Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest post- Silk For The Ultimate Nights Sleep!

This post is provided by Emily James.

As many as one in three of us will have some issues sleeping in our lifetime. Creating a relaxing sleeping environment is the most effective way to avoid such problems.

Adding some stylish silk touches to your bedroom can be a great way to improve both the appearance and comfort. Silk is not only the ultimate in luxury; it is naturally hypoallergenic, helps regulate body temperature and is renowned for its health giving benefits for the skin and hair.

Below we take a look at the various ways you can make subtle changes to your bedroom to help you get a luxury nights sleep.

Silk Bedding

Changing your bedding is one of the most obvious additions to your bedroom you could make.

Silk Bedding, pillows, pillowcases, duvets and mattress toppers will offer you year round comfort with a touch of class.  Due to it’s heat conducting properties, silk adjusts to the individuals body temperate. Resistance to dust mites and being hypoallergenic also adds to the practicalities.

Silk Nightwear

Often when sleeping, individuals can become restless due to the clothing they are wearing. This could be due to becoming too hot wearing fleece type pyjamas, or equally becoming too cold as a result of thin material.

Silk pyjamas are the perfect happy medium for body temperature as well as being the extreme in luxury. Wearing high grade A mulberry silk will not only ensure your nightwear is soft and breathable but the high protein content will ensure it is kind on your skin. As with the duvets, the silk will adapt to your body temperature ensuring you are comfortable through the night.

These subtle changes to your bedroom could have a profound effect on your sleeping behavior and ensure the perfects nights sleep, every night.

For more information on getting a luxury nights sleep, visit Gingerlily Luxury Bedding.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guest post- How to make the most of winter in your home’s interior!

This article is provided by Danny Thomson.

Although Christmas already seems like a distant memory, we are very much still in the middle of winter. And whether it is Christmas or not, it is likely that over the coming weeks and months, the weather will definitely be frightful, so why not make the inside of your home the delightful, warm and cozy haven that you can escape the winter chills from?

When winter is sinking in its icy claws into the landscape, it can be nice to reflect the change of the seasons within your house; it is all about finding the right decorations and soft furnishings. Whether this time of year makes you think of a roaring fireplace or building a snowman, there is sure to make the most of your home’s interior during this beautiful season.

Creating actual and visual heat

When the temperature drops, it is wonderful to cuddle up on the sofa. Of course, it is much nicer to do so when it is toasty enough that you do not need to wear three pairs of socks. Perhaps the most rustic way of feeling the heat is to use a fireplace or wood burner. 

Warm colors

One of the best ways to feel warm and cozy without using a tonne of energy by having your radiators at full blast is to use color schemes that give off a warm feel just by looking at them. Deep reds, oranges or greens can work a treat here. And you do not necessarily need to get the paintbrush out – some well-chosen accessories means you can change around your décor to suit the season without spending a fortune. Accessories like rugs, lamps and cushions help to achieve this with the minimum of fuss.

Use of pictures

Even if it is not necessarily freezing cold outside, you can use pictures around the home to show off some beautiful winter scenes. Whether that means canvas prints of snowy scenes or big pillar candles lined up on the heath, you really have the chance to use your imagination. When you see images like this, you would not be able to resist spending as much time indoors as possible throughout the winter to ensure you stay warm and cozy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Guest post- Essentials for turning your garden into buffet party!

We may be in the firm grips of winter, but there is no reason to push those thoughts of hot summer weekends out of your head. Furnishing and decorating the garden for a BBQ requires a lot more thought and consideration than simply buying a few grill packs. Here are three essentials you will need to consider to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.


If you are brave enough to host your buffet party during a clear winter’s day, or take the festivities late into the night during the summer, you will need to find a way to prevent your guest’s teeth from chattering.

There is a variety of outdoor heating methods available from Whites Stores. Cast iron chimneys serve as both a source of warmth and an attractive focal point to your garden. They fit in with the natural surroundings and do not look as out of place and artificial as patio heaters. Just make sure you have an adequate supply for wood and kindling to take you through the late hours.


Once you have an idea of the number of people in attendance, make sure you have ample seating and table space to accommodate everyone. If your guests need to stand, make sure you have room to display the full buffet outside, so that guests do not have to keep popping indoors for more.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you could always splash out on a hot tub. You can hire them from companies like and it will be delivered the next day. Perfect for adults and children alike, there is no better way to relax than in the garden.


An excellent way to inject some fun into the buffet is by picking a theme. A Mexican garden party, for example, gives you the opportunity to adorn your garden with eye-catching decorations like national flags, piñatas and sombreros. It may be a tad cliché for some, but if the food and music matches the theme, the guests will enjoy and appreciate the effort you have gone to. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Makeover Miracle- From Simple Boys' Room To Fabulous Bedroom With Built-In Bunk Beds!

First of all, let me make a confession. I have been following this very talented blogger forever! She is none other than Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady (formerly known as 3 Men And A Lady). I have been her fan since her 3 Men And A Lady's days! She absolutely has a knack for decorating. So don't forget to take a tour of her beautiful home here and her previous home here when you get a chance! Recently, she shared her boy's bedroom reveal on her blog and I was absolutely wowed! 

I am sure many of you have seen amazing built-in bunk beds on Pinterest, but how many of us actually built them from scratch? Well, this girl did (with some help) and it turned out super-duper fabulous! Check this out!

Aren't those bunk beds awesome? No details were overlooked. A ladder and curtain rods made with plumbing pipes for that effortless industrial look? Check! Double-sided curtains for a fun, custom touch? Check! A special nook for a clock, books and fun trinkets? Check! Anchor pillows and beautiful wall boards for a nautical feel? Check! Silver wall sconces for late night reading? Check! A colorful world map to tie the whole design together? Check! 

I just love a project that is well thought-out, carefully planned and beautifully executed. This is definitely one of those projects! Don't forget to check out additional pictures of this fab bedroom, the befores and progress here. I am obsessed about this room, what about you? Thoughts?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Guest post- How To Create A Rustic Dining Room!

There are few things in life that are better than sitting down with friends and family and sharing food. If you can do this in beautiful surroundings: so much the better. Rustic dining rooms are fabulous at any time, but when the days are a little bit shorter and the temperature a little bit cooler, a rustic dining room just seems to come into its own. Let us have a closer look at some of the features that you might consider for your rustic dining room.

1. Materials

With any type of rustic design the emphasis is always on natural materials. That is not to say that you can not combine traditional and contemporary looks. If, however, you are planning to give your dining room that authentic rustic quality then you should be looking to natural materials.

The materials you use set the feel and tone of the room. Rough wood, solid beams and rough stone give a feeling of security; a welcoming hearth and wicker furniture are a reminder of slower, gentler times, and colourful table linin and natural finished furniture add a touch of homeliness and coziness.

2. Rustic Dining Table

The dining table is going to be a central feature of any dining room and a rustic one is no different. With rustic décor the accent is always on the furniture being constructed, as far as it is practicable to do this, from natural materials. So you can expect to see lots of wood and stone.

Natural materials are very comforting and can blend well with modern designs. Rustic tables are not difficult to acquire and are not too expensive. If you are very creative you can have a go at making one yourself. Oak and pine are popular woods from which rustic tables are constructed.

Just it couple of tips if you are thinking of making your own table. You will find lots of designs on the internet; Pinterest is a good place to look. When looking for timber, the grain is something to pay particular attention to, unless your intention is to paint or distress the wood.

3. Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is about as natural as it gets. Sticks, logs and twigs are used in its construction. You will find rustic furniture manufactured by artisans throughout the country. They will take their inspiration from a wide range of influences: some historical; some more recent.

Look out for the two different types of construction. The first is known as bentwood. This uses sticks that are bent into shape. The sticks will have previously been steamed to make them pliable. You will often see rocking chairs constructed this way. The second is known as twig work where peeled twigs are bent to form decorative features. This type of construction was very popular in the Great Camps of The Adirondack Mountains.

4.  Fire Place

A fire place will become the focal point of your room. The fireplace you put in your rustic dining room can easily incorporate the same natural elements that have been used in other parts of the room’s design. If it is possible to have a real fire burning on a cold winter’s day, the warmth, the glow and the rustic charm of the fireplace with fill you with joy and optimism that all is well with the world. If you do not have a chimney, there are a wide range of artificial fires that are available.

5. Hearth

It is of no surprise that we link hearth and home together. There is something comforting and secure about a beautiful stone hearth. A good tip here is to use stones of different sizes. This will give your hearth the appearance of being constructed by hand, just as it would have been all those years ago.

Nothing completes the look of your fireplace and adds an extra bit of rustic charm and coziness to your dining room than a natural wood or natural stone mantel. If you go for wood try and get a mantel that has been hand carved, which will, again, add to the homeliness of its appearance: just like the odd sized stones in the hearth. To complete the look try and get a matching hand carved wooden surround.

In a busy world it is good to have a place to come home to that makes you feel that life is just right. A rustic dining room will do this. The five suggestions above should give you enough to get you started in creating a little bit of rustic charm in your home.

Author: David Johnson has written extensively on interior design. He began his working life as an apprentice carpenter. David recommends Lights and Furniture for all your home decoration needs.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest post- A brief guide to using mirrors around your home!

However small or large your property is, hanging the odd mirror around your home can work wonders on the eye. As well as making your room appear larger than it is, mirrors make the most of your lighting installations and can add an air of elegance to any living space.

Here is a quick guide to integrating mirrors within your home, how to install them and tips for looking after them in the years to come.

As a feature piece

A popular choice in the living room and bedroom, feature mirrors are perfect for adding space and light to your room. Placing your mirror close to a window will allow the natural sunlight to reflect around the room, making your space seem larger than its dimensions.

Complementary to both the modern and minimal, and classic and traditional home, a stylized mirror can add interest and intrigue to any interior design theme.

If you are looking for something a little different, why not feature mirrors in your kitchen renovation? Gloss kitchens, such as the ones in the Wren Living range, offer light-reflecting qualities without the ‘full mirrored’ effect.

As part of your wall coverings

If you would rather integrate mirrors to your home’s décor in a subtler fashion, you can always feature them in soft furnishings or on your wall. There is no need to chisel off your bathroom or kitchen tiles, as many can be applied over the top of your original tiling.

Mirror curtains make great room dividers throughout the year, and can also be used as stunning backdrops if you want to jazz-up your wall without disturbing your wallpaper or paintwork.


Feature – For installing your large mirror, brackets, wire or hooks will do the job perfectly. Most mirror hanging kits define the size/weight they can support, so make sure your choice of fixing can support your mirror.

Tiles –Looking to add more shimmer to your room’s aesthetic? Mapei’s Starlike Adhesive and Grout, in stock at Walls and Floors, is super-sticky and gives in-between your tiles a glittery effect too.

Cleaning them

The most popular, cheapest and easiest way to give your mirror a gleaming shine is by using simple washing up liquid. The trick is to wipe using a little and often, as the worst thing you want is a streaky mirror with dried-on drip marks.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Guest post- Five reasons you need a rug this winter!

This article is provided by Amy Shawley.

Discover the magic of a rug this winter. Whether you have carpets, floorboards or vinyl flooring, everyone can benefit from a little extra underfoot comfort. Here are our top five reasons for adding a rug to your home:

1) Warm your toes

We can not all afford the luxury of under-floor heating and a wooden or vinyl floor can really get chilly in the winter. Give your feet a break and place a rug next to your bed, by the sofa or in the hallway. This extra comfort will mean you are still warm when wandering about with bare feet, even in the coldest months.

If you have carpets, you can still layer a rug on top, providing even more luxury.

2) Change the atmosphere of the room

Modern homes can be a little hollow and sounds can bounce around inside. Rugs can act as a soundproofing device by swallowing up the noise. Where footsteps echoed around and voices traveled through the house before, rugs will mute them. Shaggy rugs are the best type to use for this purpose due to their depth, plus they are sure to add luxury too!

3) Seasonal style

Bright colors are warming and welcoming; a bright rug can draw you into a room and create a focal point. Use reds and oranges for a really festive feel. When it is grey outside, your home will feel just as homely as ever.

4) Extra stability

Rugs can actually create extra grip on a slippery floor. By using adhesive rug pads underneath, you can secure them in place and make a smooth hallway or living room a safer place. This is especially useful when kids are running about.

Tactically place a rug under a table and chairs to prevent the table sliding around and to mask the sound of chairs scraping in and out.

5) Pack it up, move it on

A rug does not need to be a permanent fixture. You can move them to different spots in the room, or even different rooms, change them for a different color with the seasons or just roll them up and put them away in summer.

If your room is in need of a slight update, a rug is the perfect addition.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Guest post- How To Decorate Your Garden For A Party!

There are some things in life that are just right. Parties in your garden are one of those things in life that are just right. Of course, one or two things need to be in place in order for the party to work. The weather has to be good: you have no control over this. The guests have to be right: you mostly have control over this. The garden decorations have to be spot on: you have complete control over this.

Of course there is a great deal of choice as far as garden party decorations go. Much of what you do is down to your preference. A bit of inspiration never goes amiss, though, does it? So here are my five top garden party decoration ideas.

1.  Make Your Garden an Extension of Your Home   with Your Garden Furniture

Garden furniture says something about you. You can, of course, invest in new garden furniture for a particularly important party (and it is an investment). However, you do not have to splash out. An alternative is to demonstrate your creative side and renovate the furniture you already have. By renovating your furniture yourself you are putting a bit more of you into your garden. Another good thing about renovating is that you are extending the life of much loved furniture without changing it drastically.

2. Hire a Marquee

There are several reasons why you might want to hire a marquee. You can not guarantee the weather will be kind to you so a marquee allows you to remain outside (well sort of) whatever the weather.

What you might want to do, however, is use your marquee for staging something just a bit special and different. Why not use your marquee as your own movie theater for the night. An alternative is to hire some live acts to come and perform for you. Your guests will just love it.

A third alternative is to get your guests involved. You could, for example, invite them to a talent contest where they are the talent. Those who are not too keen on performing can just be part of the audience.

3. A Centerpiece with a Difference

If you are dining at table you will want a centerpiece for your table. Traditionally centerpieces are made from flowers. However, why not be different? Try using a flowerpot and fill it with fresh fruits. If you use citrus fruits like lemons and oranges the bright colors will stand out beautifully. Why not have several centerpieces?

4. Create a Unique Place to Eat and Rest

Here is a great idea to add another bit of you to your garden. Choose a spot where you can place your dining table under a canopy. Make the canopy out of fabrics that you choose. It could be a sunshade made out of curtains. Your guests will find it relaxing and different.

5. Get Yourself A Summerhouse

A summerhouse is one of the most versatile additions you can get for your garden. It is great for summer dining when the sun goes down and it is just a little cooler. Alternatively, you can use it to shade you from the heat of the day.

A summer house is not just a summerhouse. It is also a place for the kids to play; for you to use as a home office or study or a bit of a man pad or beauty salon.

It is true that there are some things over which you do not have control; however, how you decorate your garden is not one of those things. You are restricted only by your own imagination.

Author: David Johnson is an author and IT consultant. He enjoys walking and lives in the country with his wife. David would like you to visit this following site for inspirational garden design ideas: visit the site.