ..........

It's time to announce the winner of the recent giveaway brought to you by Goose Creek Candle

I used to draw the winner and here it is. The lucky winner of the 16 oz. candle from the American Heirloom is 

Congratulations, Eligonma. I will contact you shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway. There will be more fabulous giveaways coming your way, so don't forget to check back regularly! Have a lovely day, everyone!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My son's bedroom (update)!

Thanks for all your comments last week, I really appreciate you took the time to share with me your thoughts and thanks again for checking in on our son's bedroom today. I have been working on his room for several weeks now (I usually work on weekends) and it started to come together. If you missed the previous post and would love to see what his room looks like "before", you can check out the post here

We had all the major pieces in the room now. I taped and painted the room while my husband helped to assemble the desk and hang the curtains. The stripes were finished a week or two earlier but I didn't show you because it wasn't presentable. It was my first time working with stripes and there was bleeding so I spent an entire day last weekend taping the wall again and did some touch ups using the white paint (the bleeding came from the gray paint). This is what the striped wall looks like now.

As you can see, we placed a large desk on this focal wall. I picked a large desk so I can have a place to sit while my son and I read/ write/ do school-related activities together during the afternoon. Plus, since we are planning to have another child, this small room will be shared in the future so I figured a larger desk is the way to go. 

The walls are quite bare now but I have plans for them, no worries. It's time to check out the new curtains!

I really wanted to have a roman shade with navy blue ribbon trim but it is quite pricey (most sell for over $150) so it was a no go. Fortunately, I found these wonderful striped curtains on clearance for $30 each online.

The new trundle bed and bedding have arrived. I set the bed last week and my son, Isaac was especially thrilled. His eyes lighted up and he quickly brought in all his stuffed animals and put them on his bed and sang "Ten In The Bed" (remember the song, "There were 10 in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over," yeah, that song). Of course he changed the lyrics a bit. 

He told me he liked the room and I was so happy! He couldn't wait to move into his big boy room the same night. We told him to wait till we cleaned up the room first. After cleaning up the room, he moved in the second night and used his blanket (on his own). He is not a fan of blankets so I knew he enjoyed his room.

This room is almost complete. Now I just need to add a few fun "art" projects, hang them on the walls along with some decorative accessories and the room will be finished. If everything goes as planned, I would be able to show you the big reveal next week. So, stay tuned!

If you need help decorating your home, please click here for further information regarding my design services. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fabulous finds- Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant For Under $15!

The highly coveted fiddle-leaf fig tree also known as ficus lyrata needs no further introduction. Why are they a popular choice among decorators and design ethuasists? The reasons are simple: they are beautiful, dramatic and sculptural. 

Fiddle-fig leaf plants are versatile and work beautifully in all design styles and homes! I have been loving the fiddle-leaf fig plant for the longest time (when I first saw them at an Elle Decor magazine about 6 years ago) but I just couldn't find them everywhere. I have heard that you can get them at Home Depot but sadly, they have none in my area.

Luckily for me, I found one unexpectedly last week while shopping for a few items at Ikea! I believe they are new arrivals. The Ikea I was in was the one in Schaumburg, IL so if you are in the area, grab it as soon as you can. While I was there, there were less than 10 left. Unfortunately, they are not available online. So my lovelies, if you love Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree and have an Ikea in your area, go there ASAP before the news got out!

I am not good with house plants and have a tiny budget for home decor but for $13, I am willing to take that risk! My fiddle-leaf fig plant measures approximately 30", by the way. 

What are you waiting for? Grab them before they are gone! Remember, you hear about this fabulous deal/ news from here first! :)

Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary payment or other compensation associated to this particular post.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My son's bedroom (work in progress)!

After completing our master bedroom, we decided to turn our focus on our son's room. Our son, Isaac (who just turned six years old yesterday by the way) has been oohing and aahing our master bedroom a lot. He has been saying things like, "I like your new bedroom, mommy, it's so beautiful!". He also likes to hang out in our master bedroom during the day so I know he is ready for his own big boy room.

Technically, our home has four rooms, three on the same level (we have a ranch style home) and another room in the basement. My husband decided to use that basement room for storage so we were left with only three rooms. We got the biggest room as the master bedroom because it's the only room with an attached bathroom. The other two rooms were obviously smaller- a medium-sized and a small sized room.

I wanted to save the medium room for our son but my husband insisted that he get the smallest room. He wanted to use the medium room as the guest bedroom because it was furthest from the master bedroom and he needs his "privacy" when guests stay over. Now, my lovely readers, if you are in my situation, what would you do? Would you sacrifice your child's comfort for privacy? Or privacy is your top priority? Let me know your thoughts on this, I really wanted to know what the majority of you think.

Anyway, our son got the smallest room. When we moved in, the room was painted a lime green (picture shows yellow), has mini blinds and laminate flooring.

The room measures at 8' 8"x10' 4" and has only one window. Since I can't do anything about the room size, I decided to make it look brighter and larger using white paint.

At first I really wanted to do a feature wall with wood planks. We saved a bunch of planks when my husband ripped our deck earlier but now, he decided not to use them anymore. He wasn't sure if the planks were treated with chemical and didn't want to take any risks.

Then, I suggested we install a chair rail to add some architecture feature in the room. After the hardwood floor installation project on our master bedroom, he said he needed to take a long break (which means no big projects for him in a while) so the idea was banned as well. I thought painting a striped wall would be a great way to add interest to the walls. He finally agreed to my third suggestion. Phew! It was not easy selling my ideas to that guy, let me tell you! No wonder they said a couple that decorates together stay together, so true!

This bedroom, even though it's small, took me almost three full days to prep, prime and paint. It was a lot of work, which is why I am not a fan of any home renovation or DIY projects at all. For all you home renovators and DIYers out there, you got my utmost respect. My husband helped me with the stripe measurement, though. He is good with maths so I just let him do his thing.

The walls were painted and the taping for the stripes were up as well.

I have been accumulating accessories and stuff for my son's room for a while now. I can't wait to decorate this room!

This is the trundle daybed we bought for Isaac's room recently.

I love that it is white yet still gender neutral with some nice details. We have made quite a bit of progress lately so stay tuned for more updated pictures next week!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

A product review and a giveaway- Goose Creek Candles Co!

How many of you are fans of scented candles? I am sure many of you are. Well, maybe it was just me but I find it hard to come across a good scented candle. Fortunately, I was introduced to an amazing scented candle, thanks to the nice people at Goose Creek Candle.

Goose Creek Candle Company was founded in 1998 by Chuck Meece. At first, Chuck produced his candles from his home with the help of his wife, Tamara. Tamara dreamed of a career in teaching and even went to college to earn a degree in elementary education. As time goes by, Chuck's desire to become a small business owner strengthened so the two set out to make Chuck's dream a reality. Now, all Goose Creek Candle products are made in a bustling facility in Kentucky. Thousands of candles are sold weekly to customers nationwide and around the world. All products are hand poured. Highly fragrant smokeless scented candles made them a popular choice among candle lovers.

Goose Creek Candle generously sent me a 39 oz. American Heirloom scented candle of my choice from their new 2012 collection to review recently. I picked the Iced Drew Drops Scented Jar Candle.

Multi-sided jar with beautiful polished silver embossed lid.

While I was opening the packaging, I already caught a whiff of the wonderful scent although the lid was still fully covered. (and obviously was not lit). I discovered an amazingly fresh scent when I opened the lid of the candle jar. 

I was working around the house and didn't have the time to enjoy my new scented candle so I promptly cover the lid and put it on my kitchen countertop. Believe it or not, long after I covered the lid, the scent still lingered for another hour or two. The lid has been opened for a mere few seconds only so I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed!

I decided to try out the candle while browsing a few design books in my master bedroom when I had my quiet and alone time (I am sure moms everywhere can appreciate, yes?) while my son was at school.

The Iced Dew Drops Scented Jar Candle didn't disappoint. With this amazing scented candle, it lifted my mood instantly and made an ordinary day at home felt extra special. The scent was cool, fresh and elegant at the same time. I love that it had just the right amount of fragrance to fill the room. The scent was strong enough yet didn't feel overpowering with the added benefit of being smokeless. Now let's be honest, can you truly enjoy a scented candle with horrid black smoke? Well, I can't.

Previously, I have tried a few scented candles and aromatherapy oils (supposedly "good ones") but none met my expectations. I can hardly smell the fragrances at all and I have been known to have a keen sense of smell, as testified by my husband and family members. LOL. Now you understand why I said a good scented candle was hard to come by. 

I was so glad to have found Goose Creek Candle because now my search for a good scented candle is finally over. No wonder they deemed their candles are the strongest in the market. I absolutely agree, no exaggeration there. You can check out other rave reviews here

*I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

If you are looking for an amazing scented candle, you are in luck because Goose Creek Candle decided to give away a 16 oz. scented candle (90 hours burning time!) from their American Heirloom collection to one of you! The winner can pick any scent from the 22 options below:

Goose Creek Candle also graciously offer 25% off your entire purchase starting today through September 30, 2012. Just enter coupon code 0902 during checkout to receive your discounts. 

So what do you do to win this giveaway? It's easy!

To enter:

You must be a resident of the United States.

1. Be a follower of Mix And Chic blog via Google Friend Connect and let me know why you want to win a scented candle from the American Heirloom collection. (one basic entry)

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9. Bonus question: Let me know which scent you will pick if you win. 

The last day for entries is September 12, 2012. The winner will  be chosen by and announced on Thursday, September 13, 2012. Good luck!