Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cool designer alert- Miriam Alía Mateo!

Be inspired by one of Spain's top designer Miriam Alía Mateo's gorgeous work below!

The designer: Miriam Alía Mateo

Photo credit: Miriam Alía

Don't you love her stunning portfolio? She definitely has a flair for creating fresh and youthful spaces by combining unconventional elements with quirky pieces and uncommon color palettes. Her designs are truly chic and delivers a "wow factor". Creative, fun and imaginative, how can you not adore her beautiful work? Your thoughts?

For more information on her work, please visit: http://miriamalia.com/.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Inside a bright and charming lakeside cottage in Ontario!

This charming 1970s lakeside cottage in Ontario is designed by designer Amy Kent for her mom. The log home has great bones such as field-stone fireplace and cedar floor. However, to make the 1,100-square-foot cottage more functional for her mom, a 900-square-foot is added along with new windows installation and lots of white paint. Let's take a look!

Photo credit: Donna Griffith 

How beautiful is this renovated log cottage? Thanks to a combination of vintage, antique and contemporary elements, this home feels charming and collected with a fresh, modern twist. Organic shapes and natural textures provide warmth and visual interest to this all-white home. Bright, beautiful and inviting, what's not to love about this cozy, cottage-chic abode? Your thoughts?

Friday, July 13, 2018

A bright and cheery shabby chic condo in Hot Springs!

This lovely Hot Springs lakeside retreat is designed by Susan Walsh of Little Rock's Bear Hill Interiors for her budget-friendly, shabby-chic loving clients. To achieve her clients' vision, the designer injects some bohemian, preppy and a little bit of shabby chic style into their condo. Let's take a look!

Photo credit: Rett Peek

How pretty is this condo? Thanks to a bright palette, a collection of Southern folk art and lots of wicker and natural elements, this home feels fresh, cheery and inviting. I like how the designer carries the blues and pinks from the living room to the rest of the house to achieve a cohesive look. The cozy breakfast area is particularly my favorite, what about you? Any thoughts?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Favorite room of the week!

This bathroom designed by Robin Burnett Design is beyond gorgeous! Unsurprisingly, this bathroom earned her a 2018 Bath of the Year award. By incorporating marble, limestone, shiplap, subway tiles and brass elements, it feels fresh, elegant, luxurious and inviting. Hints of blue, green and aubergine add visual interest in the space. The beautiful transom-topped French doors are particularly my favorite! Not only did they make the space feels airier, they provide architectural interest in the room. Are you drawn to this stunning bathroom as well? What are your thoughts?

Photo credit: Lacey Sombar

Floating Shelves: They Look Great And Double As An Additional Storage Space!

This post is provided by Matt.

If you have never seen floating shelves, you need to. They look amazing and they can transform your blank wall into a place where you can store extra items in your home. The best thing about these floating shelves is that they can be placed in any room in your home. You can choose from floating shelves that are one foot in size all the way up to whatever size you need, which makes them such a convenient option. 

Let’s take a look now at how floating shelves can improve your interior décor and double as additional storage space. 

Create A Unique Wall In Your Home

If you have been staring at that empty wall in your home and you have additional décor that could use a home, floating shelves are the perfect addition. In fact, you can choose from a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the space you have available. You can decorate that wall however you like without all of the hardware showing too. 

Solution For Your Books

If you love to read books, but have a hard time keeping that stack from tipping over, consider using the floating shelves to store your books and display them neatly. Once you are done with one book, simply put it back on the shelf and grab a new one. 

Floating shelves can double as a bookshelf in any room in your home, but would look great in the bedroom or even the sunroom. 

Create Space In The Bathroom 

You can create additional space in the bathroom and limit the amount of counterspace that you use up. For instance, you can place hand towels and bath towels on the shelves and your guests will be able to grab them as needed. You could also use the shelves to store other items such as bathroom décor pieces or your makeup or hair accessories. 

Use The Shelves In Between Spaces

You can use the floating shelves in between spaces within your home to add to a blank space. For example, if you have space in between two windows, you can add some floating shelves in between them to prevent the area from appearing to be boring. You can decorate the shelves however you would like to. Many people do like to place picture frames and memories from family events on these shelves as they can be displayed neatly. 

Floating Shelves Are A Great Addition To Any Home

Floating shelves look amazing in any home and they make a wonderful addition to the space you have available on your walls. You can use them for a variety of applications to include in the laundry room to store your laundry soap and dryer sheets or even in the garage. 

If you find that you simply have more decorations or books than you can fit on your shelves, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. This is a great option when you want to remove some clutter in your house. The floating shelves make great accents and can make a boring wall pop but if you overload them with dated décor or stacking things on them, they will look messy and cluttered. Make your home look great today with the proper use of floating shelves!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cool designer alert- Mindy Gayer!

Introducing talented California-based designer Mindy Gayer. Gifted in creating spaces that feel fresh with a sophisticated balance of aesthetics, creativity, functionality and livability, her work always delight and inspire. Without further ado, let's check out her gorgeous work, shall we?

Photo credit: Mindy Gayer

I absolutely adore her effortlessly chic style! Warm, restrained and sophisticated, her designs evoke an air of ease, comfort and tranquility, don't you think? She is definitely a master of mixing neutrals, textures and natural elements. Are you drawn to her decorating approach as well? What are your thoughts?

To learn more about her work, please visit: http://mindygayer.com/.