Thursday, November 30, 2017

12 Exterior Home Projects That Increase Home Safety And Look Great!

This post is provided by Jesse Hughes.

There are many home renovation projects that can easily keep home owners busy for every single weekend of the entire year. When you think about everything you could do or everything you should do, it quickly becomes overwhelming. But, when you combine home safety and aesthetics, the possibilities dwindle. We have compiled a list of the twelve most interesting exterior projects that will increase your home safety and look great.

1. Fence: Installing a new fence on the periphery of your property enhances the look, gives it style and provides privacy; especially if your house is located in an urban area.

2. Front gate: Your estate might be big enough to justify installing a gate at the end of the laneway. Elegant and safe, you can make this item a decorative theme for your curb appeal. This feature also allows you to restrict access to your property to only your guests.

3. Driveway: If your driveway is older, chances are it is cracked or uneven. Both conditions may lead to trips and falls that would be avoided with a new driveway finish. 

4. Lighting: Aside from providing a beautiful look to your sidewalk or soffits, lighting the way to your front door ensures that your guests see where they walk, especially if there have to climb steps to reach your front door.

5. Dog house: even if you do not own a dog, building a dog house on your lawn provides a beautiful ornament that also serves as a deterrent to future thieves. They will think twice before breaking into your house if they believe a large dog lives on the premises. Designing the dog house in the style of your home makes the final product fit in and be a charming addition to the lawn.

6. Front door: A new front door offers a cachet to the façade. It also saves energy in heating and cooling. Did you know that different color front doors mean different things? A red door indicates that the house is paid for. A brown door tells visitors that the owners are welcoming people. 

7. Windows: new windows are magnificent and prevent heat loss during winter. 

8. Gutters: new gutters are charming and help divert water from the roof to the ground safely.

9. Stairs and railings: whether it is at the front steps or on the back deck, ensuring that stairs and railings are up to code and secured properly will ensure your house inhabitants’ safety.

10. New paint: deck and stairs need new paint from time to time. Do not wait until you get splinters before you give a fresh coat of paint to your patio. 

11. BBQ: If you have not changed your BBQ in a decade, you might want to do so. Aside from looking stunning, the new BBQ will also be safer to operate. 

12. Building envelope: when making changes to the façade of your house, whether you are adding an accessibility ramp or solar panels, consult the expert who will help you make the most out of your investment.

Hopefully we found enough activities to keep you busy for a few weeks.     

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