Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


Like the previous years, I will be attending my 8-year-old's Halloween Parade at his school later in the afternoon today. I will be bringing a camera to snap some fun pictures of my son in his fire fighter costume. 

During the evening, we will go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Before we leave the house, I will be leaving some treats on our front porch for our neighborhood tricksters. What about you? Any Halloween plans today?

Sponsor- Thank you!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Favorite room of the week!

This room is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking! I really love the neutral palette with the pop of fabulous emerald green accents. The fact my all time favorites- the beautiful English rolled arm sofa, the stunning hand-blown crystal chandelier and those elaborate crown mouldings is included in the same wonderful room is an added bonus. Classic with a modern twist, this room oozes a sense of timeless chic. An absolutely inspiring room for sure! Are you head over heels for this space as much as I do? Which element is your favorite? 

The benefits of wood flooring!

These days there is a huge choice of flooring to choose from, whether you want carpet, laminate, vinyl or wood the options are almost endless! Selecting the right floor for your room can be a difficult task as it will have a knock on effect on the rest of the decoration.

There is however, one floor type that has been ever popular throughout the ages due to the numerous benefits that it offers. That floor type is wood, of course. We have decided to take a look in a bit more detail about this popular option and examine why it is so sort after.

Widely Available

Wood has a rich history and a strong association with historical buildings; it was one of the first floor types available and has been popular from the very early days when adding a floor to your house seemed like a luxury. This is partly due to the fact that it has always been easily available and the technology involved with the manufacturing of other flooring options has only evolved in the early to mid-part of the 20th Century.

Unrivaled Longevity

One of the main benefits of wood flooring is that it can last for a very long time without needing to be replaced and they can actually look better the older they are. Unlike carpets which can easily be stained, wood can be kept clean and looking brand new with minimum maintenance, a quick sweep of the floor is certainly much easier than lugging a heavy hoover across it- America’s National Wood Flooring Association recommends never damp mopping or vacuuming.  In the event that the wood does become scratched over the years you can easily remove the scratch by simply sanding it down, which is much cheaper than having an entire floor refitted.

A Worthy Investment

Wood flooring has often been over looked by many as it has traditionally been seen as an expensive option. This is no longer the case though as many suppliers such as Posh Flooring have an incredible range of styles to choose from all at affordable prices.

It could also be a great investment in your house with property experts like Phil Spencer suggesting that a wooden floor could add value when it comes to selling. Wooden floors appeal to many prospective buyers as it is seen as a timeless addition in any area of the house.

Amazing Durability

The durability of wood floor comes from its thickness and this also provides a great underfoot feel that can help keep it a little bit warmer. In fact, renowned design magazine House and Home tout wood flooring as being one of the warmest and most durable flooring types.

For those who live in particularly chilly areas you can also adapt and modernize it by adding under floor heating, something that is not available with other flooring options.

Incredibly Hygienic

Finally you have the added benefit that wood floor is a hygienic alternative to carpet, something that should be taken advantage of, especially by pet owners. The Asthma Foundation of America recommends hardwood flooring as an ideal choice for sufferers. Dog and cat hairs will often be dropped and walked into the fiber of the carpet, and muddy footprints from both pets and people can be a nightmare to clean out. Simply wiping a wooden floor with a damp cloth will remove all the parasites, fleas and dust leaving you a clean and hygienic floor.

With so many advantages of wooden floors the next time you are thinking of redecorating any room in your house you might want to consider it as an option.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Product review- Magnum boots!

As many of you already know, we are currently residing in Illinois, and that means we will be expecting a heavy snowfall during winter. My husband did 90% of the snow shoveling and he has been complaining about getting his sneakers wet while snow shoveling for some time. I guess what he needs is a pair of tough work boots to do the job!

So when I was contacted by Magnum for an opportunity to receive a free pair of their fabulous work boots, I immediately agree.

Did you know that Magnum designs boots for the police force, security personnel, paramedics, the military and special operations in mind? Since Magnum boots are specifically designed for tough jobs to protect one's feet during the job, I am sure it will work equally well for my husband when he's shoveling the snow during the cold, wet winter months!

Here are some of my favorite Magnum boots!

Aren't they good looking? I would definitely picked one of the above for my husband if it were up to me. However, I let him picked something he likes since he will be the one who wears it. This is the pair of boots he selected!

The boots arrived in this box.

The pair of boots my hubby picked!

Side view.

The construction and details.

The slip-resistant rubber sole.

My husband is a little camera shy but he agreed to model the boots if I promise not to take pictures of his face. :) Here he is, trying to rock his new boots for the camera!

According to my husband, these boots feel comfortable and lightweight. With its composite toe for safety, a waterproof and breathable feature, a slip and oil resistant rubber outsole for grips, these boots seem like the perfect footwear for our crazy Illinois weather. I particularly like the slip-resistant and waterproof feature for winter days. 

In general, they are well-constructed, built for safety and designed for durability, what's not to like? My hubby is looking forward to wear them during the upcoming winter, snow shoveling or not! He highly recommends these boots! 

(Check out other rave reviews here.)

So consider gifting these boots to your boyfriend, husband, son(s) or a male friend if they are working in the military or law enforcement sector. Happy shopping!

Disclosure: I have received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 8!

Welcome back, my lovelies!

If this is your first time here and would like to catch up on previous installments, please click on the links below.

Part 1

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I have been waiting for my bedding forever and now all my bed essentials are finally here! Here is a sneak peek!

What do you think of my new bedding? I am absolutely thrilled with the bedding I picked because the blue band on my bedding and on my roman shades are almost an identical color, a total score! I was concerned at first and afraid one might came in a dark navy and the other one in a bright blue but fortunately, I took a chance and it paid off! :)

Last weekend, my husband helped me installed the coat hooks under my artwork. This time I am satisfied with the location of the hooks, no more changes!

I am happy with how everything turned out! At the moment, this room is about 95% completed! Currently, I am just waiting for two back ordered quatrefoil mirrors which will be delivered in December. 

Thanks to those who have been following my week-to-week progress and to all my new readers for checking out my room makeover. Stay tuned for the big reveal in December!

If you need help decorating your home, please click here for further information regarding my design services.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Home tour- A beautiful Spanish-style home in Palo Alto!

A design team at San Francisco-based firm BAMO transformed this 1920s Spanish-style Palo Alto home from dark to bright and beautiful. Let's take a look at the results!

Such a stunning and inviting home! Exuding warmth, elegance and style, this home would still look relevant in next 20 years, don't you think? That to me, is mark of good design. I am swooning over that gorgeous kitchen and the masculine office with the zebra rug, what about you? Is there anything you are particularly drawn to? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Home tour- A bright, bold and beautiful Los Angeles home!

Be inspired by furniture designer/ designer Kim Salmela's bright, bold and beautiful Los Angeles home below!

Such a gorgeous home! I really love her fun and fearless approach in mixing and matching. She definitely has a great eye for pulling together different styles in a delightful, effortless way! Can you imagine she dyed the white linen curtains an ombré yellow to "give the room a glow"? Such a wonderful idea! 

I am a firm believe for creating contrasts in a room so each piece will shine. And she said it best! 

"Masculine next to feminine. Inexpensive next to expensive. Contrast creates the best design and highlights the beauty of each piece. If everything is all one style, you look around the room and nothing stands out."- Kim Salmela

I absolutely agree! Judging from her fabulous home, I think she uses contrast (in color, texture and style) effectively to create a visually interesting home. Love this inspirational tour, what about you? Thoughts?