Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 7!

Thanks for coming back and check in on my guest bedroom progress.

If this is your first time here and would like to catch up on previous installments, please click on the links below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 6

To recap, I wasn't quite happy with our art placement situation last week so I enlisted the help from hubby to change from this ..........

to this..........

I am loving my"new" artworks in their new location and the scale feels just right. I think the "new" artworks "ground" the wall so much better and since they are black and white, they don't compete with the faux deer head on the opposite niche wall, a concern which I had earlier.

If you think the fashion sketches artworks look a little familiar, my guess is you probably saw them on my home tour before. They were used as stand-ins in my living room for a brief period and were replaced by a white faux deer head. Yep, I definitely have a thing for faux taxidermies. I just love their sculptural beauty.

As for the previous artworks, I have relocated them on either side of the door.

The coat hooks were removed from their previous location and will be installed at the bottom of the artwork on the left.

During the Columbus Day sale, I bought this delightful wastepaper basket on clearance for $40 plus tax (with no shipping fee). Usually, a decorative wastepaper basket likes this cost over $70, still a splurge for me but a good deal nevertheless.

Isn't it pretty?

In other news, my bedding has arrived. Unfortunately, my duvet insert hasn't arrived yet. I was told that it will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, I can show you my bedding once everything is here!

Don't forget to follow along for another update next week!

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How to Create the Perfect Fall Garden Living Space!

A well designed fall garden living space will help you make the most of the last vagaries of the warm and sunny weather, and be ready for the cooler and cloudier short days and long nights this season brings.

Fall is well underway, and we have already started to see the leaves turning from summer green to orange, red, purple, brown, and yellow. These vibrant colors lend themselves beautifully to fall containers, extending the season and providing focal interest to what could otherwise be an uninteresting landscape. Matching the colors to a room in the house or garden can liven up both areas beautifully

Outdoor Living Space

A stylish living space can be created in a garden simply by investing in a garden building tailored to suit your lifestyle. Imagine walking into your own bespoke garden room, a gym, a games room, an office, a bedroom, or perhaps a music room, just perfect for work, rest or play.

Just beginning to explore garden buildings? Then you will likely be amazed by their flexibility, and be excited to discover that, in general, there are no complex building regulations that need to be met, and usually obtaining planning permission is not necessary. This makes them even more affordable and a very wise choice.

Functional or Frivolous

Fall is the season when many birds leave the UK for sunnier destinations and traditionally children fly the nest heading for university, or want to spread their wings and move into their own space and show their independence. With property prices rising beyond affordability for many young adults a great solution is a purpose built garden building. A garden building can be easily turned into a more private abode.

Of course, garden buildings can be used for many other things too. Maybe you need some extra space for visiting guests, an extra shower room, or some extra storage space. The possibilities are endless. For more ideas, take a look at the selection of garden buildings by GardenSpaces. You will be surprised by the selection of options available to you.

Garden buildings bring a dormant garden to life and come in many stylish forms to blend seamlessly with existing garden designs, and inspire new ones. Water features, patios, chimineas, sensory areas, swimming pools, play areas, and outdoor seating can all change and enhance the appearance of a garden. And, the right garden building can ensure optimum use of this valuable space all year round.

Garden Gifts - Five a Day

Finally, why not plant some fruits and vegetables in your garden living space? You can grow everything from apples and pears to potatoes and cabbages! Herbs and spices can also be grown in pots and placed either on your windowsills or in small containers outside. Different foods will need to be planted at different times, however most are harvested during fall, and the range of colors that you will see in your garden before harvesting will truly liven the space.

With so many different ways to transform your garden, which one are you going to implement?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Home tour- A bright and delightful Sydney home!

This bright and beautiful three-story apartment belongs to Vicki Lee, a painter and founder of a lifestyle brand. Currently, she shares her home with her photographer boyfriend Ted O'Donnell. With two creative personalities under the same roof, the three-bedroom abode naturally becomes a home for collected artwork and personal belongings. Filled with eclectic pieces and quirky accents, this fabulous dwelling has a collected and relaxed vibe. Let's take a look!

Photo credit: Ted O'Donnell

Isn't this home gorgeous? Exuding a sense of ease, comfort and laid-back feel, I find this casual contemporary home very delightful! The wonderful natural light is definitely an added bonus. I am particularly drawn to the inviting living room and the relaxing outdoor, what about you? I would love to know your thoughts.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Emily Henderson's chic and colorful Los Angeles studio!

Check out HGTV design star, Emily Henderson's stylish Los Angeles studio below!

Photo credit: Chris Patey

Emily's studio is absolutely chic and gorgeous! I really like how the studio feels fun, fresh and functional. I am particularly inspired by her effortless styling and vibrant color palette. There is so much excitement and visual interest in one space, I can't help but swoon over her vignettes and all the little details! I am totally digging her style, what about you? Are you a fan of her designs as well? I would love to know!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Favorite room of the week!

This fabulous bathroom is designed by the talented Jordan Carlyle. There is so much to drool about this gorgeous space, particularly the bold and beautiful wallpaper and the fabulous brass hardware. I really like how the designer keeps the accessories minimal and bathroom vanity simple to let the wallpaper and hardware be the star in the room. I absolutely love this stylish and inspiring space, what about you? Thoughts?

Photo credit: Marcos Fecchino

Shaping a Room: The Importance of Color and Lighting!

Maybe you have moved into a brand new house or apartment, or maybe you just want to redesign a room of your home. Either way, when planning your ideal space, there are many different components to take into consideration.Each one says something a little different.

Decide On a Color Scheme

Let us start with the most basic – and most essential component – color scheme. When choosing the hues, you will want to consider the intention of the room. Are you trying to create a tranquil space? Do you want it to be bold and fun?


Promoting happiness and optimism, yellow effectively activates the memory and inspires creativity. It is great for brightening a kitchen or work space. You can tone down a bright yellow with darker hued accents. If bright yellow is not your thing, try a paler, earthier shade. This will also appear to open up the space.


The color of passion, red will create a warming, romantic atmosphere in most any room. Red is also known for stimulating the appetite and conversation, which makes it ideal for a dining room. For bolder shades, it is common to paint the largest wall in the room a deep red hue, and tone it down with neutral colors, such as tans or pale yellows, on other walls.


Known as a harmonious color, blue is ideal for your bedroom. No matter the shade, its calming presence can actually act as a sleep aid. As a bonus, paler shades of blue tend to make your space appear larger.


In all of its hues, green represents balance. It is a healing, soothing color and will add a relaxing aura to any room. If you have youngsters, green also decreases hyperactivity in children. For a captivating space, combine different shades of green within one room and accent walls or décor with other colors, such as pink, grey or magenta.

Bring Your Colors to Life with Lighting

Now that you have selected a color scheme, the next component is lighting. The design will vary, but mixed light sources will create a flattering ambiance.

Living Room

An overhead light is essential in the living room. Whether it is a ceiling fan, pendant or flush mount, you will want to put it on a dimmer to help set the mood. In addition, three of the four corners of the room should have a soft glow focused on an object, such as a plant or art.

Dining Room

Whether used for regular meals or occasional parties, make the dining room table the brightest spot with a hanging chandelier or overhead light (no more than 100 watts). Balance this out with softer, indirect lighting fixtures, like standing lamps.


Create a cozy atmosphere with reading lamps by the bed. Low wattage is ideal for a warm, soft glow. On the other hand, if you choose tracked fixtures, direct the lights toward the dressing area.


Sidelights for the mirror are perfect when applying makeup, and an overhead light will help fill out the room. Also consider a recessed or flush mount light for the shower.

While there are many other elements to take into consideration when designing your ideal room, lighting and color scheme are the two most important foundational aspects. Choose yours and start planning today!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 6!

I can't believe our guest bedroom is still not completed in six long weeks! 

If this is your first time here and would like to catch up on previous installments, please click on the links below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I know, I know. Our guest bedroom has been moving really slowly. There are a few setbacks and some backorders so I tried to work on whatever I can get my hands on at the moment. 

Last week, we were able to hang some artwork and coat hooks. Here they are!

The big picture!

Since the bed will be the focal point and wall niche area will be the featured wall, I really wanted to keep the closet area simpler so they don't compete with each other. 

Theoretically, it seems like the right decision. However, I am not sure if I like the bare walls and simplicity displayed on this wall. I might switch things up, we will see.

 My gorgeous coat hooks!

I like how the coat hooks looked on the wall. However, I do not like the placement at all. Hubby assured me that coat hooks are supposed to be installed higher for practical reasons. I just thought they look odd. 

To be honest, I am not liking our progress this week and had a lot of doubts. Hopefully, I can find a solution that I am happy with. On the bright side, I made an unexpected purchase last week and absolutely love it. Here it is!

I love its whimsical good looks. Such a cute, fun piece!

I have purchased a few new items for the room, hopefully they will arrive soon. Stay tuned for another update next week!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Home tour- A designer's gorgeous Hollywood Hills home!

Be inspired by designer Mark D. Sikes gorgeous, light-filled Hollywood Hills home below!

Photo credit: Roger Davies

Such a beautiful, beautiful home, don't you think? Exuding elegance and a sense of casualness, his designs couldn't be more fabulous and inspiring! The unexpected tented room and the luxurious blue master bedroom are my favorites! Thoughts?