Thursday, December 14, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

Bright, airy and spacious, this polished kitchen is truly the epitome of chic! A palette of gray and white with pops of yellow creates a fresh and timeless feel. A pair of metal shelves not only provides extra storage in the kitchen, it makes the space feel airier and draw your eyes to the wonderful tall ceiling. The beautiful marble farm sink with the lovely veins is absolutely the cherry on the cake. I am drooling over this gorgeous kitchen, what about you, my lovelies? Are you smitten yet?

Photo credit: Max Kim-Bee

Backyard Games The Whole Family Can Play!

This post is provided by Jordan.

Kids and the great outdoors go together like milk and cookies. Or at least they should. However, numerous studies show that today’s youngsters are spending way too much time in front of screens and not enough outside, getting the physical activity their growing bodies need.

Or the adventures that will power their minds and imaginations.

The secret is to make it fun, not work or exercise. Tempt your kids with activities they will want to be a part of. Here are several backyard games that will appeal to your young ones and let them (and you) get the fresh air and fitness time needed.

Tug Of War

A good thick rope is about all you need in the way of equipment. This is the perfect activity for when you have a bunch of people over, such as during a family reunion, a birthday party or block party.

Simply stake an area between the two starting points that is the “lake of fire” or “endless pit” or other forbidden zone each team is going to try to pull the other into. Avoid frustration by making sure the two teams are as evenly matched as possible in size and strength. The kids will work up a good sweat and burn off whatever sugar highs they might be on while enjoying the competition.


This yard game is classic. The equipment is not very expensive and it can inspire hours of competitive fun. You can lay out the playing field any way you would like. No matter the size, shape or topography of your backyard, you can make this game work.


Here is another beloved backyard game for “kids” of all ages. Bean bags and an official cornhole board are all you need for fun even in a relatively small playing space. Since the game accommodates just about all ages and physical abilities, you will find a spirited game of cornhole to offer a marvelous bonding opportunity for generations of family and friends.

Hide And Seek

If you want to see running, jumping, crawling and squeezing into tight spaces - all good exercises - instigate a game of hide and seek. Kick the can is a variation of this outdoor sport that kicks the physical activity up another notch and gets young hearts racing even faster. And it is always fun watching dad trying to stuff his body behind a small tree stump.

Backyard Campout

This activity might not burn off a whole lot of calories, but it is a great way to hang out together and inspire your kids’ love of the great outdoors. Burn a fire for warmth, roast marshmallows, listen to the slightly scary outdoor sounds and study the awesome constellation display spread out before you in the night sky. 

Someone is sure to tell a ghost story or two during an escapade your children will treasure forever.

How is that for idea starters? Add a few of your own, then get out there! Let the backyard family fun begin.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cool designer alert- Jacquelyn Clark!

Introducing talented Toronto-based designer Jacquelyn Clark. With a flair for creating beautiful rooms with a serene, dream-like quality, her work is nothing short of inspiring! Without further ado, let's check out her stunning portfolio, shall we?

The designer: Jacquelyn Clark

Photo credit: Lark & Linen

I can't take my eyes off her gorgeous work! By thoughtfully blending neutrals such as grays, blacks, whites and natural elements with interesting textures and materials, her designs feel fresh, youthful and timeless at the same time. I am totally digging her effortlessly chic style, what about you, my lovelies? Are you drawn to her decorating approach as well? 

To learn more about the designer or her work, please visit: 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Inside a fresh and effortlessly stylish holiday home!

This beautiful Vancouver home belongs to a young couple with tween-aged son and daughter. When they first bought their 4,200 square feet home, they enlisted local designer, Ami McKay for design help. The homeowners were so pleased with the results and hired Ami again to help them decorate their home for the holidays. Let's check it out!

Photo credit: Janis Nicolay

Instead of incorporating a traditional palette of red, green and lots of sparkle, I like how the designer uses unconventional materials for holiday decor and plenty of greenery throughout the home in unexpected places to create an effortlessly casual holiday vibe. Fresh, stylish and chic, what's not to love about this inspirational holiday home? Your thoughts?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Inside a designer's bright and cheery holiday home!

Be inspired by designer Tobi Fairley's bright and cheery holiday home below!

Photo credit: Nancy Nolan

How gorgeous is her home? Bright, bold and tailored, her holiday home is nothing short of inspiring! I love the way she fearlessly uses color and patterns to create drama and visual interest. The stunning dining room with the pretty floral wallpaper and lovely pink chairs are particularly my favorite. The uncommon color combo of bubblegum pink and citrus yellow exudes a refreshing and delightful feel, don't you think? I am a fan of her fun and fabulous decorating approach, what about you? Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

Such a gorgeous space! Designed by architect/ style ambassador of Serena & Lily/ homeowner Bill Ingram, this formal dining room is brimming with style and elegance! The light apricot and grayish blue color palette feels fresh yet understated, a wonderful backdrop for showcasing the dining area and tablescape. The beautiful tablecloth is a great visual anchor for the dining table while the faux bamboo Baker chairs provide warmth and visual interest. Large scale art, overscale crystal chandelier and a tall leaning mirror make the lofty space feel more cozy and intimate. Chic, timeless and thoughtfully designed, what's not love about this graceful room? Your thoughts?

Photo credit: David Christensen

How to handle a damaged home!

This post is provided by John May.

Securing a damaged home will be overall the most important step moving forward with your claim. Here is some helpful advice to guide you moving forward with your damaged home.

Most insurance companies will require you to take care of the damage to your home. You must secure your property to prevent any further damage. If something is a total loss, this shall be unnecessary and will be dealt with by the insurance company. However, if only one section of your home was damaged, be proactive and swift in securing the damaged location to prevent any further damage this is known as "mitigating damage," which is just a term for preventing further damage to the property.

This will include, covering holes in walls, protecting your roof from the elements, boarding up any damaged windows, building a fence to prevent any looters/robbers. Moving your property inside the home that may cause further damage is not advised. For example, moving a television that was underneath a hole in a ceiling. 

Your insurance policy should include a clause called "loss of use," this means the insurance company will reimburse you for cost of living, any expenses needed while displaced from your home. However, you are not entitled to the difference between the cost while your displaced and what it has been costing you in your home. For example, your monthly living expenses are $5,000 per month, where you are now having to add hotel cost, restaurant meals, laundry expense, extra gas for your car, totaling an additional $2,000, your insurance company will only reimburse the extra $2,000 per month. You can always find help from a local public adjuster

Many homeowner insurance policy holders choose to stay with family members and friends. In most cases, your insurance company will reimburse your host for any additional costs of your stay at the time. Speak with your host to itemize the expenses of your stay. Be cautious and frivolous and be patient with your insurance company if they choose to negotiate this cost with you. Be polite in explaining to your insurance company that you are saving the company valuable time and money by choosing to stay with a family or friend in a hotel stay, and restaurant expenses. 

Filing an insurance claim enables you to rebuild or repair your damaged home. "Actual cash value" policyholders are entitled the amount it would take to return the home, including the contents of the home.

"Replacement" policyholders are entitled to the amount it would cost to replace the home and contents within, regardless of the market value of what was lost. "Replacement" coverage does not require you to rebuild your home in the same lot. You have a choice in where you would want to rebuild your home, if it is the same value of the previous lot. If you choose to move your home to a more expensive lot, you will have to cover the difference. If you choose to not rebuild, but to invest the money in something unrelated like a personal business or college fund, the "replacement" policy will become "actual cash value" policy which will in term yield about 15% less.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cool designer alert- Raili Clasen!

Introducing talented California-based designer, Raili Clasen. Although she is not a formally trained designer, she has a flair for mixing well worn furnishings, the unexpected and contemporary accents to make a room shines! Intrigued? Let's check out her inspiring portfolio, shall we?


Photo credit: Raili CA Design

Such beautiful work! With a great eye for blending styles, textures and materials, her designs always feel fresh, charming and authentic. I especially like the way she uses an oversized item or a bold pattern to make a huge design statement in her rooms. Are you drawn to her effortless and approachable decorating style as well? What are your thoughts?

To learn more about the designer's work, please visit: