Friday, October 24, 2014

Home tour- A bright, bold and beautiful Los Angeles home!

Be inspired by furniture designer/ designer Kim Salmela's bright, bold and beautiful Los Angeles home below!

Such a gorgeous home! I really love her fun and fearless approach in mixing and matching. She definitely has a great eye for pulling together different styles in a delightful, effortless way! Can you imagine she dyed the white linen curtains an ombré yellow to "give the room a glow"? Such a wonderful idea! 

I am a firm believe for creating contrasts in a room so each piece will shine. And she said it best! 

"Masculine next to feminine. Inexpensive next to expensive. Contrast creates the best design and highlights the beauty of each piece. If everything is all one style, you look around the room and nothing stands out."- Kim Salmela

I absolutely agree! Judging from her fabulous home, I think she uses contrast (in color, texture and style) effectively to create a visually interesting home. Love this inspirational tour, what about you? Thoughts?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favorite room of the week!

This beautiful New York beach house kitchen is designed by the talented Steven Gambrel. Conjuring a sense of lightness and casualness, this kitchen emits style and easy living, perfect for a beach house. I like how the designer takes the subway tiles from floor to ceiling to make a huge visual impact. I also like the stunning gold hardware and the sleek range hood details. The abundance of natural light, tall ceilings and roomy size is a major plus for this enviable kitchen. A dream kitchen and inspirational space for sure! What are your thoughts? Are you in love with this fabulous kitchen as much as I do?

Fall/ Winter 2014- Your Guide to the Key Interior Design Trends!

As the leaves begin to brown and fall from the trees, fall is upon us and the memories of our recent summer holidays are fading fast. However, this time of the year certainly should not be all doom and gloom as there are some fantastic interior design trends set to warm up your home throughout the colder months and give you the lift you will undoubtedly be looking for.

We have teamed up with the experts at KES Lighting to take a closer look at just a few of the trends we believe are set to be hot in the interior design world during autumn/winter 2014.

Combine the old with the new

The coming seasons offer you the perfect opportunity to combine older features with those that are brand new. This contrasting look is set to be incredibly popular as homeowners look to restore a bit of tradition alongside the many modern day essentials that are now commonplace in our homes.

This trend therefore gives you the perfect opportunity to head out to the antique or second hand shops to find a bargain and incorporate your purchase perfectly into your interior design.

Lighting with the ‘wow’ factor

Whilst lighting is of course a vitally important part of your home, the actual lights themselves can become stunning features of your interior. Lighting needs to add warmth to your space, particularly as the nights draw in early and the cold weather takes hold, so designs with an abundance of glass which reflect the light all around the room are set to be popular.

Floor lamps are the easiest and most effective way to achieve the desired ‘wow’ factor, becoming a feature that immediately draws the eye when entering a room alongside creating the warming effect that every home needs during these colder months.

Go for Tartan

Tartan is all set to be bang on trend this coming autumn and winter, with a tartan blanket hanging off the back of a chair or sofa instantly adding a feeling of warmth to the room. Whilst effectively adding character and an element of luxury, it is wise not to add too much in the one space though as things can quickly turn and start to look overcrowded.

Ideal for adding some texture to a room, tartan as well as heavier wool rugs and blankets should contrast in colour to that of your room for the best end results. For instance, if you have calm, neutral colours on the walls, opt for a bolder pattern on your blankets or rug to create the perfect mix in your setting.

Get cozy with knits

After a long day at work on a cold, dark winter’s eve, there is arguably nothing better than snuggling down on your sofa in front of the TV with a warm drink. To add further comfort to this experience, knitted cushions are the order of the day, with these designs set to get increasingly popular during the coming seasons.

Chunky knitted cushions and the strangely named pouffe, which is in essence a larger knitted ball of wool to rest your feet on, will immediately add a feeling of warmth to your space and help you to feel cozy no matter what the weather outside.

Winter are fast approaching, so make sure your home is set for the colder months by incorporating some of these interior designs trends to add warmth, comfort and luxury; a complete contrast to the weather when you look outside! 

This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with KES Lighting; retailers of a wide variety of stylish lighting designs to complement the look and feel of your home all year round.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fabulous finds- Gold modern flatware under $50!

I fell in love with gold flatware a few years ago and still pretty obsessed about it! They are absolutely chic and exude a sense of luxury and elegance, taking a simple table setting up a few notches. Take these for examples!

Photo credit: She-n-He Photography

Photo credit: Brklyn View Photography

Photo credit: Joel Serrato

Photo credit: Sarah Yates Photography

Aren't these table settings gorgeous? If you have done some research online for gold flatware before, you would know that a set of these beauties easily costs $80 and above for one place setting. I need 6 sets and they can get really expensive.

I have looked at Etsy, Ebay and googled periodically for inexpensive gold flatware but there's nothing that I liked and fit my tiny budget. I almost give up my search for stylish gold flatware. Fortunately, the decorating angels must have heard my plea because a few days ago, I have stumbled not one but a few affordable gold flatware, some were on sale.

Here are my favorites (price and style wise!).

This sleek gold flatware set is from One Kings Lane. You can get one place setting (5-piece) for $22, the best value I have seen online so far!

This modern gold flatware set can be purchased from West Elm. You can get one place setting for $39 or 4 place settings for $140.

This set of stunning gold flatware comes from Design Within Reach (quite a surprise to me because their products are usually out of my reach (pun intended)= expensive! It was originally $53 per set but now on sale for just $45.05. You can also get the 20-piece set here (same design) for $181.90. Both options are packaged in an elegant red gift box.

This set of beautiful brushed gold flatware set (5 pieces) was $49.95, now on sale for only $29.96 per set from Sur La Table. Now, orders over $59 ships FREE by simply entering the code SHIPFREE. Such a fabulous deal in my opinion!

Every set is gorgeous in its own way and have a slight difference in color, shape and design. I have placed an order for one of the above (6 place settings total) and looking forward their arrival! 

Frankly, I haven't use either of the above flatware so I can't vouch for their qualities but if you have been yearning for inexpensive gold flatware, it's now time to pull the trigger because great sales like this don't come very often!

Can you guess which set I picked? Which set is your favorite? Do you already own some gold flatware at home? If you do, how does the quality holds up? Have you come across any inexpensive gold flatware recently? I would love for you to share with me your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for the publication of this post in any way.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 7!

Thanks for coming back and check in on my guest bedroom progress.

If this is your first time here and would like to catch up on previous installments, please click on the links below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 6

To recap, I wasn't quite happy with our art placement situation last week so I enlisted the help from hubby to change from this ..........

to this..........

I am loving my"new" artworks in their new location and the scale feels just right. I think the "new" artworks "ground" the wall so much better and since they are black and white, they don't compete with the faux deer head on the opposite niche wall, a concern which I had earlier.

If you think the fashion sketches artworks look a little familiar, my guess is you probably saw them on my home tour before. They were used as stand-ins in my living room for a brief period and were replaced by a white faux deer head. Yep, I definitely have a thing for faux taxidermies. I just love their sculptural beauty.

As for the previous artworks, I have relocated them on either side of the door.

The coat hooks were removed from their previous location and will be installed at the bottom of the artwork on the left.

During the Columbus Day sale, I bought this delightful wastepaper basket on clearance for $40 plus tax (with no shipping fee). Usually, a decorative wastepaper basket likes this cost over $70, still a splurge for me but a good deal nevertheless.

Isn't it pretty?

In other news, my bedding has arrived. Unfortunately, my duvet insert hasn't arrived yet. I was told that it will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, I can show you my bedding once everything is here!

Don't forget to follow along for another update next week!

If you need help decorating your home, please click here for further information regarding my design services.

How to Create the Perfect Fall Garden Living Space!

A well designed fall garden living space will help you make the most of the last vagaries of the warm and sunny weather, and be ready for the cooler and cloudier short days and long nights this season brings.

Fall is well underway, and we have already started to see the leaves turning from summer green to orange, red, purple, brown, and yellow. These vibrant colors lend themselves beautifully to fall containers, extending the season and providing focal interest to what could otherwise be an uninteresting landscape. Matching the colors to a room in the house or garden can liven up both areas beautifully

Outdoor Living Space

A stylish living space can be created in a garden simply by investing in a garden building tailored to suit your lifestyle. Imagine walking into your own bespoke garden room, a gym, a games room, an office, a bedroom, or perhaps a music room, just perfect for work, rest or play.

Just beginning to explore garden buildings? Then you will likely be amazed by their flexibility, and be excited to discover that, in general, there are no complex building regulations that need to be met, and usually obtaining planning permission is not necessary. This makes them even more affordable and a very wise choice.

Functional or Frivolous

Fall is the season when many birds leave the UK for sunnier destinations and traditionally children fly the nest heading for university, or want to spread their wings and move into their own space and show their independence. With property prices rising beyond affordability for many young adults a great solution is a purpose built garden building. A garden building can be easily turned into a more private abode.

Of course, garden buildings can be used for many other things too. Maybe you need some extra space for visiting guests, an extra shower room, or some extra storage space. The possibilities are endless. For more ideas, take a look at the selection of garden buildings by GardenSpaces. You will be surprised by the selection of options available to you.

Garden buildings bring a dormant garden to life and come in many stylish forms to blend seamlessly with existing garden designs, and inspire new ones. Water features, patios, chimineas, sensory areas, swimming pools, play areas, and outdoor seating can all change and enhance the appearance of a garden. And, the right garden building can ensure optimum use of this valuable space all year round.

Garden Gifts - Five a Day

Finally, why not plant some fruits and vegetables in your garden living space? You can grow everything from apples and pears to potatoes and cabbages! Herbs and spices can also be grown in pots and placed either on your windowsills or in small containers outside. Different foods will need to be planted at different times, however most are harvested during fall, and the range of colors that you will see in your garden before harvesting will truly liven the space.

With so many different ways to transform your garden, which one are you going to implement?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Home tour- A bright and delightful Sydney home!

This bright and beautiful three-story apartment belongs to Vicki Lee, a painter and founder of a lifestyle brand. Currently, she shares her home with her photographer boyfriend Ted O'Donnell. With two creative personalities under the same roof, the three-bedroom abode naturally becomes a home for collected artwork and personal belongings. Filled with eclectic pieces and quirky accents, this fabulous dwelling has a collected and relaxed vibe. Let's take a look!

Photo credit: Ted O'Donnell

Isn't this home gorgeous? Exuding a sense of ease, comfort and laid-back feel, I find this casual contemporary home very delightful! The wonderful natural light is definitely an added bonus. I am particularly drawn to the inviting living room and the relaxing outdoor, what about you? I would love to know your thoughts.