Thursday, January 26, 2017

3 Colorful Kitchen Renovation Ideas!

This post is provided by Gary Wilson.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a place of warmth and laughter, so the color scheme and overall décor should reflect that. There is nothing duller than the cliché white kitchen. When you are renovating your kitchen, you have the chance to not only change the aesthetics of the room, but to get new appliances or have faulty appliances touched up. Bringing a few appliance repair specialists in during your home renovations is the best way to ensure that you are pleased with the final result.

If you are the type of person who struggles with renovation because you have no idea what colors to choose, this list will help you. All of the fun colors below would liven up a boring old kitchen in no time.

Forest Green

Think deep emerald green, dark woods and loads of rustic accents. Using a tranquil and dark color scheme like this instantly transforms any kitchen into a peaceful getaway. The warmth of wood will keep the room from looking clinical while the rich green colors will bring it to life. 

Try to match the appliances and décor in the room to the color scheme as much as possible. Wood paneled appliances or silver appliances work best, while fabrics (for example, curtains) look best in dark emerald green shades. Include a few small works of art on the wall to make the room look more sophisticated.

If your budget allows it, a wooden floor will complete this rustic feel. Remember that a house’s décor should be connected, so do not use this theme in your kitchen if your dining room is all monochrome and glass. There should be a single theme present throughout the entire home.

Feeling Blue

Looking for something more subtle to change your kitchen? Consider adding pops of blue. Painting your cabinets a bold blue color or adding powder blue knobs to your drawers may not seem like a big renovation, but it is often these small details that can make or break how well put together a room seems.

This idea could work in any existing kitchen. Blue works well with wood, tiles and just about all colors (except warm colors, like red.) It is easy to implement and will be kind to your wallet. Not crazy about blue? This minimalist approach to renovation can work with any color. A pop of pink could work just as well. Certain colors will create certain moods within your home, so make sure to choose wisely when redecorating.

Fiery Red

If you are the type of person who loves to entertain guests, a bold kitchen would suit you. Bold red colors in a kitchen creates a feeling of warmth and passion, perfect for the passionate cook and host. Your guests can sip on wine as red as your kitchen while you prepare delicious meals and marvel at how stylish you are.

If you are looking to wow all your friends and family, a bold red kitchen is the right choice for you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Remove The Appearance Of Clutter Without Compromising Your Style!

If you have lived in one location for many years, chances are pretty good that you have acquired a lot of stuff. If you have noticed that your home now seems overloaded with limited space to move about, there are ways to improve the appearance of clutter without compromising your style.

Room dividers

Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are free-standing and others you can mount to the wall or secure to your ceiling. Free-standing room dividers come in bi-fold, tri-fold and even quad-fold forms. They are made of wood, canvas, and metal. Some even feature shelves for displaying artwork, collectibles, photos, plants and books. Fixed room dividers also come in various shapes and sizes. There are stylish room divider curtains that can help you create a private retreat in a loft or studio apartment, giving you the ability to make two separate spaces out of one. 

There are also sliding partitions that come in your choice of solids and patterns, transparent or opaque and a wide range of fabrics and metals to complement your existing decor.

Decorative storage containers

Today many people take organizing to the next level by incorporating decorative storage containers into their homes to not only hide the appearance of clutter but also to add convenience. An open shelving unit no longer stands empty with a few collectibles. Instead, canvas, cardboard, and wood boxes now occupy the space, adding character and a handy place to store loose items without notice. 

To bring concealed storage to the bedroom and living room, a large storage chest at the end of a bed or placed behind a sofa provides a wonderful place to keep extra linens, blankets, pillows, out of season clothing and toys. The large space provided allows you to clean out the clutter and enjoy your room once again. For a playroom or child's bedroom, adding a toy box with a large shelving unit on top gives you a place to contain their toys out of sight while still allowing for easy access. The shelves on the top are ideal for keeping their books, puzzles, and games, neat, organized and ready for use. 

Closet organizers 

Want to freshen up your bedroom quickly, install a closet organizer. There are a variety of sizes available and many have add-on features that allow you to expand at a later date. By adding fixed shelves, hanging garment containers, shoe racks and additional rods for clothing, you are removing piles from your dresser and floor. Not only are you regaining your space but you are also now able to locate your clothing and accessories quickly, as well as easily. 

Wall racks and floating shelves 

If you are limited on space and can not bring in a large item to house your personal items, floating shelves offer a great way to display your books, photos, collectibles and plants without giving up valuable floor space. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your needs allowing you to complement your interior. In addition to floating shelves, wall racks give you the perfect place to hang items. You can use them for keys, a dog leash, umbrellas, coats, hats, scarves, handbags, kitchen gadgets, towels, magazines and your collection of fine wine. They definitely add character and make excellent use of your existing walls. 

Decluttering and organizing your home's rooms does not mean that you have to give up on your style. There are so many products on the market, as well as many DIY projects that you can use to further complement your space. With a little creativity, you can acquire a neat and organized appearance, while still enjoying the look you have worked hard to achieve.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Four Reasons For Selecting Only High-Quality Artwork For Your Home!

One of the ways to get the most out of your living space is to take the time decorate it. Of course, your individual tastes will play the largest role in what you add to each room of your home. One effective way for you to add both class and attractiveness to the place you live in is by adding hand done art paintings. This can be a unique idea for decorating the individual rooms in your home and knowing some of the reasons to only choose high-quality pieces of art can be helpful to you.

Reason #1: Blurry images

The last thing you will want hanging on your wall is a painting that is blurry. This can make it look less than attractive, and this is not the look you may be aiming to have if you are taking the time to decorate and make significant changes.

The good news is when you choose art printing services that are of the highest quality, you would not have to be concerned about this problem. You can take pride in the fact that you have a one of a kind picture in your home that shows your visitors the amount of effort you put into decorating.

Reason #2: Creativity

One of the reasons you may attempt to put up a new painting is to keep your decorating efforts chic and up-to-date. This is sure to require the right amount of creativity to be executed by the artist.

You will typically need to rely on only high-quality artwork when it comes to this area. Many of the best artists you may find are full of creative ideas that can help make your artwork stand out in your home.

Reason #3: Durable

When you pay for an item, you will want to be sure it lasts for as long as possible. The key to making this happen in the majority of cases is to only choose the best of the best. This is additionally true when it comes to adding a painting to your home. 

Take the time to look at the various types of artwork that you are most interested in and then decide if the quality if high enough for you or not. Be sure to ask questions by talking to the artist if this is possible and if not, you can do some research on your own time by looking on the Internet or talking to friends about this individual.

Reason #4: Bolder colors

One of the things you can typically count on when it comes to some of the best quality paintings is that the paint that was used is top notch. This means the colors are sure to shine through with more ease and allow you to get more bang for your buck.

You may even notice the bolder colors looking fabulous and fantastic in the painting. There is no doubt that paintings created by an artist that does high-quality work will allow you to enjoy the colors more. Additionally, a variety of colors is sure to something you may enjoy having in your home.

Making sure your home always looks its best is sure to be high on your list of priorities. The key to being capable of making this happen will rest in a number of efforts and time you take when decorating your home. You will want to be sure to look for paintings that stand miles above the rest to call your own, and this will typically mean choosing the highest-quality ones you can find.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bedroom Designs For The Whole Family!

This post is provided by Noah Sparrow.

Whether you have just moved into a new house, want to redecorate your entire home or just spruce bedrooms, then coming up with what exactly to do with them can be a bit tricky. Here are some ideas on bedroom designs for the whole family. 

Color Theming

This is one of the easiest ways of redecorating your bedroom. Pick a color. Purple or green for example. Swap your curtains, bed sheets, rug and other things so that they match this color. Pro tip- be sure to get slightly different shades, so that they each stand out as their own item and the room does not just feel overpowering. Try not to go for garish or intense colors and remember it is a bedroom, so you want peaceful and relaxing shades. If you are really up for a project then you could even re-wallpaper or paint your furniture to match your new color scheme. Just be sure you are happy with the color before you start. 

TV/Film Themed Kids Rooms

Whether you child loves Frozen or Marvel superheroes, then there are ways you can decorate their rooms. You might decide to re-wallpaper with something that depicts their favorite characters. This could be a time consuming endeavor, however. So perhaps some wall prints would be better suited. These can be stuck onto the existing wallpaper or onto wardrobes and drawers. If you want to go even further then look up lamps, bed sheets and rugs that also feature their TV heroes and you will quickly have an excellent themed room that I am sure they will love. Whatever you do though, be sure to get a bed with storage. Kids have enough toys, books, clothes and other things that storage quickly becomes and issue. An ottoman beds are a great idea since it has storage under the mattress and you can even get gas lift bed frames from Bedstar so you do not need to worry about lifting it up and down all the time.

Modernize or Vintage-ise

Giving your bedroom a modern or vintage twist is a really cool way to make it stand out. The best way to modernize your room is to swap your furniture for items that have smooth edges and feature more plastics and metallic finish paints. Perhaps get a modern looking set of lamps and swap the light shades as well. However, if you want to go vintage then you can do the same, but instead you want dark wood. Visit some antique shops and flea markets when hunting for furniture as you can often snag a bargain that will make your room look great for cheap. Either option will make your bedroom feel interesting and exciting.