Thursday, March 26, 2015

Favorite room of the week!

I can't stop swooning over this stunning room! Can you imagine it's not a room but rather a window display? Designed by Mark D. Sikes for the Legends 2014 showrooms, the overall theme was inspired by the novel, "Orient Express". I thought the Asian pieces and color scheme fit in nicely with the title of the novel! Everything about this room especially the chairs and floor tiles are so gorgeous! There is something very calming and elegant about the timeless blue and white color palette, don't you think? I love how the designer uses various patterns and interesting details in a monochromatic color scheme to add visual interest. Such an unforgettable and delightful space! I can envision using these lovely inspirations for an entryway or a living room. What do you think? Are you inspired by this beautiful room as much as I do?

Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

How To Inject Your Personality Into Your Kitchen!

The last thing you want is to have a kitchen that does not reflect your personal style. Some kitchens can look clinical, bland and unloved. If you inject your personality into your kitchen you will instantly give it more life, and make it feel like home. Try thinking outside the box and doing something a little different, going with your preferences will make your kitchen your own. If you want to make your kitchen unique to you then here are some ways you can do it.


Head out to the shops and search for some great accessories for your kitchen. The accessories you choose are an excellent way of showing off your creativity and personal tastes. Look for accessories such as wall hangings, pottery, cake tins, mugs and candles.


Everyone naturally gravitates to a specific set of colors. When you walk into your kitchen and it is painted a color you love it will make it feel yours. Do not settle for a color that you do not really like just because it is easier to leave it. Colors can have an impact on your mood so choose a color that makes you feel great. Do not be afraid to go for a bold color, kitchens can really stand out with bold colors such as red, bright yellow and green.


What sort of theme do you want to go for? For example some people prefer a nautical theme, others like to go for a vintage look and a lot of people these days like the modern look. Have a think about some styles you like and consider a range of different themes. The type of accessories you buy will need to tie in with your theme so this might influence your choice.

Personal objects

Theo From DesignerKitchens said “Do you have any meaningful objects you could put in your kitchen? Objects that bring back memories or have an important meaning to you? Adding very personal items is another way of making your kitchen really unique and making sure it reflects your personality.”


Everyone has a type of flower that they absolutely love. Flowers can really make kitchens come alive and add a touch of elegance. You can get fresh flowers or buy some green house plants to make your kitchen feel vibrant and green.


You can go for plain block color kitchen walls or a use tiles or wallpaper with bold patterns. What sort of print you choose is another way of injecting your personality into your kitchen. Contrasting colours and textured patterns are very in right now so do not be afraid to try something new.

Gadgets and appliances

Do you prefer high-tech kitchen gadgets or appliances that are a little more classic? Connected products are very popular at the moment such as coffee makers operated by smartphones but this ultra modern look might not be you. You might prefer the look of a retro kitchen with slightly more unique appliances.

There are limitless inspirations out there. If you do some research, you are bound to find some ideas you really love that you can easily replicate for your own kitchen.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Atlanta Symphony Showhouse 2014!

These are some of my favorite rooms designed by Georgia's top interior designers for the Atlanta Symphony Showhouse. Let's take a look at these beautiful and inspiring spaces!

Family room designed by Timothy Corrigan

Grand salon designed by Barbara Westbrook

Solarium designed by Robert Brown

Living room designed by Patricia McLean

Morning room designed by John Oetgen

Powder room designed by James Farmer

Teenage bedroom designed by Tish Mills

Photo credit: Emily Jenkins Followill

I can't stop swooning at each of these gorgeous rooms! Each designer brings something completely different to the table with their incredible talents! I will take any of one of the rooms above in a heartbeat but if I have to choose my most favorite room, then it has to be the grand salon designed by Barbara Westbrook. The beautiful scenic wallcovering completely took my breath away. I like how the designer uses a mixture of old and new to create a layered, timeless yet updated look for the space, making it feel classic and fresh at the same time. What do you think? Which room gets your vote?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Home tour- Designer Celerie Kemble's beachfront Dominican Republic retreat!

This fabulous beachfront Dominican Republic retreat belongs to designer Celerie Kemble that she shares with her husband and three children. With 22-foot high ceilings, a soft color palette, beautiful latticework, fancy fretwork and the occasional odd metal furnishings, this oceanfront home becomes a whimsical paradise. Let's check out this fun and lively home, shall we?

Photo credit: Douglas Friedman

There is just something so delightful and refreshing about this home, don't you think? The old cabana paintings that frame the folding doors in the dining room had me do a double take, it was so quirky and unexpected, which I totally love! Also, did you notice the concrete sheep near the swimming pool? They look so natural and adorable! I think the designer really did a great job pushing the envelope and coming up with something totally different and inspiring for this home! The bright and charming bedroom is my favorite! I absolutely enjoyed this tour, what about you? Thoughts?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Which Size Tote Is Right For Me?

With humble roots as shopping bags and diaper bags, totes are well-known for the amount of space they offer. A tote bag can be your most indispensable accessory, but choosing the right one for your lifestyle is the key to buying a bag you will carry every day instead of just when it looks great with what you are wearing. Totes should be as big as they have to be and no bigger, and so the right tote bag for you depends on a number of factors, including its purpose and your lifestyle. 


A small tote bag is ideal for carrying light essentials, such as a wallet, keys and a smartphone or tablet. Small tote bags are not designed to carry much weight, and so can be made of an array of materials from plastic to chain mail to suit your personal style. Women who tend to travel light may find everything they need in a small tote bag, while those with more to carry will likely need a bigger bag.


The most common type of tote bag, the medium-sized tote is a great choice for everyday carrying. Bringing a relatively compact profile together with increased capacity, a medium tote bag is perfect for carrying the essentials as well as other items such as books, sweaters, sunglasses and bottles of water.

Most medium sized tote bags are made from leather or canvas as well as synthetic materials. Medium tote bags also have reinforced bottoms for occasional carrying of heavier items as well as multiple interior and exterior compartments for easier storage of smaller items.


A large tote bag is ideal for the woman who is constantly on the move, featuring plenty of space for travel essentials and other items. Large totes are the ultimate choice for women planning a full day of adventure, and many large tote bags have dedicated spaces for laptops, tablets and other office supplies, making a large tote a fun and attractive substitute for a briefcase as well.

Larger tote bags typically see heavy-duty use, and so good material choices for large tote bags include canvas and leather, durable materials that can stand up to the abuses of everyday life. Large tote bags should also have a closure of some kind to keep the contents secure.

Beach totes are another type of large bag designed for carrying items such as towels, clothes, sunscreen and more. Beach totes are usually made from materials like straw to resist the elements of the shore, but are not limited to the sand and surf as they make just as big a statement on the street.

Tote bags offer the opportunity to get the most out of accessorizing by unifying form and function. Finding the right one for your specific lifestyle could be one of the wisest investments you ever make.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Home tour- A designer's fabulously chic San Francisco home!

This beautiful San Francisco home belongs to Homepolish designer, Benedetta that she shares with her husband and their dogs. This two-bedroom home feel bright, airy and cozy, thanks to a well-chosen muted color palette and warm colors. Let's check out this lovely abode, shall we?

Photo credit: Aubrie Pick

Such a fabulously chic home, don't you think? I love how she mixes modern and midcentury furnishings with wood pieces to create a warm and stylish updated space! I also like the way she uses greenery and color accents to inject life and visual interest in the rooms. The gorgeous living room and dining area are my favorites! I am also drawn to the delightful hexagon tiles in the bathroom. What do you think about this tour? Do you enjoy checking out this home as much as I do?