Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ideas For A Memorable Backyard Wedding!

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A Fine Wedding You Can Afford

Here are some hot wedding trends; but sometimes going the nostalgia route makes more sense- it all depends on you and your future spouse. For example, getting married in the backyard can be very romantic, and it can be convenient. It can be fun, it can ease the stress of the ceremony, and it can allow you to spend more than you would have been able to otherwise. Did you know the common cost of a wedding in the United States is north of $20k?

Certainly you want to be able to have the most extravagant event you can; but the realities of today may prevent you from having such an experience. However: with your own backyard, or that of a close relation, you may be able to get there. If you have a beautiful backyard, that is even better! And take this into consideration as well: just because your marriage is on the property, does not mean you are necessarily being thrifty.

Remember The Godfather? That wedding took place in a backyard, and it was a downright top-tier event! Certainly that is an extreme example, but it is worth keeping in mind. It may just be that the venue of your parents' home, or that of a relative, represents a better place to get married than any chapel or beach you can think of. It all depends on you.

If you do decide to go the backyard route, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Following, a few suggestions to help you maximize your options will be explored.

Wardrobe, Decor, Honeymoons, And Catering

The internet is making all kinds of wedding costs less impacting than they would be otherwise. Consider these lovely light pink wedding dresses as an example. It is possible to get the style you like, the quality you expect, and the cost you can afford online. Shopping for you and your bridesmaids using such techniques makes a lot of sense.

Another internet savior comes in the form of crowdsourced funding. If you think a crowdfunding option could work for you, you should check this website: You may find resources to extend your honeymoon, too; and that can be important as an initiating force in your developing marriage.

Something else that makes sense is decorating with the backyard you have chosen, rather than against it. Are there trees? Bushes? Is there a garden? What kind of lawn is there? Does a pool take up most the premises- could it be covered? Ask and answer these questions, then ensure the decoration you have in some way pays homage to that which was there before; this will make it look the most natural and graceful.

When it comes to catering, ask yourself: will the family whose backyard you are using do a better job than caterers? Are they inclined to do so? Perhaps let them, and even give them a little money for goods. You may be surprised; some people really like to cook, and would jump at this sort of opportunity. If they are also good at cooking (as desire is not enough), let them shine!

More Control, More Savings, More Fun

With a backyard wedding, you are in a venue over which there is more control. Other parties booked in the same location would not be at the fringes of your wedding. You would not have to leave for the reception.

You will be able to cut the cost of the event down substantially, and involve more people. Altogether, this could make a backyard wedding more fun collaterally. Whether going this route makes any sense will be up to you, but there is a lot to recommend a backyard wedding.

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