Thursday, August 31, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

I can't get my eyes off this fabulous room! Oozing a relaxed and laid-back vibe, this living room is the epitome of Palm Beach chic. A delightful mix of neutral grasscloth wallpaper, preppy printed upholstery, bamboo-style furniture, vibrant accents and eclectic finds totally transform it into a fresh, warm and polished space. I absolutely adore this beautiful room, what about you, my lovelies? Do you find it as inspirational as I do?

Photo credit: One Kings Lane

Four Simple But Stylish Luxury Apartment Decorating Ideas!

This post is provided by Hailey Balzam.

Once you have made the decision to move to that urban oasis retreat, you need to turn it into a home as soon as possible. How can you blend contemporary with that relaxing home feeling in order to not feel like a stranger in the big city?  

Creating A Minimalist Vibe In A Modern Residence

A minimalist and simple room or apartment in general can create a sense of calmness and make anyone feel comfortable once they enter the room. The key concept of creating a minimalist vibe is to declutter the space and keep only the essentials to achieve a stress-free atmosphere in your luxury apartment. 

Using neutral colors throughout the apartment can really compliment all the extra space that you have created and open up the rooms. Applying tans and shades of gray can accent certain areas and the furniture you have in the room. 

Space planning is the key in pulling off the decorating minimalist plan of your luxury apartment. It is important to make sure all the furniture that is functional fits while taking advantage of any space for storage. 

Using Textures And Accessories

Having neutral colors in your house can create a relaxed vibe. However, you do not want to walk in the house and feel like you want to immediately snooze. Adding colorful textures and other accessories can really liven up a room and give it positive energy. 

Accessories can very easily liven up a room. Bright pillows, curtains, lampshades, rugs, or even a nice piece of artwork can change a room in seconds. Most luxury apartments have higher ceilings, so some nice curtains hung real high and puddling on the ground can really transform the look of a room. 

A good example can be found at, where they have big windows that look out over West Midtown in Atlanta. These windows can be covered with beautiful curtains which have the ability to determine the whole vibe of a room. 

Understanding Wall Space

While we can add different colors to the walls for a base coat of natural hues, understanding how the walls can be used to create positive energy is a real talent. There are a number of things you can do to either calm the eye or make sure their attention is grabbed. 

Creating pattern of lines meeting in one point can create a real sense of organization which further results in a sense of relaxation. A linear layout with the sofas against the wall and everything going in the same direction can create a chic and modern feel. 

It is important to align all paintings and TVs in the same direction. Finding the right painting can change a visitor’s opinion of your place while also stimulating conversation.

Taking Advantage Of Lighting

Some decorators argue that lighting is everything when fixing up or remodeling a new home. It is one of the most economical and easiest things you can change or apply to make a room more inviting. 

Natural and softer bulbs are more inviting than the cold bright light found in work offices. Brighter blue lights can act like an alarm clock and lower melatonin levels which can harm your sleep. 

Also, using natural lighting throughout the home is one of the best ways to liven up the house and increase the amount of sunlight one gets throughout the day. Increasing the amount of sunlight can help one sleep and feel better and also increase the energy level.

Adding skylights in the house or even positioning mirrors in specific locations can help increase natural lighting, create an illusion of larger space and chill out the vibe of your home. 

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cool designers alert- Kirsten Fitzgibbons amd Kelli Ford!

Introducing talented design duo and sisters, Kirsten Fitzgibbons amd Kelli Ford. I really love their way of combining contemporary and classical elements to create incredibly livable and aesthetically beautiful spaces with a sense of the unexpected. Without further ado, let's check out their captivating portfolio, shall we?

Photo credit: Kirsten Kelli

Such gorgeous and awe-inspiring interiors! By marrying classic furnishings, contemporary pieces, sumptuous textiles, wood and brass elements with a few unexpected accents in a refreshing way, their designs feel chic, elegant and luxurious all at once. I can't take my eyes off the many wonderful details in these amazing rooms, what about you? Are you drawn to these talented designers' style as well?

To learn more about their work, please visit:

Considering Pest Control When Designing Your New Home!

This post is provided by Katherine Smith.

Are you getting ready to build your home from the ground up? There are countless things to keep in mind and consider as you plan and set up the design options for your new place. One thing that may not be on your list of priorities when configuring design and architecture is pest invasion. The last thing you want crawling into your home is a pesky bug or rodent from nearby. Consider your neighborhood. Has there been a history with pest problems before? Are you building in a rural area? If so, you may want to take some preliminary precautions before you build and design. Here are just a few helpful tips.

Reconsider Building On A Slab

Are you getting ready to plan your foundation? Many homes have a basement foundation which allows extreme structural support for your new home. Not all areas of the state can accommodate a basement foundation, for several reasons including the clay soil which makes it difficult to build on and the high water tables in many low-lying areas. If you will have a slab foundation, make sure that precautions are taken during the design process to prevent small insects and critters from coming in. This could be through insulated trim and making sure there are screens and screen doors throughout the home. If a basement is an option, it gives you a better chance of keeping pesky rodents and other invaders at bay. Contact a reputable pest control services company to come out and inspect your property prior to your build. It could save you hundreds of dollars on termite or ant infestation that could destroy your new home as well as its contents, very quickly.

Do Not Skimp On Insulation

When sitting down with your building contractor, be sure to include high quality insulation within your home’s interior. This would not affect interior decorating or design and will reduce the risk of pests getting inside your home and destroying your carpet, flooring and furniture. Some suggestions include:

*Insulated panels in the basement or crawlspace as well as walls prior to final construction.

*Blown-in cellulose insulation to trap warm air in and keep cold air out.

*Rolled or batt insulation in the attic and crawlspace to insulate and thwart winged intruders like bats and birds as well as four legged rodents and insects.

Insulation protects your home’s interior contents by stabilizing temperatures and reducing condensation buildup on the inside. Moist environments destroy home decor and also attract certain types of insects such as centipedes and some beetles.

Avoid Using Repurposed Materials

A cutting-edge design trend is to repurpose hard wood and other structural materials from a tear-down or previous residence. While this is a great way to give new life to old materials and give your home more character, use caution. Insects such as termites, bed bugs and powder post beetles are just a few of the invaders that can find their way to your new home. Even a small egg left behind could turn into a full infestation in days or weeks- and also spread throughout your entire home. Be vigilant and thoroughly inspect any used materials that will be used in your home. This could save you money in the long run in regards to exterminating a bothersome insect infestation.

Apply New Weatherproofing

Even though your home is likely very airtight due to new construction, consider adding additional weatherproofing to control a possible pest problem. Rodents, bats, insects and other small critters can easily squeeze through the tiniest of spaces within your home or crawlspace to reach a warm environment. In the meantime they can tear up wallpaper, wainscoting and affect the drywall in your newly designed home. If you are worried about a possible infestation, consider hiring a pro to come out and:

*Apply foam trim around doors, windows and any visible gaps or crevices.

*Add insulation to your garage door and areas between the foundation of your garage and the structure.

*Install spray foam insulation in between the door and window jambs.

Weatherproofing your home is especially effective in the late summer and fall months when some pests choose to look for warmer territory.

The best way to keep your new property looking its best is to keep uninvited critters outside where they belong. Calling a pest control specialist now to inspect your property will help detect any issues and give you some helpful tips to keep your home vermin free for years to come. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Inside a chic and glamorous Beverly Hills home!

This fabulous 1937 Beverly Hills home belongs to Too Faced founders Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. To transform it into an entertaining oasis, the makeup moguls enlisted their friend and interior designer Robin Strickler for some design help. Utilizing plenty of bold patterns, elegant pieces and brass accents, this home oozes an old Hollywood glamour feel but with a modern twist. Let's check it out!

Photo credit: Ryan Garvin

I find this chic and stylish abode absolutely inspiring! A mix of fresh color palette, bold wall coverings and delightful furnishings truly set this home apart. The beautiful living room with the pink accents and the swoon-worthy powder room with the banana leaf wallpaper are especially my favorites, what about you? Is there anything from this fab home tour catches your eye as well?

Saving Money On The Big Move!

This post is provided by Katherine Smith.

It does not matter if you are moving down the street or across town, you can save money on your move and make the endeavor cheaper than you might have thought. The key to making sure that your move is more cost effective, less hectic, and less stressful is to make sure that you are organized before the move, staying organized throughout the process, and make sure that your attitude remains one that is positive.
There are quite a few ways to save money on your moving expenses. Some of them are pretty blatant, while others, not so much. Here are a few that might help you keep some of your hard earned money in your wallet and a tip or two to make the move easier.
Moving Companies
Moving companies, such as Allied Van Lines, typically base what they charge on things like the number and type of vehicles that will be used for the move and the weight of what is being moved. This means that the perfect time to get rid of your unused items is right before the move. By doing this and making the load lighter, you can actually end up with a bit more money in your wallet. Getting rid of things you no longer need or want is a great thing to do whether or not you use a full service moving company or you choose to move the DIY way.
Pro Tip: One of the things you can do to downsize your home and move is to give your old hand me downs and appliances you no longer need to some of your family members. If that is not what you want to do, you can consider donating them to charity and getting a tax deduction for them. Alternatively, you might consider selling them on Craigslist, eBay, or even just having a good old-fashioned yard sale. If you do sell the items, you can put that money toward the cost of the move.
Why would anyone pay for something that they can easily get for free? If you know you will be moving in the near future, start collecting and saving boxes now. If you happen to order from any online warehouse clubs- such as, they send your orders in boxes that are excellent for a move. You might also be able to get boxes from a variety of local businesses such as offices (copy paper boxes), grocery stores, drugstores, and liquor stores. All that it takes is you asking for them.
Pro Tip: If you do happen to hire professional movers for the packing part of the job, they might require that your valuables be packed in boxes sold by them. You can avoid this by packing your own stuff, or at least your fragile and valuable items, before the move.
Other Packing Supplies
If you do decide to pack all of your own stuff, you need to ensure that you pack them well so that they would not be damaged or break. Most people use things like bubble wrap and those little white foam peanuts to pack things in, but this can get expensive quickly. Instead, you can wrap your items in old newspapers, comforters, sheets, blankets, and towels.
Pro Tip: When it comes to packing things that are in drawers, you do not need to empty them. Simply wrap them in plastic wrap (like the cling wrap used for leftovers). You will be able to see what is in the drawers, save space in the truck, and save on packing materials.
Off Season Moves
You can also save a bit of money on your move by moving during the off season. This is the months between September and the end of May. Moving rates are typically lower then. This is because people with children who are school aged tend to try to move during the summer months when school is out.
Pro Tip: You can save money during the peak moving season by scheduling your move during the week as opposed to on the weekends. However, to save the most amount of money possible, try moving during the off season AND in the middle of the week. That being said, moving is the same as anything else, if the demand is high for a specific date, prices might be higher regardless of the season or day of the week. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Inside a chic, vibrant and fabulously unconventional beach house in South Carolina!

This beautiful South Carolina vacation home is designed by Angie Hranowsky for a family with five children. Utilizing an uncommon combination of vibrant colors and bold prints, this home is transformed into a fresh and striking abode. Let's check out this fabulously unconventional beach house, shall we?

Photo credit: Annie Schlechter

Such a chic and gorgeous home! This effortlessly eclectic home exudes a sense of casual elegance with a fun, fresh twist which I really love! Her confidence and fearless use of bright, bold colors and interesting prints are truly inspirational. I am particularly drawn to the way she pairs the vintage wallpaper with the modern abstract print in the lovely dining room, it's such an unexpected and delightful mix, don't you think?  I am a huge fan of her refreshing decorating style, what about you? Any thoughts?

5 Stylish Home Office Features!

This post is provided by Jason Tilton.

Home offices are the most requested “special” room addition to homes being remodeled and built today. With more people beginning to telecommute and work from home, it makes sense to include a place within your home where you can work privately and efficiently, without interruptions or the intrusion of home life. And while you do not need to create a commercial office design within your own home, there are several attributes of traditional office design that can help make you feel more productive while in your office. These attributes do not have to come at the cost of style, however; it is possible to create stylish home office designs that will make you look forward to going to work each day. These five examples can help you get started.

Hardwood Floors

Nothing adds value to your home like hardwood flooring. Hardwood is elegant, easy to clean and maintain, and instantly dresses up any area of the home. Ripping out old carpeting and installing hardwood in your home office can instantly make it feel more professional and more like a workplace than a converted bedroom or storage space. Best of all, with new engineered hardwood flooring, you can install wood anywhere in your home, including below grade which means that you can get that beautiful hardwood look even in a converted basement area. 

To really up the style of your home office, consider inlaying a second color of hardwood as a border around the room. You can outline your desk area or just the perimeter; either way a two-tone hardwood floor can really set your home office apart.


No matter what type of work you do in your home office, good lighting is crucial to your success. Many commercial office spaces are beginning to include more natural light in the office design, as studies have shown that the inclusion of natural light not only lowers energy bills, but also increases worker happiness and productivity as well.

Make sure that your home office has plenty of natural light to begin with. Consider enlarging any existing windows, and invest in window treatments that can give you the privacy you need without blocking any of the light. If you entertain clients frequently in your home office, a large picture window behind your desk can be a stylish and impressive feature in the room.

Next, add strategic task-oriented light sources at your work area. These can be as subtle as recessed lights installed from your coffered ceiling just above your desk, or as decorative as some handblown glass pendants suspended over a work table. Whichever route you choose to add additional light, make sure that it is focused on your work area, and that when the light is on, that it helps to define the space, setting it apart from the rest of the room for maximum impact.

Built-In Furnishings

The best part about designing a home office is being able to create something that is uniquely suited to your work, your lifestyle, and your personal taste. Built-in furnishings within the room allow you to get those features in a way that is not only functional but very stylish at the same time.

Bookcases are a traditional office addition, with many people choosing to build them into the room, rather than simply placing them there. This creates an impressive display and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

Next, consider your desk area and how you could create workstation that caters to all of your needs. Maybe you have shelving attached to the desk and extending upward against a wall. Or perhaps you have a desk that is built into a corner of the room to create an L shape that allows you to have multiple devices running at the same time, all of them in easy reach. By building your furnishings into the room, you create a powerful image within the space that will not only make you feel more at home there, but that will impress visitors as well.

Conversation Area

Whether you entertain clients on a regular basis, or you just want to create a comfortable space within your home office, a conversation area is a great addition. Including a couple of comfortable chairs with a table and rug and some amish decors to define the space can not only create a stylish addition to the room, but can add a sense of welcome and comfort at the same time. 

Conversation areas should invite intimacy, so be sure to angle the seats toward one another and set them apart from the main work space within the room. Now when you have clients or friends drop by, they will feel instantly welcomed and at home within your office.

Wall Treatments

While the walls in a commercial office may be plain, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do within your home office. To create a place that you want to go to everyday, consider trying out some different wall treatments in the space.

Consider a bold accent wall color behind your desk to liven up the space. Or, consider using a different material to create your accent wall, such as dry stack stone tiles or reclaimed wood. You can also change up your walls frequently with the help of vinyl wall decals, which peel off easily without harming the paint behind, so you can change out the decorations whenever you choose.

Create A Better Home Office

You spend a lot of time within your home office everyday, so make it a place you want to visit by including some stylish features. Use these five features as a starting point to creating the perfect design of your own.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

This bedroom is absolutely swoon-worthy! The beautiful decorative wall panels and baseboard molding are the perfect backdrop for this stunning space. Employing a tall headboard, sumptuous bedding, luxurious pieces and polished accents, this gorgeous room reminds me of a five-star boutique hotel. Effortlessly chic, luxurious and elegant, this dreamy room is perfect and inspirational in every way. What do you think?

Photo credit: One Kings Lane

2017 Home Interior Design Trends Are Sure To Last Well into 2018!

Your home is your castle and it should look like an oasis. You should walk through the front or garage-access door after a hard day’s work and breathe a wonderful sigh of relief. Imagine this: You walk in, put your stuff down, and take a moment to look around, in love with what you see evening after evening. When everyone rang in 2017, they rang in a year filled with fun and classic interior design trends, and the best thing is, these trends will last for years to come.

Soft Yet Sophisticated

The harsh and cutting lines of contemporary and modern looks are long gone, as are pastels as you know them. Some of the most popular furniture pieces for 2017 are rounded, not squared. This does not make them feminine, however, so bachelors need not worry. Rather, the rounding gives the furniture more of a retro feel- a flash back to the 1960s, which is fun, admittedly. The interior colors also take you back a few decades to pastels that are dusty and sage, rather than powdery. No more baby blue or mint green.

For those who prefer a darker interior, black and natural metals are making a huge comeback. Many necessities and decorative pieces are showing up finished in black or in natural brass and copper. This includes table and floor lamps. “Moody” is the theme here, as people seek to step away from bright and airy and more toward dark and sophisticated. Dark gray and blue walls, even just accent walls, are huge. If you prefer more color, choose darker jewel tones, such as fuchsia, green, teal, or even a deep, deep blush pink.

Additional Steps Away From Contemporary And Modern

Simple and bare are also gone. Minimalist is a bad word in 2017. People are once again seeking living spaces that are not only functional but also luxurious. Barely there interior design is being replaced with functional pieces that everyone can enjoy. This includes plenty of furniture for sitting and tables to rest things on. Clutter might not be considered good for feng shui, but people want living spaces they can enjoy to the fullest, and this includes having every luxury- absolutely every luxury- and necessity you need.

Think Local And Natural

One interior design trend in 2017 has been gaining momentum over the last few years, and that is “buy local.” Many people are disgruntled with imported goods. This is not only bad for the U.S. economy it also puts smaller, local shops out of business. Spending your money locally boosts your community and helps you feel better. You walk in and see furniture and décor made by local artisans, maybe even people you know. Do not forget to go local with other necessities as well, such as family heating and cooling maintenance and repair.

Natural is also a huge trend, and it should be. Despite inaccurate statements from the 2017 presidential administration, global warming is real and recent studies show that if people continue to ignore the problem, there is only a 5% chance of avoiding disaster by century’s end. No more plastic or other man-made materials when it comes to interior design in 2017. Rather, natural material that can be replanted to avoid deforestation or made from recycled materials is hot, including plywood and canvas.

These are just some of the many exciting interior design trends for 2017 that are sure to last for years to come. The beauty of interior design is you do not have to follow any trend if you do not like it. Your interior space is yours and yours alone, so you should take your ideas to an interior designer and turn them into your reality. The designer may be able to combine your thoughts with the latest trends that you adore, such as a teal accent wall in your living room yet dusty blue and green accent pillows on your furniture.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A chic and charming farmhouse style inn in California!

This idyllic Farmhouse Inn, located near the heart of California wine country is absolutely swoon-worthy! Exuding an effortlessly luxe, laid-back decor, this beautiful inn is filled with lovely design ideas you don't want to miss. Let's take a tour, shall we?

Photo credit: Farmhouse Inn

Drawing inspirations from farmhouses, wonderful details such as board and batten, barn-style doors, wood beams and horse-stall Dutch doors were incorporated to add charm and visual interest. To provide guests with comfort and tranquility, warm materials and neutral furnishings were used. Fresh, inviting and charming, this inn definitely nailed the chic, farmhouse look. The gorgeous bedroom with the private patio is especially my favorite, what about you? Do you find this lovely inn as inspiring as well?