Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ideas For A Memorable Backyard Wedding!

This post is provided by Matt Collins.

A Fine Wedding You Can Afford

Here are some hot wedding trends; but sometimes going the nostalgia route makes more sense- it all depends on you and your future spouse. For example, getting married in the backyard can be very romantic, and it can be convenient. It can be fun, it can ease the stress of the ceremony, and it can allow you to spend more than you would have been able to otherwise. Did you know the common cost of a wedding in the United States is north of $20k?

Certainly you want to be able to have the most extravagant event you can; but the realities of today may prevent you from having such an experience. However: with your own backyard, or that of a close relation, you may be able to get there. If you have a beautiful backyard, that is even better! And take this into consideration as well: just because your marriage is on the property, does not mean you are necessarily being thrifty.

Remember The Godfather? That wedding took place in a backyard, and it was a downright top-tier event! Certainly that is an extreme example, but it is worth keeping in mind. It may just be that the venue of your parents' home, or that of a relative, represents a better place to get married than any chapel or beach you can think of. It all depends on you.

If you do decide to go the backyard route, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Following, a few suggestions to help you maximize your options will be explored.

Wardrobe, Decor, Honeymoons, And Catering

The internet is making all kinds of wedding costs less impacting than they would be otherwise. Consider these lovely light pink wedding dresses as an example. It is possible to get the style you like, the quality you expect, and the cost you can afford online. Shopping for you and your bridesmaids using such techniques makes a lot of sense.

Another internet savior comes in the form of crowdsourced funding. If you think a crowdfunding option could work for you, you should check this website: You may find resources to extend your honeymoon, too; and that can be important as an initiating force in your developing marriage.

Something else that makes sense is decorating with the backyard you have chosen, rather than against it. Are there trees? Bushes? Is there a garden? What kind of lawn is there? Does a pool take up most the premises- could it be covered? Ask and answer these questions, then ensure the decoration you have in some way pays homage to that which was there before; this will make it look the most natural and graceful.

When it comes to catering, ask yourself: will the family whose backyard you are using do a better job than caterers? Are they inclined to do so? Perhaps let them, and even give them a little money for goods. You may be surprised; some people really like to cook, and would jump at this sort of opportunity. If they are also good at cooking (as desire is not enough), let them shine!

More Control, More Savings, More Fun

With a backyard wedding, you are in a venue over which there is more control. Other parties booked in the same location would not be at the fringes of your wedding. You would not have to leave for the reception.

You will be able to cut the cost of the event down substantially, and involve more people. Altogether, this could make a backyard wedding more fun collaterally. Whether going this route makes any sense will be up to you, but there is a lot to recommend a backyard wedding.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

New Silestone Concrete Looking Counters For 2019!

This post is provided is by Sherley Grimes.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. When it comes to kitchen worktops and other elements of this precious space in the house, you can always trust Silestone. The brand is known for being able to provide the perfect color, style or design to any property. If you are looking for a versatile product that can be used practically in any of the interior, Silestone is the name to remember. You can choose from a palette of over fifty colors available in the UK as off 2019. You can also consider the immaculate integrity sinks. These will match the color of your worktops, offering a seamless and minimalistic look. 

Silestone makes quartz products in different colors, thicknesses and finishes. It boasts 8 different collections called ‘Series’. There is a strong trend for industrial features in interiors that are both functional and beautiful. An industrial feel in the kitchen puts you in touch with different elements of nature, creating a sense of calm and relaxation. Also, it is a special place in which you gather with friends and family, disconnecting from everything else. The Loft Series is the latest collection in the range of the leading quartz surface manufacturer. It is inspired in traditional building materials such as concrete and cement. In contrast with the building products, the surfaces are easy to clean and require no special maintenance.

Here is a look at the concrete-inspired colours for kitchen worktops that you can choose from.

The “Loft Series” created by Silestone has two new, sophisticated colors.  They offer a fresh and modern take on the architectural and industrial look of cement and concrete. The Loft Series by Silestone consists of Brooklyn and Silver Lake. They are both classic colors that will complete any kitchen, regardless of their style or design. 

Silestone Brooklyn: A part of the Silestone Loft Series, Silestone Brooklyn is a fantastic color inspired by the look of concrete. If you are looking to change your worktops in the New Year to breathe a new life into your kitchen, this is one of the best choices you can make. Fresh and modern, this color will add a cool, contemporary look and feel to your space. Brooklyn is available in slabs with thicknesses in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. The slab dimensions are 3250 x 1590mm which means you have a huge canvas to create seamless designs. Similarly, you can use large panels in the walls, creating splashbacks in matching material.

Silestone Silver Lake: Silestone Silver Lake, from the Loft Series is another superb choice for those who want to create a clean, modern look for their kitchen or bathroom. Like Brooklyn, Silver Lake has a concrete look, a trend increasingly popular among designers and architects alike. If you are looking for a color different from the usual grey or white, then this is the one you should pick for your kitchen countertops and work areas. In addition to magnificent looks, all Silestone colors come with added benefits such as exclusive bacteriostatic protection and N-Boost treatment on the material. If that was not enough, you can protect your investment by registering the purchase of your worktops at Silestone’s website via an approved supplier of their products.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy 8th blog anniversary!

In a blink of an eye, my blog turned 8 today! Yay!

Many wonderful and exciting opportunities continue to come my way since I started this blog. At the same time, I am becoming more and more selective of the collaborations I picked and have declined a lot of product reviews to stay true to the original purpose of this blog. 

Some of most satisfying moments came from design clients who came back again and again to ask me for design help. Another client recently wrote to me to tell me they still loved their room that I helped them designed more than 5 years ago. As a decorator, I couldn't be happier!

On another positive note, my blog has garnered over 11 million pageviews throughout the years! Without you, my wonderful readers, my blog wouldn't have come this far so I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you who loyally follow, read my blog and take a moment to leave an encouraging and positive comment from time to time. 

I feel so blessed and grateful to all of you! I am sure my blog will continue to evolve over time but I will try my best to provide good inspirational content for you. Hopefully, you will continue to stay with me. 

Thank you my awesome readers, you are the best!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

How to get modern landscaping on a budget!

This article is provided by Samantha Waites.

There is no denying that the clean lines used in modern architecture and design are appealing, especially when they appear in the great outdoors. Modern landscaping is marked by its emphasis on strong graphic elements that impose themselves on the natural spaces; clean, structured hardscaping dominates in the form of stone, concrete and wood, and flora and fauna fill in the cracks. It feels fresh, is functional and ensures a high property value for years to come.

However, just as creating a modern interior is not easy and breezy, landscaping a modern design outside can cost a pretty penny. If you want a modern look to your landscaping without a modern price tag, read on for some helpful tips and tricks.

Understand The Tenets Of The Trend

In truth, modern is one of the easiest styles to master on a budget. That is because the fundamentals of the trend lend themselves to the cost-conscious DIYer. Still, it does not take much effort to get off-trend and into an unattractive mish-mash of styles, so before you do anything to your landscape, you should know these modernism rules backwards and forwards:

Clearly defined spaces. There should be a delineated difference between the area used for entertaining, any pathways around the yard, the kid’s play space, flower boxes and vegetation regions and any other area. This usually entails relying heavily on borders and frames, but you can achieve a similar feel with different materials, like a gravel space, a grass space, a concrete space and more.

Use of hardscaping. Modern yards do not lack greenery altogether, but they certainly are not wild and untamed forests. Instead, your yard should largely be hardscaped, which serves several functions that contribute to a more modern look and feel. For one, hardscaped features tend to be more geometric; for another, they look less cluttered and ensure lower maintenance responsibilities. For hardscaping, think natural materials like stone and wood as opposed to plastic.

Striking and well-maintained plant life. The flora that does occur in your outdoor space should be remarkable and impeccably maintained. Instead of picking up expected blooms from your local plant nursery, you should opt for somewhat outlandish greenery, like succulents and cacti. You should try to group similar types of plants together, perhaps in tiers. Then, if you do install a lawn, you need to be meticulous about fertilization, aeration and other oft-overlooked tasks that keep it healthy and green.

Artistic features. Modernism is not just a design style; it is an entire genre of art. Thus, you should drive home your modern landscape with a few key artistic touches. These might be functional, like statement planters or fireplaces, or they might simply add décor, like modern lawn ornaments.

Be Crafty

While you could pay a professional landscape designer and contractor to give your yard the modern feel you crave, it is much more budget-friendly to do most of the work yourself. Thankfully, because modern landscaping is simple and sparse, you can DIY a great deal of it. Here are a few projects to get you started:

Grass tiles. You can arrange concrete tiles and sod to make a geometric pattern with your lawn. You can conform to a grid pattern or blur the lines between natural and manmade. This allows you to enjoy a lawn but also create a work of art from your landscape.

Stone tiles. If you do not want the hassle of grass, you can cover your yard in gravel and install stone tiles of varying sizes and colors. You should try to create geometric interest, though that does not have to mean symmetry or perfect balance. In fact, asymmetry is common in modern design. If all that tile is outside your budget, you can also create a similar look by pouring quick-mix concrete into small blocks around your yard.

Upcycled planters. You can create stylish and striking planters in a variety of ways. For one, you could make molds for concrete planters using items you already have around your home. For another, you can purchase inexpensive or clearance planters from a home décor or home improvement store and paint them in bright, modern colors.

Upcycled hardscaping. You should not shy away from unconventional materials when designing the hardscaping of your yard. Corrugated steel, wood scraps and other found objects integrate well into a modern design, especially in fences and patios. You can also use these materials to make art objects to decorate the yard.

When executed well, modern landscaping will remain attractive and in-style for eternity. If you can cut costs without cutting corners, you will end up with a modern yard that you love and love to show off.