Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guest post- How to make the most of winter in your home’s interior!

This article is provided by Danny Thomson.

Although Christmas already seems like a distant memory, we are very much still in the middle of winter. And whether it is Christmas or not, it is likely that over the coming weeks and months, the weather will definitely be frightful, so why not make the inside of your home the delightful, warm and cozy haven that you can escape the winter chills from?

When winter is sinking in its icy claws into the landscape, it can be nice to reflect the change of the seasons within your house; it is all about finding the right decorations and soft furnishings. Whether this time of year makes you think of a roaring fireplace or building a snowman, there is sure to make the most of your home’s interior during this beautiful season.

Creating actual and visual heat

When the temperature drops, it is wonderful to cuddle up on the sofa. Of course, it is much nicer to do so when it is toasty enough that you do not need to wear three pairs of socks. Perhaps the most rustic way of feeling the heat is to use a fireplace or wood burner. 

Warm colors

One of the best ways to feel warm and cozy without using a tonne of energy by having your radiators at full blast is to use color schemes that give off a warm feel just by looking at them. Deep reds, oranges or greens can work a treat here. And you do not necessarily need to get the paintbrush out – some well-chosen accessories means you can change around your décor to suit the season without spending a fortune. Accessories like rugs, lamps and cushions help to achieve this with the minimum of fuss.

Use of pictures

Even if it is not necessarily freezing cold outside, you can use pictures around the home to show off some beautiful winter scenes. Whether that means canvas prints of snowy scenes or big pillar candles lined up on the heath, you really have the chance to use your imagination. When you see images like this, you would not be able to resist spending as much time indoors as possible throughout the winter to ensure you stay warm and cozy

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