Friday, September 28, 2012

Fresh and chic rooms!

I have been a great fan of super talented Portuguese designer Ana Cordeiro. Her designs are always fresh, colorful and stylish. I have featured her beautiful work in the past in one of my regular series, 'Cool Designer Alert'. You can check out the feature here. Recently, I stumbled upon her work again and I just have to share it. 


I hope you enjoy her fabulous work as much as I do! Which room catches your eye?

For more information on Ana Cordeiro and her work, please visit

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A product review- Packaways!

Recently, I received some samples from Packaways. Have you heard of Packaways?

Packaways are a new type of reusable plastic storage box that sets up automatically and knocks back down flat for space-efficient, out of the way storage when not in use. Packaways are ideal for all kinds of applications: home organization, basement or garage clean-up, moving, back to school, kids toys, seasonal clothing storage, sports equipment, etc. All Packaways products are made in USA.

Initially, I was sent the wrong samples but they sent me the right ones promptly. Now, that is great customer service! I received the Tote Packaways and Under Bed Packaways for this review.

The Tote Packaways:

The Tote Packaways, measuring at 18"L x 13"W x 11-3/8"H is lightweight and came with two erasable panels for labeling your items. There is one panel at the front and another panel at the side. I like that you can easily see the labels however you choose to store your box. Isn't that thoughtful and convenient?

Another panel at the side of the box.

I use the Tote Packaways to store my son's seasonal clothing. He has a lot of sweaters and jackets so I am thrilled to free up some space in the dresser.

It collapses flat when not in use. 

The Under Bed Packaways:

The Under Bed Packaways is huge, measuring at 36"L x 24"W x 6"H.

Like the Tote Packaways, it came with two erasable panels, one at the front and one at the side of the box.

I use the Under Bed Packaways to store my bulky sweaters and winter jackets. I have a lot of them so the under bed storage really comes in handy.

The lid lies flat when it's not in use.

The same goes with the box.

Overall, I am pleased with both my Packaways products. Made of tough corrugated plastic, they seemed pretty durable. I also love that they can be easily set up with no tape required and can be reused again and again. (I love anything that can be recyclable!) The added bonus is they can be stored conveniently and efficiently in tight spaces. What's not to love?

*I received this product to review for free and was compensated but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Are you a fan of the Packaways as well? How would you use them if you have one? 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A client's master bedroom project update!

Remember the master bedroom project I was working on for one of my clients, Kathy earlier? You may read about our collaboration hereRecently, she has sent me some pictures of her bedroom's progress.

Here's the moodboard I created for her master bedroom.

All the furniture in her master bedroom is staying. Kathy and her husband, Robert loves red. Here's the picture of her master bedroom when we first started:







Kathy and Robert's master bedroom isn't styled yet and far from being finished but everything is coming along nicely. Currently, Kathy is working on her curtains. I can't wait to see everything in its place. I am so excited about this makeover! I will continue to 
update this makeover project in the future, so stay tuned.

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Sponsored post- Joules!

This sponsored post is brought to you by Joules.

Autumn is advancing like a runaway steam train, and as the nights draw in and the mornings get darker, winter togs come out of their hiding places to keep us warm.

But why shouldn’t we look gorgeous when wrapped up for winter? This season all eyes remain on the UK and the fashion is quintessentially British – think wellies, quilted womens jackets and more tweed than you can shake a stick at.

And what better brand to opt for when hunting for folky fashion than Joules? The brands heritage is in the fields and markets of the countryside in the UK, and has developed into being the fashion of the aspiring country dweller.

We love the gorgeous prints and sumptuous fabrics in the Autumn Winter collection for 2012, with favourites being the feather and goose down gilets for women, Moredale jackets and cute animal print jumpers, not to mention the cosy slipper socks to stop cold feet on the kitchen tiles! And this quintessentially country brand have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us a fantastic collection of bedding sets, printed with farmyard scenes and bouncing boats to give our homes an everyday England too. 

If you are after a brand that are crazy about colour, dotty about detail and passionate about prints to inject a bit of fun into a dreary winter wardrobe, then give Joules a try.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cool designers alert- John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon!

Introducing talented design duo, John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of New York-based Madcap Cottage Inc. Often combining traditional elements with bold splashes of color and playful patterns, their designs reflect a passion for fun and vitality. Let's take a look.

The designers: John Loecke and Jason Oliver  Nixon

Don't you just love their beautiful portfolio? Their designs are fun and versatile. I also love their layering of patterns and colors in some of rooms. Are you a fan of theirs too?

For more information on their work, please visit