Thursday, October 2, 2014

Guest post- How to install a chandelier in your dining room!

Even though it sounds complicated, hanging a chandelier is not as difficult as it seems. Depending on the model and style of the fixture, it may take anywhere from an hour to couple of hours to complete the task. 

Below are some suggestions before you make your purchase to make the chandelier size and style is the right one for your room. 

What size chandelier will I need for my dining room?

1. The size of a chandelier for a dining room can be varied depending on a few factors. The one and foremost important one is the ceiling height. Making sure that you have enough clearance from the dining table is essential. A chandelier should be about 34 inch to 38 inch off the table to allow adequate space.

2. The size of the chandelier can be estimated by adding the length and width of the dining room area. For example if your room measures 10 feet wide by 12 feet long then basically adding these two number will give the approximate diameter of a chandelier. So for this example it would be 10+12= 22 inch diameter will be the ideal size for a chandelier or lighting fixture.

3. To create a visually appealing look for the chandelier, one must make sure that the ceiling box is centered in the ceiling so that the chandelier can hang right in the middle of the table and the room. Some of the older home owners may want to use a swag kit to center the chandelier but this is not recommended if the chandelier weighs more than 15 lbs.

4. Some of the necessary tools to complete installation are;

a.wire strippers
b. wire nuts
c. electrical tape
d. screwdriver
e. needle nose plier
f. ladder
g. blanket or table cover
h. ceiling canopy (usually supplied with your fixture)
i. adjustable chain (usually supplied with your fixture) 
j. light bulbs

5. Move the table out of the way for your ladder. Position your ladder below where the ceiling box is, at a safe reachable distance.

a. Turn off the power from your breaker.
b. Install the ceiling canopy as described in your manufacturer’s manual.
c. Install your chain at a desired height and adjust length by taking out a few links or adding.
d. Hang your fixture on the chain. Adjust the height of the fixture to the desired height.
e. Re-measure the clearance to make sure the chandelier is at the correct distance from the table.
f. Run the wires through the chain all the way to the ceiling canopy. Make sure the wires go through inside the canopy loop. Drop the canopy few inches, this should allow space to make the electrical connections within the junction box. Do not forget to ground your fixture.
g. Insert the light bulbs and turn on the switch to test it out. Make sure all bulbs are lit.

This should complete installing a chandelier in a dining room. Installations can be different depending on the models. Please always refer to the manufacturer’s manuals for your specific model. For modern and chic dining room chandelier designs visit Lighting Paradise.

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