Thursday, October 9, 2014

Guest post- Mosaic tile designs!

Mosaic tile designs nowadays come in a lot of varieties that will surely enhance your decor whether you use them in your kitchen, bathroom, or other sections of your home. is an online store that carries a wide range of mosaics, tiles, and other stone products. Although the website is relatively new, the team behind it has decades of experience in the tile industry. There are mosaics with a variety of materials, each suitable for certain areas in our homes. The material used in the mosaic tile affects its ease of maintenance, its feel, and its impact on the general decor.

Let us go over some popular materials that are frequently used in home decoration:

Travertine mosaics provide a natural feel to the application area, whether it is your kitchen backsplash or an accent wall. Some models come mixed with glass mosaic tiles and create a truly beautiful design. Buyers should keep in mind that split brick travertine mosaics and tumbled finished travertines are relatively more difficult to clean than smooth finished, polished mosaics. Because of cleaning challenges, split face travertine mosaics are a better fit for accent walls rather than kitchen backsplashes. 

There are also mosaics that come in a pattern layout with travertines of varying sizes. This is definitely an option to consider if you like to have an irregular grout pattern to break the monotony. has one of the widest variety of travertine mosaics, so make sure to take a look before you make your purchase.

Marble mosaics are ideal for the kitchen backsplash area because of the ease of cleaning, thanks to the polished finish in most of them. Furthermore, marble mosaic tile pieces do not vary in thickness. Although this means a flatter layout and the lack of depth, it compensates with the ease of maintenance. 

Marble mosaic sheets perhaps have the widest palette of color variation, including white, shades of beige, gray, brown, and even black. No matter what colors you use for your interiors, you can find a marble color that will fit your decoration. Some popular mosaic sheet types in this category are staggered, mini plank, square, and hexagon marbles.

Another popular natural stone, onyx mosaic sheets usually come in shades of yellow, beige and brown. Although most models come with 1" square mosaics, there are models with rhomboid mosaics that offer a more unique layout. We certainly recommend considering rhomboid shaped mosaics, and Tile Dart carries them in their collection.

Porcelain mosaics are some of the most suitable types of materials to use in bathrooms, especially around the bathing area and the backsplash. Porcelain sheets have an endless selection of mosaic tile patterns, including basket weave, Moroccan, penny, hexagon, as well as more conventional ones like rectangular, square, and subway patterns.

Glass mosaic tile is also a very suitable choice for the backsplash areas in bathrooms and kitchens because of the ease of cleaning them. Furthermore, glass mosaics come in all colors, and is ideal for homeowners that want to add flair to their kitchens and bathrooms. Glass mosaics are generally priced lower than their natural stone counterparts, making them a better choice for renovations with a strict budget.

If you are looking for a wider range of options from a trusted mosaic tile company, Tile Dart is where you should take a look at. Their dedicated sales professionals will lead you to the right product for the right price.

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