Friday, June 23, 2017

A charming, modern and eclectic boutique hotel in Stockholm!

Built in 1910 by architect Fredrik Dahlberg, Ett Hem has been converted into a 12-bedroom boutique hotel. With the help from designer Ilse Crawford, this Stockholm hotel is transformed. Charming with an eclectic flair fit for modern living, this beautiful hotel shouldn't be missed. Let's check it out, shall we?

Photo credit: Chase Daniel

Isn't this boutique hotel absolutely gorgeous? A mix of old, original decorative details and cool, modern furnishings creates a fresh and effortlessly chic feel in each room, making it feels more like a home than a hotel, don't you think? I am especially drawn to the beautiful covered glass patio and the inviting courtyard, what about you? Is there anything that catches your eye in this stunning hotel tour? I would love to know!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

Designed by Italian design firm Studio Peregalli, this gorgeous kitchen exudes rustic chic design at its finest. The beautiful custom French oak wood paneling and cabinets, reminiscence of the 18th century and antique oak flooring conjure a sense of warmth and coziness. The lovely robin's egg blue inside the cabinets provides a wonderful contrast to the oak cabinets, accentuating the stunning details of wood paneling at the same time which I love. The eye-catching 18th-century Portuguese tile backsplash provides visual interest while the fireplace adds a sense of formality and elegance in the space. The charming dining area is definitely the cherry on top of this fabulous kitchen, don't you think? A French country kitchen with the charm and elegance of a bygone Parisian home, what's not to love? Needless to say, I am truly inspired by this timeless beauty, what about you? Any thoughts?

Photo credit: Pascal Chevallier

How to add some life to your windows!

This article is provided by Cyril.

Imagine what a house without windows would be like? Well, it would be nothing more than a dark box without any light or air. Windows are important because they provide ventilation to your home. They also add a spark in the beauty of the home nowadays as there are different types of designs available for them. A well-designed window adds some glamour and beauty to your house but you could up the ante a bit more by choosing the right curtain for your windows.

Curtains add glamour to the windows

A curtain can be of many types; generally it is a piece of cloth that is used to cover doors and windows to block the view or obscure light. Curtains often come in various colors and with different types of designs like vintage floral curtains, solid color curtains etc and they really are an essential part of the home decor. They not only add beauty but also provide comfort by blocking extra light and sunrays. Colorful and stylish curtains have always been held in high regard. They were meant to flaunt the taste of the home owner. Curtains always added extra beauty and glamour to a home and over the years, that role has not changed.

Old is the new trend

Trends keep changing regularly and trends of today become obsolete tomorrow. But with wide range of designs in the category of vintage floral curtains, you would definitely agree that old can sometimes make a comeback and become a classic. It takes the beauty of your house to a new level. In addition to the curtains, in order to decorate your house completely you would also need proper furniture, a trendy wall-clock and other knick knacks, but not to worry, thanks to the internet, you can have all your decor items delivered to your doorstep in no time. Most of these websites even have very attractive return and refund policies, so even if a piece of furniture looks out of place, you can always have it replaced.

Some tips for better decoration

The most important thing about decoration is synchronicity, even if you are opting for contrast, there needs to be a method to it so choose a few pieces of decor as your focal point and decorate around it. If everything in a room is eye-catching, then the room will be chaotic. A simple design tip is getting a few attractive pieces and making sure the rest is subtle and neutral.

Highendcurtain is a good choice if you are interested in more vintage floral curtains or other unique curtains.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

An effortlessly charming and eclectic Ontario townhouse!

This beautiful 1,500-square-foot two-bedroom townhouse in Waterloo, Ontario belongs to student/teacher/blogger Jordana Garbati. With a student budget, she would buy furniture at thrift stores and garage sales. Sometimes, the pieces she acquired were less than perfect so she had to do a little DIY-ing, some repainting and repairs. With a flair for design and a penchant for white, her home is transformed into a bright and charming abode. Let's check out her wonderful space, shall we?

Photo credit: Donna Griffith

Such a gorgeous place, don't you think? With an interesting mix of eclectic furniture from different eras, her abode feels collected and visually delightful. A great and easy way to create a harmonious feel and cohesive look with eclectic furnishings is to paint the walls white, like what she did with her home. An inspiring, effortlessly chic home on a small budget, what's not to love? Your thoughts, my lovelies?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Image credit: Katie Pertiet

Image credit: AKriStone

A dad is not only someone who provides for his family, he is also a pillar of strength, creating a foundation in the family.

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful dads who have made huge sacrifices for their families! Wishing all dads a marvelous day filled with lots of love and happiness!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Inside a fresh and inviting Nantucket home!

This gorgeous, 7,400 square-foot Nantucket home is designed by Lynn Morgan for a couple with three grown children and a host of grandkids. Her clients expressed the desire for a no-fuss, easy-breezy haven. The designer's solution? She decided to keep the design simple by reaching for a beachy palette of bright whites, sandy tans and different hues of blue for a sense of cohesiveness. The results? A comfortable, casual and welcoming abode! Let's check out this beautiful family retreat, shall we? 

Photo credit: Michael Partenio

I can't take my eyes of this stunning home! Each room exudes an effortless, casual simplicity that looks fresh and chic at the same time. The bright and beautiful living room with the playful artwork is especially my favorite. Is there any room or element from this inspiring home tour that you are particularly drawn to?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

I am swooning over this gorgeous Parisian-style kitchen! The first thing that catches my eye is the handsome black cabinets. They are absolutely striking and creates an instant drama, don't you think? I like how the cabinets are stacked from floor to ceiling to accentuate the kitchen's height and emulate a Parisian bakery. The glass-fronted cabinets is a great touch, creating a more open, airier feel. The mirrored wall framed within the cabinets also helps to create an illusion of more space in the room. By incorporating a small crystal chandelier in front of the mirrored wall, it adds a speck of unexpected sparkle and glamour to the hardworking space. Elegant details such as the brass-railed shelf for glasses and brass rods for hanging pots, pans and dishcloths lend an air of chic, French bistro which I truly adore. The ornate brass shelf brackets are another favorite of mine. They instantly provide a charming, old-world elegance which I find quite irresistible. The two sinks in the island is a wonderful, practical addition, which means more than one person can work hard in the kitchen simultaneously prepping meals or cleaning. With that said, I am a big fan of this beautiful and thoughtfully designed Parisian kitchen, what about you? Do you find this kitchen as inspiring as I do? Your thoughts?

Photo credit: Style At Home

Six Ways To Beautify Your Yard!

This post is provided by Alyssa.

If you are longing for a beautiful backyard, but do not have the means to hire a professional landscaper to do the work, that is ok. Upgrading your patio or deck, adding landscaping in the yard are actually quite simple if you are willing to put in a little sweat and some time. Take a look at these six tips to beautify and improve your backyard. 

Hang a hammock

There is nothing more relaxing than a gently swinging hammock in the backyard- plus sleeping in a hammock is good for your health. Sleeping in a hammock provides a healthier nights sleep and is used in the treatment of acid reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis, autism and for stress reduction. If you do not have trees to hang the hammock, a pergola or other two-post stand will work perfectly. Get ready to enjoy your new favorite place to relax!

Add a deck

Decks will not only boost outdoor living space, they also act as an asset when you sell your home at a fraction of the cost of adding a fully enclosed living area. Make your yard more beautiful and transform it into the perfect place to host barbecues with a well-built deck. Whether you plan to do it yourself or search for deck contractors in Rochester NY or wherever you live, it is vital to choose the best decking material for your lifestyle, budget and climate. 

Plant a flowerbed

A wonderful alternative to grass is planting beautiful flowerbeds in your yard. Bright, lush flowers can act as gorgeous centerpieces that add charm to any yard instantly. Consider low maintenance perennials so you do not have to plant new flowers every year. Some good options include daylily, coral-bells and black-eyed Susan.

Add seating areas

Furniture can be an investment for the backyard, but the right seating can transform your yard from ho-hum to fabulous. From porch swings to build-in seating solutions to benches to chaise lounges, having a variety of seating options will make your back yard beautiful and cozy- and provide plenty of places for guests to sit next time you invite everyone over for hamburgers. 

Protect your plants

Mulch not only reduces weeds around plants and shrub, it also can polish your home’s exterior. Make a blah backyard look bolder by using mulch as an accent. Not only does mulch make your lawn healthier, the right color of mulch also complements your homes exterior. Dark colored mulch can contrast with flowers and enhance the theme of your landscape. Do not forget to mulch around your trees too.

Put up some lattice

Lattice provides privacy and it will create a hidden sanctuary in your backyard. Some crisscross lattice is an attractive way to hide any unsightly areas of your yard. Use it to hide air conditioners, trash bins or anything else you want out of plain sight.

It does not have to be tough or time-consuming to beautify your yard. Use these simple ideas and tips to help you love and enjoy your yard more, bump up its value and become the perfect yard for hosting friends and family. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cool designer alert- Philip Gorrivan!

Introducing Manhattan-based designer, Philip Gorrivan. Known worldwide for its stylish interiors that marry elegant historical references with sophisticated modernism, his work is uniquely fresh and authentic. Let's check out his amazing portfolio, shall we?

The designer: Philip Gorrivan

Such a talented and versatile designer! I like how he effortlessly mixes bold and unexpected pieces with neutrals to make each room shines but still warm and livable. With a sophisticated sense of style and a knack for visually interesting elements, his work truly stands out, don't you think? I am a fan of his beautiful work, what about you? Are you drawn to his bold design style or otherwise?

For more information about the designer or his work, please visit: