Thursday, October 25, 2018

5 Ways Of Adding Value To Your Home!

This post is provided by John Gregory.

When you make a property investment, what you want is for your home to sell for a higher worth than when you bought it. It is a bit overwhelming to think about with all the renovation and repair options available to increase the value of your home. To help you out, we listed 5 different things you can do to add value to your home.

1. Focus on the floors.

Plain looking floorings can make any room in your house look dull and lifeless. Adding aesthetic appeal to the interior floor is a move that will double your property investment in no time. If you are wondering how it can be done, concrete staining is a good option to take if you want to breathe life into a home with concrete flooring. You will be able to choose from a rich range of colors to give your floors a dramatic accent.

2. Perk up your pool area.

If you have invested in a home with a pool, upgrading it makes for an excellent return of investment. A modern an gorgeous looking pool area is unmistakably eye-catching. To achieve this, you will need to give your pool deck a makeover. Consider the option of pool deck resurfacing to give it a renewed look and make it beautiful from any angle.

3. Draw attention to your driveway.
The driveway is where you will come home to before you enter your house. It only makes sense that it should look as pleasing as any part of your home. It also gets pretty worn out over time so make sure that cracks and noticeable flaws are dealt with. Think about calling a contractor that specializes in repairing damaged concrete and your home will start to sell itself in no time.

4. Pretty up that patio.

A patio is the outdoor counterpart of your living room that adds an air of lavishness to the whole house. Giving it an updated look will not only merit admiration, but also an increase in your home’s value. There are multiple upgrades that can be done like concrete stamping, spray texture, and concrete staining.

5. Be up for the upkeep.

One of the most low-cost ways to increase property value is to keep your house in good condition. There is no question that well-maintained properties come with high price tags. With regular maintenance, all the home improvements that you have made will certainly pay off. Be diligent about home maintenance and watch your profits soar.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Simple Updates That Can Spruce Up Your Rented Apartment!

This post is provided by Lora Young.

It can be exciting to move into a new apartment, especially if it is going to be your first independent home. The freedom that can come with apartment living is convenient and affordable for most people. No outdoor maintenance, grass cutting or shoveling snow is required.

Average apartments are not known to be very architecturally pleasing but more functional in design. All the units in your building are likely to be very similar in set up if not identical and it can be a challenge to make the space feel like your own. Hire an electrician or a handyman to help you with any work that needs to be done for a quality professional job.

On top of the layout restrictions, you may have mandated limits to what you can and can not do with the interior of your apartment. You should always talk to your landlord or property manager before you make any updates. That being said, there are many small things that you can do to set your unit apart from the others and make it feel more like home. Change your lighting, your fixtures and even the colors to make everything feel more customized.


Most apartments will only come equipped with the simplest overhead lighting. In older units, the lighting may also be very outdated. In the apartment industry, as long as something is still working it is unlikely to be updated to keep operating costs and rents low. A small change up in your lighting can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Consider replacing older ceiling fixtures with something more updated. Use floor and table lamps to add a more cozy atmosphere in your main area and bedrooms.

Faucets And Fixtures

You may have to talk to your landlord about making changes to your fixtures but in many cases, as long as you keep the original pieces to return to the property you may not have any hassles. Even the simplest new kitchen or bathroom faucet can give the whole room a more updated and modern feel.

Cabinets And Hardware

Many kitchen units that you will find can be very outdated. An easy coat of fresh paint and some new handle hardware can transform your kitchen from drab to fab in no time at all. When painting your cupboards, make sure to clean and prepare the surface properly to make sure the job is done with quality.

Curtains And Blinds

Add privacy and even a pop of color with updated blinds and curtains for your apartment. If you have any existing blinds or curtains that are damaged, you should talk to the landlord about a replacement. Let them know that you intend to purchase the new fittings yourself and work out an agreement for a refund of your money once installed.

Plants And Flowers

Nothing brings life to space like fresh flowers and plants. Even in a small apartment, there is always room for a small plant on a table or a standing plant on the floor. Hanging plants like ivy or ferns are great for adding softness to a room. If you have a balcony you can take advantage of the space by hanging flower pots or start your own fresh herb garden on your sills.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Three Benefits Of Having Exposed Pipes In Interior Design!

This post is provided by Lora Young.

If you are to be conventional with your home interiors, exposed pipes are a no-no. They are considered part of the home’s skeletal system, so they are likely to be obscured under walls and moldings. 

But you can actually reap some benefits if you leave your piping system, or at least part of it, exposed. 

You achieve that industrial/modern look.

Exposed pipes, just as long as their colors coordinate well the elements around them, can make your space look like its directly lifted from the home of a forward-thinking merchant in the industrial revolution era. 

The look feels advanced but not tacky, though it might make some visitors a bit uncomfortable, especially the more conventional ones.

Do not think, though, that having exposed pipes around evokes only feelings of business-like seriousness. The mood that they set actually depends on the colors that they come in. Color them black or red or even white, and yes, they will really feel heavy and serious. Such color schemes will be perfect for offices and study areas, where focus and concentration are desired. 

Color them bright and shiny copper and they will look like classy ornaments on walls. You can even place paintings or framed photos around them for a more homey look. 
Exposed pipe can trigger your creativity. 

Exposed pipes, if left as they are, can really become an eyesore. Remember, pipe manufacturers do not really expect their products to be left exposed in homes. Hence, they do not care so much about aesthetics. 

Of course, like any other design element, there is a need for you to make the exposed pipes go well with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. Aside from painting them as we described in the first point, there are other creative means that you can try. One is to cover the exposed pipe with wooden wrapping. This is recommended especially if your home has that overall rustic theme. 

You can also cover pipes with brown ropes. Doing this will surely go well with a place that has a rustic or nautical feel. Ropes are just so reminiscent of the sea and countryside, right? 

If the exposed pipes hang a bit low from the ceiling, you can use them to anchor your hanging fancy lights. To ensure safety, it will be great if you cover the pipes first with a reliable insulator such as thick paint.

Repairing them will be less costly.

When a wipe is busted, so much time is needed for repairs because the worker still needs to break the concrete wall or drywall to get to the problem. Needless to say, this process also has its corresponding high monetary costs.

When the pipe is exposed, you can not only notice the problem early but also have it repaired by a trusted professional quite easily. Looking for the right professional for the job is not always easy. But if you are from this famous Canadian city, there is one name that many residents have grown to trust: Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto ON. Having been in service since 1970, it is safe to say that the quality of plumbing work that this group does is really proven and tested.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Four Fun Interior Design Styles For Your New Space!

This post is provided by Samantha Waites.

We truly understand the bittersweet excitement of having your own place, especially if it is your first time being away from family. You are alone, but you are free to do anything that pleases you. You can very well use that freedom to style your new home any way you want.  

There are a lot of ways to make your new place look beautiful. Interior design, as a creative outlet, is truly limited only by your imagination. But sometimes, you just run out of feasible ideas. We present here some of the most attractive styles and trends in interior design today. They might help stimulate your creative juices. 


What is traditional really depends on where you are. If you are in the Philippines, traditional design elements bear strong Spanish influence. If you are from Hawaii, traditional will most likely refer to having more natural and beachy elements in your space. 

What is Traditional in mainstream interior design is rooted in European preferences. It is characterized by a fondness for delicate layering. There is also considerable use of finished wood with ornate carvings. Curve lines are also dominant. 


Contemporary differs from Modern in that it is more fluid in the way that it uses design elements. It basically mixes up various influences just as long as the resulting look is still coherent and appealing to the eye. So there will be a sensical mix of crisp alignments and delicate curves, of tonal hues and ornate wood finishes. There might even be layers of varying depths.


To the untrained eye, Modern and Minimalist might appear one and the same. While both styles give importance to simplicity, the Minimalist wing takes this emphasis a little bit further. The color choice of interior designers who subscribe to minimalism is often neutral. This results in a look that is monochromatic with very few disruptions. 

The Minimalist way just wants things to flow. It is always at war with clutter and any loose ornament that cause unnecessary barriers to movement and view. When you enter a space touched by a Minimalist designer, a sense of being free from obstacles will truly be felt. 


The Bohemian style is a direct offshoot of a movement that turned attention back to unhampered self-expression. We think that this style is the one most attuned to the artistically inclined. It does not put so many limits as to what can be included and what should be kept out of the overall aesthetic. Colors are splashed everywhere. Lines freely criss-cross. The fusion of various design elements just seems to bring out a tasteful incoherence that makes so much sense to the artist.

Owning a house or a living space does not really stop at writing a real estate offer letter and actually succeeding in convincing the seller that you are the right one. A closed deal is actually just the beginning of a more complex process of making your space truly your own. The complex process makes it more worthwhile.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Book review- Island Hopping!

Today, I am going to share another marvelous publication from Vendome Press with you. Thanks Meghan! In Island Hopping authored by Amanda Lindroth, you will be charmed by its breathtaking interiors! 

The lovely faux raffia case cover and back band piqued my interest right from the start. Here is a sneak peek of some of the pretty illustrations and brilliantly decorated homes you will find inside this book!

Photo credit: Tria Giovan

I can't get my eyes off this gorgeous volume! Boldly colored fabrics in solids, stripes and lively prints, rattan and cane seating, whitewashed or colorfully painted English case furniture, canopied beds and straw matting are some of the signature ingredients of an Amanda Lindroth interior. Her airy, relaxed, indoor-outdoor aesthetic- a hybrid that merges colonial and island influences is apparent in every one of the 25 projects featured in Island Hopping.

This beautiful book is not only inspirational, it will transport you to a visual beach getaway. If you want to experience vacation without all the hassles of travelling, this is it! Fresh, visually delightful and engaging, you will find plenty of swoon-worthy tropical inspirations, personal stories and illustrations in this stunning publication. 

Trust me, it's a book you wouldn't be able to put down. I am so thrilled to add this gem to my collection. I know you will, too! Highly recommended.

Don't forget to get your copy here!

*I received  this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.