Friday, November 23, 2018

Book review- Inspired Design: The 100 Most Important Interior Designers Of The Past 100 Years!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration! 

Today, I wanted to share another fabulous new publication from Vendome Press with you. Thanks to Meghan Phillips for sending me Inspired Design: The 100 Most Important Interior Designers Of The Past 100 Years. In this book, author Jennifer Boles features a roundup of interior design's greatest visionaries from around the world and how they shaped the decorating landscape. 

Here's a sneak peek of the book!

The striking cover grabs my attention right from the start! It has a protective see through dust jacket giving the book cover a chic, layered look. Truly stylish!

Inside this beautiful volume, you will find a brief bio of each featured designer and a few photographs of their best work to pique your interest in discovering more. With hundreds of breathtaking rooms from iconic designers from yesteryears leading up to current designers, this book serves as a great reference and inspiration for everyone interested in interior design. 

Well written and very informative, this gorgeous publication is a must-have for all interior design students and all design aficionados. Definitely a great addition to your design library!

Don't forget to get your copy here!

*I received  this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Book review- Isabel López-Quesada At Home!

A few days ago, I have received Isabel López-Quesada At Home, another fabulous publication from Vendome Press. Thanks Meghan! In this delightful volume authored by Spanish designer Isabel López-Quesada, she relates how she transformed an abandoned wax factory in a leafy district of Madrid into her family home and atelier, and then recounts how she created a country home out of a run-down Basque farm in the hills outside of Biarritz, France. 

Some of the lovely images you will find inside this book!

Photo credit: Miguel Flores-Vianna

I absolutely adore this book! She definitely has a great eye in combining period and contemporary furniture and art. In this publication, you will be mesmerized by her warm, effortlessly lived-in and beautifully layered interiors. In addition, you will also find inviting grapevine-covered pergolas, relaxing shady verandas, tree-lined trails and an amazing infinity pool in this volume. 

Illustrated with hundreds of high-quality photographs of swoon-worthy interiors and charming outdoor living, this book will transport you to extraordinary places.

Engaging, inspirational and unforgettable, this gorgeous book shouldn't be missed especially if you are an interior design fan. I am thrilled to add this stunning book to my collection, I know you will too!

Highly recommended! Don't forget to get your own copy here!

*I received  this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Managing your lawn in drought and flood!

This post is provided by Lora Young.

Central Texas is officially drought-free after surviving a record-setting 271-week drought.  Even in a regular year, our lawns stand up to some brutal conditions. Getting the yard to withstand the heat of summer before the rainy winter takes a lot of maintenance and adjustments. If your lawn survived the drought and went on to tackle the floods from hurricanes Michael and Willa, it is time to get it back to healthy this year.

Choose low maintenance grass

If you lost your St. Augustine turf in the droughts earlier this decade, consider replacing it with Bermuda or Buffalo grass instead. The sod is more expensive per pallet, but Bermuda is resistant to most diseases and fungus, and Buffalo uses less water than most other turfgrasses. The lower maintenance costs of either grass can save you money over the life of the lawn.

Check for excess thatch

After the rough weather conditions of the decade, check for excess thatch in your yard. Thatch is the layer of dead and living grass stems, roots, and rhizomes that develops between your green grass and the soil. Thatch is a useful layer that can keep soil from eroding and provide insulation for the roots against extreme temperatures, but excess thatch can prevent water and oxygen from adequately reaching plant roots and soil.

Dethatch and compost

Ask your lawn care professional about using a core aerator to dethatch and aerate your lawn so that much-needed air can reach the root system. Afterward, top dress the lawn with a thin layer of compost so you do not choke out the grass you just uncovered. The rule of thumb used by professionals in lawn care in Round Rock, TX is to spread about ½ of an inch compost evenly in the spring.  

Use water efficiently

Regardless of your grass type, avoid narrow strips or odd shapes of turf grass that make it hard to water without waste. Water deeply twice per week in the morning to create strong roots that will withstand Texas weather. Consider converting some lawn to beds or ground cover to limit the amount of water used for landscaping. Surely the drought of 2010-2015 would not be our last.

Mow to the correct height

Believe it or not, mowing is the best way to control weeds and increase the density of your lawn. Use a mulching mower so that grass clipping remain on the yard and retain soil moisture as they act as a slow-release lawn fertilizer. Up to 1/3 of the nutrients, your grass needs can come from clippings. You will use less fertilizer, and it limits the amount of nitrogen and pollution in our aquifer and lakes.

The key is to remove about 1/3 or ½ of the grass blades when you mow. When the St. Augustine is in vigorous growth in the summer, you can mow as much as 1-2 inches each week. Bermuda should be cut down to about an inch above the soil and St. Augustine should be 2-3 inches long after mowing. If it is too long, the grass grows thin, weak and yellow and has more weed problems.

Thriving healthy turfgrass

St. Augustine and Bermuda have demonstrated that they are both hardy enough to survive the ups and downs of Texas weather. If you want your yard to thrive instead of simply survive, this is the year to get your lawn back in fighting shape. Mowing, fertilizing, and keeping weeds out of your turf grass will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, but it will also contribute to clean air and water for everyone in Williamson County.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to keep house move costs as low as possible!

This post is provided by Jesse Hughes.

The cost of moving into a new home can quickly mount. Aside from amount you have to pay to buy the property, you also have to find money for estate agents and solicitor fees. Once you have purchased a property, you need make the move to your new home. 

The move itself can cost a significant amount of money. The average cost for a house move in Australia is $1,618. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help reduce these costs as much as possible. 

Pack only what you need to.

The easiest way to save money on moving is to reduce the size of the move. The fewer items you need to take with you, the less you need to pay for removal expenses. 

Expert packing and removals professional Lee Hamlin always advises clients, “Try not to pack things you do not want- it only costs you money,” She works to help clients providing packing services when moving house taking into account aspects such as:

1. Are toys still being used by your kids or can they be donated?

2. Is it time to replace broken crockery items rather than take the old ones with you?

3. Is it worthwhile including some items, such as blinds or curtains, in the selling price?

Moving home is an ideal time to declutter your life, so that you can start afresh in your new property. 

Consider costs of packing carefully. 

Once you know exactly what you need to pack; it is time to get started. You can opt to do all of the packing yourself. Although this may appear to be the most affordable option, it does have disadvantages. 

1. Items can get damaged in the move if you do not pack effectively. 

2. Packing an entire house takes time which is not ideal if you are working full time. 

3. You have to pay for packing products, or spend time sourcing more affordable items, such as free boxes from family. 

It may be a better idea to get professional help with the entire pack or at least with packing delicate and valuable items. Doing so can end up saving you money as it helps to reduce the risk of expensive damages. 

Research removal services carefully.

It is important to plan your house move early, so that you have sufficient time to research the removal company that you want to use. Make sure that you check out reviews for the companies you are looking at. It is also a good idea to ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Remember that the cheapest quotes are not always the best option. You need to make sure that the removal experts you hire will take care of your property and that they are fully insured. 

Moving to a new house can be expensive, so you need to do all that you can to reduce costs as much as possible. Making use of the information in this article can help with this, by minimizing the cost of the removal process itself. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

5 Things To Consider In Choosing Your Interior Designer!

This post is provided by Lora Young.

A home is not a home when it does not feel like one. The overall feel of your house must not only scream your individuality but must also be welcoming enough for all the people would be visiting it.

As homeowners, we have the tendency to get a little too enthusiastic about certain parts of our homes and sometimes too negligent about the other parts. This creates an imbalance in our homes which may become a problem or an eyesore in the long run. 

To achieve equilibrium in all parts of our homes (and our lives as well), we can always have measures to resolve the imbalances. For our homes, interior designers can help us achieve that balance. But in looking for one, we need to consider certain things. Read on to know more about these essential considerations we first ought to make.

1. Style

First of all, you need to evaluate yourself. “What is my style? Am I more of a minimalist or am I more attracted to extravagance?” After ascertaining the answer to those questions, you have done most of the considering part. In choosing an interior designer, it is important to be sure that not only is your designer’s style a superb one but also if it is compatible with yours. 

There is nothing like going home to a place where everything is where you want it to be. In other words, you must be comfortable with how your house looks and with how things are arranged. By ensuring that you and your designer are on the same page, you will feel more secure that the end result will be what your dream home will look like.

2. Previous Work

It is best to ask for your potential interior designer’s portfolio. Do they complement your taste? If the answer is yes, then it is a big checkmark on the list. You may consider visiting model homes that they have designed or ask for pictures of previously designed homes or offices. Not only that, you must also consider previous client reviews. If you can get a hand on them, through the interior designer’s site, a mutual friend who has tried their services or in any other manner, it would be helpful to evaluate how good the interior designer is.

3.  Cost

Make sure that your budget matches your expectations and the standards of your interior designer. Be upfront about how much you are willing to spend. Many times, misunderstandings occur between clients and designers because of money matters. To avoid this, be honest about your financial status. Designers can only work around the budget that their clients are willing to give them. 

For example, you would like to renovate your kitchen. Do tell your designer what you already have in the kitchen and what appliances you are ready to buy for their proposed renovations. This way, you may be assured of a smooth deal with them. If you are looking for an interior designer who specializes in kitchen renovations, kitchen remodel Chevy Chase MD is the best designer to start with. 

4. Availability

More likely than not, you will not be the only client that the interior designer will be working for. If you want your design or renovation to be finished as soon as possible, some interior designers offer expeditious services but there may be additional costs to pay for the faster service. But if you are neither inclined to wait for a longer time nor willing to spend more, you may opt to hire an interior designer who is not as in-demand but is just as good.

5. Membership In The American Society Of Interior Design

The American Society of Interior Design says that “through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, [they] strive to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives.” If the city or state you live in happens to have a chapter of ASID, you can check their recommended list of interior designer members.