Thursday, October 4, 2018

Four Fun Interior Design Styles For Your New Space!

This post is provided by Samantha Waites.

We truly understand the bittersweet excitement of having your own place, especially if it is your first time being away from family. You are alone, but you are free to do anything that pleases you. You can very well use that freedom to style your new home any way you want.  

There are a lot of ways to make your new place look beautiful. Interior design, as a creative outlet, is truly limited only by your imagination. But sometimes, you just run out of feasible ideas. We present here some of the most attractive styles and trends in interior design today. They might help stimulate your creative juices. 


What is traditional really depends on where you are. If you are in the Philippines, traditional design elements bear strong Spanish influence. If you are from Hawaii, traditional will most likely refer to having more natural and beachy elements in your space. 

What is Traditional in mainstream interior design is rooted in European preferences. It is characterized by a fondness for delicate layering. There is also considerable use of finished wood with ornate carvings. Curve lines are also dominant. 


Contemporary differs from Modern in that it is more fluid in the way that it uses design elements. It basically mixes up various influences just as long as the resulting look is still coherent and appealing to the eye. So there will be a sensical mix of crisp alignments and delicate curves, of tonal hues and ornate wood finishes. There might even be layers of varying depths.


To the untrained eye, Modern and Minimalist might appear one and the same. While both styles give importance to simplicity, the Minimalist wing takes this emphasis a little bit further. The color choice of interior designers who subscribe to minimalism is often neutral. This results in a look that is monochromatic with very few disruptions. 

The Minimalist way just wants things to flow. It is always at war with clutter and any loose ornament that cause unnecessary barriers to movement and view. When you enter a space touched by a Minimalist designer, a sense of being free from obstacles will truly be felt. 


The Bohemian style is a direct offshoot of a movement that turned attention back to unhampered self-expression. We think that this style is the one most attuned to the artistically inclined. It does not put so many limits as to what can be included and what should be kept out of the overall aesthetic. Colors are splashed everywhere. Lines freely criss-cross. The fusion of various design elements just seems to bring out a tasteful incoherence that makes so much sense to the artist.

Owning a house or a living space does not really stop at writing a real estate offer letter and actually succeeding in convincing the seller that you are the right one. A closed deal is actually just the beginning of a more complex process of making your space truly your own. The complex process makes it more worthwhile.

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