Friday, May 6, 2016

A fresh and effortlessly chic Florida home!

This gorgeous brand new Florida home is designed by none other than the talented Summer Thornton. By using a palette of blues and whites throughout the house, each room flows seamlessly from one to another. Let's check out this lovely home, shall we?

Photo credit: Luke White

This home feels fresh and effortlessly chic while exuding a sense of casual elegance. Each room is beautiful and visually exciting in their own ways but the delightful great room and the inviting lanai really caught my eye! I just love how laid-back the great room feels and the feature tiled wall from the lanai is just amazingly gorgeous! Did anything catches your eye as well? Thoughts?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Product review- Stylish Helly Hansen raincoats!

To be honest, I am not sure when I started to have an obsession with rain gears. Perhaps it started when I got my very first umbrella? Or could it be the time when I spotted a pair of chic rain boots in the beginning of the year? I have no idea but I definitely remembered asking hubby to buy me those cute rain boots I saw earlier for my birthday. Hubby said no. I don't blame him since those stylish boots are not inexpensive.

So when I was offered to try some beautiful, stylish rain products from Helly Hansen, how can I say no? I decided to pick two fabulous rain coats from their amazing collection!

These are the two items I selected!



Here I am trying to rock the same fabulous coat!

I am totally smitten with this chic and adorable raincoat right from the get-go! Featuring a retro design with a delightful sailing pattern, this ocean-inspired rain coat looks undeniably stylish, the perfect addition for your cute outfit of the day! 

With lovely details, a hoodie and two pockets with snap buttons to boot, it is definitely a great rain coat option for those who are practical and love a little extra attention to details.

Made of high quality material, I like that it's also waterproof, breathable (with venting in the back), and windproof with fully sealed seams. Such a wonderful little rain coat, what's not to love?



Here I am trying to rock the second rain coat the best that I can!

This contemporary raincoat reminds me of a trench coat, which I love! With its thin, light material, I can easily pack it inside the matching pouch it comes with whenever I am out in the city. The packable coat and pouch would come in handy during one of my travels too! 

Apart from the lovely design and wonderful details, it also comes with a hoodie and two front pockets with snap buttons. The best part is, even with both closed front pockets, you can still put your hands inside the separate side pockets. In other words, you can keep your hands warm inside the side pockets and protect your belongings inside the front pockets at the same time. Such a practical and well thought-out design detail! 

This overcoat is super lightweight, waterproof with breathable technology (with ventilation in the back), gives me more protection than the average rain coat (with its longer length) and super stylish to boot so I can definitely see myself wearing this light, flowing style raincoat on a regular basis especially on rainy spring days!

*I have received these products to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Don't forget to check out more stylish, high quality jackets, apparel and footwear at Sally Hansen for your next land or sea adventure!

Why is composite decking suitable for practically any outdoor space?

This article is provided by  Nina Robinson.

Decking is able to provide any outdoor space with a unique personality and visual appeal. In the past, woods such as oak or cedar were quite popular. While there is no doubt that such materials came in handy, there were also some downsides involved with their outdoor use. Modern technology has now enabled composite substances such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to be worthwhile alternatives. Let us take a look at some of the primary advantages that these composites area able to offer any outdoor area.

Mould and Mildew Issues

By its very nature, wood is a porous material. This is even the case when sealants, stains and lacquers are applied as top coats. This porosity causes the wood to absorb water. In turn, bacteria and mold can grow within the grains. This will often lead to discoloration and dark spots. It is also important to note that these organisms tend to shorten the lifespan of the deck itself. Composite decking is much less porous. It is therefore virtually free from these concerns. This enables these materials to be ideally suited for warm and moist environments. 

Thermal Characteristics

Wood is known to contract and expand as temperatures vary. In fact, this is the very same reason that cedar shakes and shingles tend to show gaps between their edges over time. This presented a problem with decking. Thermal expansion and contraction could cause nails to loosen and boards to become dislodged from their initial positions. Composite materials are much less susceptible to this phenomenon. Even when they do sightly shift, they tend to do so in only one location as opposed to across the course of an entire deck. So, even the hottest or coldest of temperature variations will have little effect upon the surface as a whole.


We should first make it a point to note that no deck is completely free from all maintenance needs. Instead, the types and frequency of maintenance tasks will vary between materials. Due to the aforementioned instances of mold and bacteria, wood needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis; sometimes up to six times per year. Nails may have to be replaced or fascia could require regular treatments with stain-fighting surface coats. In reference to composite materials, very little maintenance is required. An occasional rinse with high-pressure water will normally take care of any issues. This is an ideal benefit for those who may not have the time or ability to clean a deck on a somewhat regular basis.

Cracking and Splintering

Cracks and splinters are always a concern. These can be particularly worrying for those who have small children or pets. Naturally, wood will splinter and warp over time. Composite decks will not splinter, crack or otherwise suffer such minor forms of damage. This can provide an added peace of mind when walking or running on surfaces with bare feet.

Different Finishes

A final benefit associated with composite decking is that it is available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes. This enables it to be suited for nearly any outdoor environment imaginable. From traditional wood grain patterns to non-slip textures intended for use within a marina, the options are as endless as the variants themselves, with some great quality products from companies such as TimberTech

So, it should now be clear to appreciate why composite decking has become an extremely popular choice for many outdoor requirements. As these materials also come with extended warranties, customers will be financially protected for years into the future. There is simply no better option in terms of styles, sizes, colors, finishes and levels of durability.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A designer's rustic and refined Santa Barbara weekend retreat!

This beautiful Santa Barbara weekend retreat belongs to interior designer Madeline Stuart. With a lot of remodeling, lots of white paint and many obstacles from the historical board, this home is finally transformed. Let's check out this lovely one-bedroom 1930s Spanish bungalow, shall we?


Photo credit: Trevor Tondro

Rustic yet refined, this home exudes a sense of warmth and charm. A combination of eclectic furnishings and interesting architecture makes this home truly delightful. I also like how collected and restrained it feels. A gorgeous home inside and out, what's not to like? Your thoughts?

Monday, May 2, 2016

2015 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays Showhouse!

Be inspired by 2015 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays Showhouse, designed by the region's top interior designers!

Dining room by designer John Oetgen.

Gathering space by designer Barbara Westbrook.

Master suite by designer Carole Weaks.

Study by architectural and interior designer Joel Kelly and associate Jonathan Alexander.

Breakfast niche by designer Robert Brown.

Kitchen by designer Beni Borza.

Family room by designer Lindsey Coral Harper.

Studio by designer Barbara Marshall Howard.

Guest suite by designer Tish Mills.

Children's room and powder room designed by Melanie Millner.

Entry foyer by designer Chris Holt.

Bedroom by designer Mallory Mathison.

Upstairs guest suite by designer Karen Ferguson.

Outdoor living room by designer James Wheeler.

Laundry room by designer Kerry Howard.

Side entry hall and ground floor powder room designer by Heather Roberts.

Stair hall by designer Steve McKenzie

Second story hallway by designer Judy Bentley.

Powder room by designer Jessica Bradley.

Master bathroom by designer Carole Weaks.


Photo credit: Erica George Dines

This showhouse is nothing short of amazing, don't you think? I really like how the designers display their incredible styles and talents by beautifully weaving classical design principals with fresh, delightful and visually interesting elements in each space. There are so many wonderful design ideas and inspirations to take away from his gorgeous home, what's not love? Which room is your most favorite and why?