Thursday, December 26, 2013

Guest post- Be Love-struck with Your Bedding: 9 Hints and Tips!

This article is provided by Kathy at Yorkshire Linen Co.
Fall in love with your bedroom by updating and upgrading your bed linen. Indulge yourself by choosing your favorite colors and color combinations, your favorite fabrics and buying the best quality bedding that you can afford. Good quality fabric will last many years, which makes it an economical choice when taken over time.

1. Color Me Happy

When choosing a colour scheme, do not be afraid to try something new and different. People tend to stick with soft pink or blue, maybe a little yellow, but otherwise it is white or cream with touches of beige all the way! Red, black and white makes a striking combination and soft pink with light, bright green is surprisingly attractive. Blue and chocolate merge to create a lively, yet demure décor theme for those who do not want an over-the-top bedroom colour scheme.

2. Bed Linens: Texture is the Key

How your fabric feels is as important to your décor as the color scheme you adopt. Fabrics must feel good to the touch, and embossing and embellishment on that fabric adds a rich luster to your bedding. For beautiful and good quality bed linens I always go for
Yorkshire Linen Co.Whether you opt for embroidery, applique or heavily textured woven fabrics, make sure that you love the way the fabric feels against your bare skin – you will, after all, be sleeping in it!

3. The Light and Airy Touch

Open up your bedroom by choosing small, fine stripes and delicate tiny prints on fabrics. These delicate touches will make your bedroom look luxurious and fragile, cocooning you in soft, warm comfort. This style is perfect for women of all ages, from the cradle to the grave. For full-fledged bedroom makeover my favorite is Opus Services.

4. Vibrant and Exuberant Color

If you want to create a bold and masculine look in your bedroom without compromising on attractiveness choose bedding that features bold stripes and bright color block patterns. This will create a charming and attractive room, without any frilly femininity. It is perfect for a confident, yet understated décor style that is not over done in any way.

5. White is Right?

For a dramatic and fresh look make your bedroom over in white. From the curtains to the furniture to, of course, the bedding, select bright white to create a dazzling and clean décor style. Light-weight fabrics will give the room an ethereal charm, while small touches of bright colors, preferably in primary shades, will soften the impact of all that relentless whiteness, while still leaving a fantastically surreal atmosphere.

6. Big and Bold Florals

Floral patterns are so very extensive and varied that the subject needs to be divided into two. For a flamboyant and cheerful décor scheme opt for big, tacky floral patterns; poppies as big as pillows, extravagant blossoms swarming over the fabric creating a cheerful and loud visual cacophony against which to plan the rest of the room’s décor. This big and bold style needs nerve and panache to pull off, but can look wonderfully polished when done properly.

7. Tiny, Sweet and Pretty Florals

If you do not have the nerve, or room size to risk investing in big and bold flower prints why not opt for smaller, pretty flowers that do not immediately grab all the attention in the room? There is something about flowers that speaks to our souls and have a ‘bed of flowers’ to rest on makes our bed seem just that little bit more comfortable.

8. Lace

A touch of lace really boosts the charm and appeal of a bedroom. Deck your bed with lace-covered pillows, invest in lace trimmed bedding or even go upmarket with a full lace bedspread.

9. Shabby Chic: More Chic than Shabby!

Shabby chic is a décor style that used old, or artificially aged, furniture and fabrics to create a comfortable, old-school style of décor that creates a charming and welcoming ambiance. Remaking your bedroom in shabby chic will give you a comfortable room that invites relaxation and warmth, while oozing charm and beauty in one gently aged package.

Choose from one of the above hints and tips or combine as many as you think will work well together, refining and reworking your bedroom décor and bedding until you fall in love with your bedroom all over again!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest post- Why Minimizing Your Decor Can Maximize Your Space!

“Less Is More”

Modernist architect Mies Van der Rohe is credited with the saying “less is more.” While Mies was referring to exterior ornamentation for buildings, the philosophy can also apply to interior spaces. Especially if your home or flat has small rooms, less truly IS more.

In some cases, “less” refers to the scale of your furniture. For instance, instead of purchasing a mammoth sofa that can overpower a small room, why not substitute a cozy two-seater and a matched set of armchairs. Visit for matching and mixing ideas before commiting to anything.  You will still have plenty of seating space while preserving a sense of openness.

Getting rid of excess clutter is also essential. While you may find it difficult to part with some of the books, clothing and furnishings you are used to having around, once you do you will be amazed by how much lighter and roomier your living space becomes. As a bonus, you may even make a bit of money if you sell off some of your possessions.

When you are working to make the most of small spaces, walls become your ally. Install wall shelving for books, electronics and clothing to preserve precious floor space. The less you have on the floor, the larger your rooms often appear.

Purchase Furniture With Clean Lines

Modernist style furniture has clean lines that lend themselves well to small spaces. A sleek leather couch, glass and chrome coffee table and simple armchairs form an inviting conversation area that does not make the room look crowded. If your taste runs more toward traditional furnishings, choose smaller-scale pieces with more subtle patterns. For example, a floral love seat matched with armchairs that pick up one of the colors of the love seat can be charming and inviting in a small room, whereas a full-sized floral sofa might make the room seem cramped.

Eliminate Needless Clutter

While there is no need to become compulsive about having everything in its place, it is true that tidy rooms seem more spacious than messy rooms. Likewise, it is easier to keep track of your keys, important documents or even your child’s favorite toy when your essential items are not buried underneath piles of clutter.

Go through your possessions and decide what you simply cannot live without. Sell, give away or discard the rest. You may very well be amazed at how much roomier your spaces will seem. You will also save precious time that you previously wasted retrieving “lost” items. You might also wonder why you waited so long to de-clutter your life.

Maximize Wall Spaces

Placing meaningful artwork on your walls can add a sense of beauty to your home. However, when you are working with small spaces, your walls must perform double duty. Create the look of built in bookcases by hanging rows of shelves on your walls. Install a cork board in your kitchen for hooks to hang your cookware and cooking utensils. Provide additional space for toiletries in your bathroom by installing shelving above your sink if you do not already have a medicine cabinet. In your bedroom, wall space can provide eye-level storage for belts, ties and other accessories.

Amy Grimshaw has a passion for minimalistic design. She freuqently shares her love of this decorating look on interior design websites.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guest post- How to wow your guests with unconventional bathroom design!

The bathroom is arguably the room upon which almost every homeowner is judged by guests. Although most of our bathroom judgement worries centre on cleanliness, hygiene is not the only thing upon which a bathroom will be judged. The design and look of a bathroom is equally important as well.

Fortunately, unless you have a truly horrific bathroom with a 70s-style lime-green tub and matching decor, most bathrooms will pass the style test. There is a strong emphasis on pass there, however – a bathroom would not truly astound your guests unless it offers something different to the norm.

How do you go about offering something different to the norm? Here are some ideas...

Subvert layout conventions

The most famous and most successful of bathroom layout subversions is the ‘bathtub in the centre of the room’ layout; this eschews the tradition of placing a tub next to a wall and places it (‘it’ usually being a round tub) slap bang in the centre of the room. The effects can be stunning, although you will need ample space to pull it off.

You do not need to be so bold when subverting your own layout conventions, however. You might choose to install two sinks, instead of one. The sink could be placed next to the end of the bath instead of its more standard location adjacent to the toilet.

The only rules when it come to designing a layout is that the layout does not hamper your use of the bathroom, and that it does not require too much plumbing or electrical work to facilitate.

Play around with shapes

It is not something a lot of people realise, but shape plays a big part in our expectations of a bathroom. Generally, people expect a rectangular tub, a round shower head and a round sink. Any rugs should be rectangular too.

This provides the budding bathroom subversion specialist with ample opportunity to wow their guests in a simple yet effective way. Instead of opting for a rectangular tub, why not try a round, Jacuzzi style tub? Square sinks (especially vessel sinks) can have an equally attention-grabbing effect, too.

Even something as simple as picking an oddly-shaped rug (you could potentially have one cut into a custom shape) can have a big effect on a guest’s overall perception of your bathroom.

Unusual materials

The average bathroom is a haven of tiling, plastic and ceramics. An unusual bathroom should use much more, drawing on inspiration from a range of design trends to draw the eye and dazzle.

Wood is one such material; commonly used in Scandinavian-style design to create a ‘log cabin’ kind of effect. However, the trend has not quite caught on elsewhere. Wood can be expensive, but adding some water-proof paneling to your tub or even just adding wood-effect wall paper is relatively cheap and produces a great effect.

Stone is another lesser-used material, usually reserved for relaxing, Buddhist-inspired spas. Stone tops look amazing and produce a chilled out vibe; they may be expensive, but if it is within your budget, it is well worth it.

Changing colors

The bathroom color palette is limited to say the least: whites, creams, pastel shades and...well, little else, really. This adherence to a limited color set limits the potential of most bathrooms and taking a more open approach, one based on your personal style and color preferences, can lead to some gorgeous results. So, if you feel like painting your bathroom a deep red – do it! It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it will grab plenty of attention.

Those are just some of the ways you can create your own unusual bathroom. 

Chris Smith is a writer currently working with Illuminated Mirrors, a leading supplier of mirrored bathroom cabinets

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Guest post- 10 reasons why you should choose porcelain tiles for your bathroom makeover!

This article is provided by Jeremiah Erasga.

Adding tiles to your home will beautify your space with exceptional elegance. For more positive outcome, you can refer to the usage and installation of porcelain tiles over ceramic tiles, quartz tiles or any other. Typical disadvantage, at first look, may be the cost. However, porcelain tiles are a great investment because the value can potentially increase through time. In this article, we will discuss 10 more reasons why you should choose porcelain tiles for your bathroom makeover.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Porcelain Tiles for Your Bathroom Makeover

1. Hard

Over ceramic tiles and quartz tiles, porcelain tiles prove to be hardest. All are made from clay, but porcelain tiles are made with clay that is more purified and refined. The materials are fired at a higher temperature and with greater pressure, resulting in an extremely dense and hard material.

2. Long-wearing

Porcelain materials have made their mark on the industry and this is just why so many designers and tile experts recommend porcelain tiles to be used in kitchens and bathrooms walls and floors. If you want long-wearing stuff, porcelain tiles can be your best bet. Whether you’re living in a hot or cold weather climates (even up to freezing temperature zones), these tiles would remain durable and long-wearing because they have a low moisture absorption rate. They are less likely to form cracks. In addition, porcelain tiles are much denser than standard ceramic tiles. They are guaranteed to stay as durable for a lifetime when installed the right way.

3. Resistant to Stains

The bathroom floor is often prone to having stained marks because of frequent use and infrequent cleaning. Especially when you do not have time and a routine to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, porcelain tiles may just save you. The material is non-porous so these tiles would not harbor bacteria. Also, the tile's dense nature makes it more resistant to staining.

4. Resistant to Slips

Wet surfaces are often slippery. If you have a child or an elderly person in your home, it is better to provide safety in your bathroom by installing porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles have a very high coefficient of friction, making it slip-resistant.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

In the market, there are many sizes available from small mosaics to large slabs, surface finishes, colors, patterns and textures of porcelain tiles. The design can be as simple as a solid color or very stylized and complicated depending on your preference. The borders can be highlighted and these tiles on the border of the room can become major accents to visually make the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Resistant to Frost

Porcelain tiles are not only frost-proof but they are as well frost-resistant. Porcelain materials have the ability of withstanding many cycles of freezing and thawing without disintegrating amidst wet conditions. Amount of frost damage would be minimal.

7. Resistant to Wears and Scratches

When it comes to wear and scratch resistance, porcelain tile flooring outshines every other type of tiles including slate, granite, quartz tiles and even marble. With porcelain tile, you do not have to worry about fading and the effects of applying harsh cleaning agents that lead to breaks and cracks because of heavy loads and longtime use.

8. Great Flexibility

If your style is sophisticated or classic, porcelain tiles offer lasting design solutions as they are flexible. If you have an irregular bathroom floor area, you can still use porcelain tiles because these tiles can be rectified. You can cut a tile to a precise size so all tiles are identical. This allows the handyman or your contractor to set extremely tight grout joints.

9. Easy Cleaning

Porcelain tiles are a practical choice for flooring, walls and countertops in your bathroom because they are easily maintained. These tiles do not require heavy polishing, waxing, or sealing at all. You just need a damp rug or mop to clean the surface.

10. Resistant to Fire

Porcelain tiles offer not just looks but also function as they serve to resist from fire. Indeed, porcelain does not burn or emit toxic fumes. When a lighted cigarette is dropped on the floor, it is a guarantee that porcelain tiles will not be scorched, melted and damaged as compared to other types of tiles.


Porcelain tiles for your living space, especially the bathroom, are quite a good decision to go with because these are made with durable materials that have low maintenance requirements and resist from stains, fire, wears, frost and scratches. Moreover, they endure heavy loads of foot traffic so they are perfect to stand the rigors of everyday life beautifully both in residential and commercial spaces for life.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book review- The English Country House!

Thanks again to Meghan and The Vendome Press for sending me another beautiful book, "The English Country House". Authored by James Peill, photographed by James Fennell and a foreword by Jullian Fellowes (the creator of Downton Abbey), this book is fabulously breathtaking!

Inside the pages of this stunning book, you will find these ..........

Photo credits: James Fennell

In a nutshell, this 224-pages brilliantly photographed book showcases 10 stately English country homes. Focusing on exquisite interiors, remarkable architecture, amazing gardens, histories and legacies of the families who occupied these estates, this visually delightful volume is truly a gem and shouldn't be missed! Engaging and gorgeous, this book is a must have for those who has an appreciation for old houses, architecture, history or design!

Don't forget to pick up your copy here.

*I received this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Product review- U.S. Polo Assn.Clothing!

Hope you had fun shopping the Black Friday sales and a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, I knew I did. Let's just say I overate a little and overspent a little. :)

Anyway, I am excited to share with you my new U.S Polo Assn. outerwear today.

For today's review, I have picked these outerwear!

I love this varsity-inspired hoodie! Its design is youthful, sporty and stylish at the same time. I particularly love the super soft lining in the hood and body, it keeps me warm and comfortable during the fall season. The contrasting stripes, large stitched logo and the number '3' applique are lovely details. Well-made, high quality and wonderfully designed, what's not to love about this hoodie jacket? Highly recommended!

I really love this hoodie jacket because it is even brighter and prettier in person! I am especially drawn to the beautiful faux fur trim and the ultra-soft lining on the hoodie and body. The gold crest applique and stitched logo detail provide a delightful contrast and visual interest to the overall design. As a bonus, the two front pockets keep my hands warm during the chilly weather, another great design feature! It's comfortable and well-constructed. The classic preppy design is a plus because it will never lose its appeal. This hoodie jacket is definitely a wonderful addition to my fall or spring wardrobe!

I just love this hooded puffer jacket! The contrasting pink on the hoodie and logo stitching offers a delightful pop of color to the neutral gray. My most favorite feature is definitely the soft fleece lining in the hood and pockets, they keep me extra warm during cold, wintry days. Sleek, comfy, well-made and thoughtfully designed, I know I will enjoy wearing this comfy, quilted puffer jacket for many years to come.

Which outerwear is your favorite? Personally, I love them all!

Don't forget to stop by U.S. Polo Assn. when you get a chance because they are having a fabulous sale on their entire website at the moment!