Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Things You May Not Have Thought About for Your Bathroom Remodel!

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So, your bathroom need a makeover? Bathroom renovations are among some of the most popular home improvement projects. Whether you are looking to enhance functionality, bring it up to modern times, or increase the overall value of your home, there are some important things you need to consider. You are going to be investing a lot of money into this project and knowing what to expect is ideal.
When you are thinking about your dream bathroom, the last thing on your mind is the plumbing. Though you might be more focused on tile color and bathtub type, it is important to think about your plumbing. This is especially true for those who have older bathrooms. Issues with ejector pumps (Check out most common ejector pump problems and their solutions here), improper sewage flow, old and rusted pipes, dry rot, mold, and water damage are all a real possibility when you start to tear down those bathroom walls. Plumbing problems are not the only thing you will need to consider when it comes to a bathroom remodel. You will also need to think about your design choices in relation to your plumbing. For instance, a walk-in bath would require more plumbing than a traditional bathtub.
Bathroom remodeling costs can quickly get out of hand, so make sure that you are careful when choosing your design. While things like paint and bath fixtures can be changed out for a reasonable price, when you get into changes that involve structural work it is not as simple or affordable. Go to showrooms to get ideas, check out boards on Pinterest, and lastly make choices that you love and would not get tired of in a few years.
You need proper lighting in your bathroom at all times. Whether you are shaving, taking a bath, using the restroom, or applying makeup, you want to make sure that you have the right lighting to do it in. Some suggestions for lighting might include installing task lighting that would illuminate areas of your bathroom where you need the most light. Another option is installing dimmer lights so that you can adjust the lighting as you see fit. You might prefer dim lights while bathing but bright lights when washing your face in the morning.
Cabinets and Storage
Storage is important in a bathroom if the space allows for it. As you think of ideas for storage make sure that you are not only thinking of style but functionality as well. Recessed, built-in shelves for instance can help you save space in the bathroom while providing ample storage for toiletries. Under sink storage is also great for keeping bathroom cleaners and larger necessities that would not fit on the shelves.
Safety is probably not something you thought about in your bathroom remodel but it is vitally important. With water being present often in the bathroom, the chance of accident is higher. Installing grab bars and shower seats are great not only for those with a disability but to help keep those who use the bathroom safe. Here is a bonus, installing a shower seat can provide a great place to sit when shaving your legs.
Bathroom remodels are a great way to enhance the overall look and feel of your home and accommodate your lifestyle. When you are ready to design the bathroom of your dreams, be sure that you keep all of the above factors in mind. It also helps to work with an expert remodeling company to ensure that the project is completed without a hitch.

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