Monday, July 28, 2014

Home tour- Jessica Alba's stunning Los Angeles home!

When popular Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba teamed up with Domaine's creative director Mat Sanders and his team of designers to transform her home's interiors, the results is nothing short of stunning. Let's take a tour of her fabulous abode, shall we?

Photo credit: Justin Coit

Colorful, layered with a sense of rustic bohemian vibe, her home exudes warmth, comfort and style. I really love the mix of prints and patterns and shiny metals throughout her home. My most favorite element in this tour is definitely the bold and gorgeous tiled fireplace, what about you? Stylish, airy and cheery, this home is a winner in my books! What are your thoughts, my lovelies?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Making your home an interior design dream!

This article is written by Paul Watson.

Do you ever wander into your home and feel like you have stumbled onto the set of The Wire? Have your interior design choices ever been compared to that of Pete Doherty’s? Do you think of that reddening bit of mold in your bathroom when somebody mentions “warm colors” to you?

It is easy to let your home become a pigsty, but if you want to feel happier and healthier you are going to need to make a few design changes. Let's go from room to room and give you some advice, shall we?


Your bathroom is the easiest to let go to pot. Mold can attach itself to your walls like molluscs to a damp rock, and that is not to mention lime scale and patches of damp.

Start off by adding aqua colors that are easy to wipe clean, then invest in a durable bath mat that would not be a nightmare to wash. For a touch of class and warmth, buy some candles to dot around the place, giving you the perfect opportunity to have a relaxing soak in the tub.

Living room

You will probably spend most of your time in your living room, whether you are plowing through your latest Breaking Bad box set, finishing up a good book or hanging out with some friends. No matter what its size, you ideally want your living room to be as cosy as possible.

Find a focal point in the form of a coffee table and let it be surrounded by comfy seating. And while you might want at least one seat to face the telly, try not to let it dominate your living room – you will only create an anti-social space.


In an ideal world, the bedroom is where you will head to sleep and nothing else. It is where relaxation truly sets in and you can drift off in the peace and quiet of a dreamless night.

For the ideal kip, invest in some blackout curtains to block out the sun, and find a “goldilocks” mattress that will be comfy enough to ease into but sturdy enough to avoid damaging your back.

However, the room should not just be as barren as a bed and some curtains. If you struggle to sleep, buy a sound system that can play relaxing music to lull you into a fulsome snooze. 


When you are creating your culinary masterpieces, it is important to have the right utensils at hand. Have your pans and whatnot near the oven, and be sure that your cooking utensils are sturdy and durable enough to take a battering when you are washing-up.

It is also vital to invest in surfaces that can withstand spills and burns from your cooking exploits. So, invest in linoleum or hardwood floors, granite or marble worktops and you will be set to Gordon Ramsay your nights away. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Home tour- A bold, pattern-packed Morocco bungalow!

An American couple decided to build their dream home in Morocco after falling in love with Marrakech. They enlisted Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes of Popham Design for design help. The results? A vibrant, pattern-packed bungalow. Let's take a tour of this fabulous home, shall we?

Photo credit: Richard Powers

This home is such an eye candy! The gorgeous tiles, bold patterns and striking color scheme are absolutely swoon-worthy. Warm, layered and visually delightful, it is hard not to be inspired by this refreshing home. I like that the whole design look collected and effortless to boot! I love this home tour, how about you? Are you a fan of bold design or otherwise? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guest post- The perfect lighting for entrances, hallways and stairs!

This post is provided by Temenouzhka Zaharieva. 

Have you thought about how important it is to have the best possible lighting at these areas of your home? Here are several reasons:

1. We often have to enter our home at night and good lighting is an obvious necessity for safety reasons.

2. We need good lighting especially if there is no natural light streaming in.

3. It is the first thing that visitors see. If you have beautiful lighting, you will create a great first impression and make your guests feel welcome.

But in addition to these obvious reasons, you have to think how best to plan the lighting for your entrances, hallways and stairs. It is also important to keep in mind that proper choice of lighting can save money on your bills as well. 

First, lights that come on automatically when someone else approaches can save energy and at the same time improve your home security. It will also make you feel safer as you unlock the front door. 

Second, halogen lighting for spotlights and hallway lights is cheap to run. And it is environmentally friendly and durable, too.

Another alternative are LEDs - green, energy efficient, emit more light per watt than incandescent light bulbs, and their efficiency is unaffected by shape and size. They are ultimately long-lasting, can decrease your energy consumption and can be very flexible.

From point of view of type of lighting, it is possible to have wall sconces, spotlights, a centerpiece ceiling lamp or a combination of all of these. Modern ceiling lights are a wonderful way to illuminate hallways without taking up too much space and at the same time add grandeur. For a long passageway a series of modern ceiling lights should be used.

Or you can add wall sconces – their low level lighting is alluring without being distracting. Spotlights can be placed strategically to illuminate shadowy places.

Display lighting is both stylish and practical when you need to spotlight a special piece of artwork, brighten a built-in cabinet, or accent a particular area and it adds to the whole lighting scheme of the space.

Another important thing to consider is how lighting is reflected by the surfaces in your hallway - hardwood or glossy flooring will require softer, warmer lighting that will not produce harsh reflections.

And finally – remember that the style and design of your lighting can determine the overall impact of your home. Sometimes a single great designer lighting can become the centerpiece in a space. If you have a lighting like this in your entrance hall, then you have succeeded in creating a great first impression we are all looking for.

Looking for ceiling lights? You will find more ceiling lighting fixtures on

Monday, July 21, 2014

Home tour- A photographer's stylish and sophisticated home!

Check out how decorator Orlando Soria transformed a sparse new home to a sophisticated living room and inviting backyard for photographer Gray Malin and his partner.

Now you have seen the elegant living room and the spacious backyard, which one is your favorite? In my opinion, those stunning étagères, pair of gorgeous chairs, preppy roman shades and fabulous photographs are absolutely swoon-worthy, which makes me gravitates towards the stylish living room more. Do you prefer one room over the other as well. Thoughts?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Home tour- A beautiful upside-down Nantucket cottage!

This small 1,200-square-feet Nantucket cottage belongs to a family of five. To renovate their small two-bedroom cottage, the homeowners enlisted help from architect Mark Cutone of Nantucket-based BPC Architecture. They decided to transform the house into a new upside-down house with the lower level for bedrooms and the second-floor for living space to take advantage of the breathtaking views. Let's check out this beautiful summer home, shall we?

Photo credit: Michael Partenio

What do you think of this bright and airy upside-down home? I am particularly drawn to the horizontal shiplap walls and the overall relaxed, casual decor. The dining area, kitchen and bedrooms are my favorites. What about you?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guest post- Three resourceful ideas for renovating your home!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the esteemed three R’s that homeowners are attempting to follow. “Home design is all over that trend, and has its own 3R’s— Recycle, Repurpose, Reclaim”, says interior design blogger Jennifer Noonan. Over the past few years, we have become accustomed to recycling our own items and we often see this as throwing the correct materials into the appropriate bins.

Have you thought about being on the receiving end of these recycled goods? Recycling and repurposing your own possessions as well as reclaiming materials is a fab way to remain environmentally friendly and have a big of fun with design.

Recycle Your Furniture

From beautiful bookcase to garden benches, wooden furniture is a timeless household item. However, not only does it become costly to decorate your house using wooden furniture, it is damaging our environment. If you are looking to renovate your home, why not have a look at using reclaimed wood? An eco-friendly method and perfect for the shabby chic trend.

Reclaimed wood is basically wood that has been salvaged from its previous use employment and reused, originating primarily from factories, old barns and industrial sites. Not our usual haunt for design accessories, but definitely places worth checking out to find unique pieces of wood. The charming imperfections found in reclaimed wood offer a unique quality whilst suggesting a historical element; perfect for those of us seeking a vintage style in our homes.

Recycling our furniture is not just about multiple trips to the local tip or the nearest warehouse for reclaimed wood; some treasures can be found in our own homes as well as others. If your furniture is a little run down, perhaps it is time for a lick of paint or a reupholstering rather than a shopping spree.

Reclaimed Stone

Using stone in your home, both interior and exterior, is picturesque and durable. However, it can also be extremely expensive and this can put most home owners off. A great alternative is to use reclaimed stone which is effective, unique and adds charm to your property. When you are buying new stone, you can spend endless amounts of time checking each individual tile for discrepancies. The great thing about reclaimed stone is that you do not worry about uniformity.

Resourcing reclaimed stone for yourself can be a tricky business, especially with regards to buying quality material and how much of it to purchase. It is always best to stick with professionals such as Cawarden who specialize in reclaimed York stone- you can view their range here. You can rest assured that not only will reclaimed stone look an authentic and unique addition to your home, the durability ensures a hardwearing stone that will stand the test of time.

Repurpose Your Glass

Trendy glass mason jars and bottles are spreading like wildfire throughout the high-street. They have a beautiful vintage appeal and they can store anything from fairy lights to baking ingredients. However, as they are flying off the shelves, our recycling bins are filled to the brim with glass bottles and jars from our everyday living.

You might be hesitant to stick an old mayonnaise jar or fizzy drink bottle on your shelves and call it art, but there are plenty of interesting a quirky ideas to repurpose your glass. Mason jars are attractive, suitable for storage and require minimal repurposing. Fill them with flowers or smaller personal items such as your sewing kit and let the beauty speak for itself.

This post was written by Brittany Reid in association with UK-based Cawarden Reclaim, who specialise in the reclamation and re-sale of reclaimed building materials.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Home tour- A beautifully renovated Arkansas home!

This 1939 two-story brick home is decorated by designed Dale Trice for a client who he had collaborated with previously. Charming details were retained and old-fashioned oddities were removed to make it functional for modern life. Now, let's take a look at this beautiful renovated Arkansas home, shall we?

Photo credit: Rett Peek

A really nice transitional home, don't you think? The combination of classic furnishings and contemporary accents makes this home timeless yet updated. Decorating wise, are you leaning towards more on the traditional side or a modern aesthetic? Or somewhere in the middle (transitional style)? I would love to know your thoughts.