Friday, January 20, 2017

Inside a fresh, classically chic Atlanta home!

Homeowner Keely Woodall and her young family of four had recently relocated from Atlanta to Jacksonville. To realize her vision for her new home, she hired designer Andrew Howard for help. Let's check out the gorgeous transformation below!

Photo credit: Max Kim-Bee

I am absolutely in love with this incredibly beautiful home! There are a lot of delightful details to be found in every room especially in the bold and vibrant dining room, in the fabulous kitchen with the bleached oak cabinetry, in the cozy family room with the wood paneling and in the lovely girl's bedroom with the pretty paisley wallpaper. This home feels fresh and classically chic, thanks to a thoughtful mix of vibrant colors, clean lines and classic furnishings. I truly enjoyed touring this effortlessly elegant and inviting abode, what about you? Are you drawn to this stunning home as much as I do?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

I think I just found my dream bathroom! This gorgeous bathroom designed by the talented Jeffrey Delvy is absolutely swoon-worthy! I love the way he incorporates the classic carrara marble in a delightful, unexpected way. The graceful lines of the curved marble tiles immediately draws your eye to the bathtub, the focal point in the room while the marble sinks exude immense style and elegance. The designer's restrained use of color and accessories truly help the marble elements shine. The custom inset mirrors help to bounce light in the room, creating a bright and airy feel. The stunning chandelier is the icing on the cake, enhancing the beauty and elegance of this space. This chic, luxurious and timelessly beautiful bathroom with thoughtfully designed features is truly unforgettable and inspirational. Do you find this room as inspiring as I do? I would love to know your thoughts!

Photo credit: Jeffrey Delvy

Remove The Appearance Of Clutter Without Compromising Your Style!

If you have lived in one location for many years, chances are pretty good that you have acquired a lot of stuff. If you have noticed that your home now seems overloaded with limited space to move about, there are ways to improve the appearance of clutter without compromising your style.

Room dividers

Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are free-standing and others you can mount to the wall or secure to your ceiling. Free-standing room dividers come in bi-fold, tri-fold and even quad-fold forms. They are made of wood, canvas, and metal. Some even feature shelves for displaying artwork, collectibles, photos, plants and books. Fixed room dividers also come in various shapes and sizes. There are stylish room divider curtains that can help you create a private retreat in a loft or studio apartment, giving you the ability to make two separate spaces out of one. 

There are also sliding partitions that come in your choice of solids and patterns, transparent or opaque and a wide range of fabrics and metals to complement your existing decor.

Decorative storage containers

Today many people take organizing to the next level by incorporating decorative storage containers into their homes to not only hide the appearance of clutter but also to add convenience. An open shelving unit no longer stands empty with a few collectibles. Instead, canvas, cardboard, and wood boxes now occupy the space, adding character and a handy place to store loose items without notice. 

To bring concealed storage to the bedroom and living room, a large storage chest at the end of a bed or placed behind a sofa provides a wonderful place to keep extra linens, blankets, pillows, out of season clothing and toys. The large space provided allows you to clean out the clutter and enjoy your room once again. For a playroom or child's bedroom, adding a toy box with a large shelving unit on top gives you a place to contain their toys out of sight while still allowing for easy access. The shelves on the top are ideal for keeping their books, puzzles, and games, neat, organized and ready for use. 

Closet organizers 

Want to freshen up your bedroom quickly, install a closet organizer. There are a variety of sizes available and many have add-on features that allow you to expand at a later date. By adding fixed shelves, hanging garment containers, shoe racks and additional rods for clothing, you are removing piles from your dresser and floor. Not only are you regaining your space but you are also now able to locate your clothing and accessories quickly, as well as easily. 

Wall racks and floating shelves 

If you are limited on space and can not bring in a large item to house your personal items, floating shelves offer a great way to display your books, photos, collectibles and plants without giving up valuable floor space. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your needs allowing you to complement your interior. In addition to floating shelves, wall racks give you the perfect place to hang items. You can use them for keys, a dog leash, umbrellas, coats, hats, scarves, handbags, kitchen gadgets, towels, magazines and your collection of fine wine. They definitely add character and make excellent use of your existing walls. 

Decluttering and organizing your home's rooms does not mean that you have to give up on your style. There are so many products on the market, as well as many DIY projects that you can use to further complement your space. With a little creativity, you can acquire a neat and organized appearance, while still enjoying the look you have worked hard to achieve.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cool designer alert- Tharon Anderson McEvoy!

Introducing talented New York City-based designer, Tharon Anderson McEvoy. A versatile designer, she can work in various interior design styles, often incorporating multiple styles to create an eclectic and casually elegant homes. Let's find out how she did it, shall we?

The designer: Tharon Anderson

Isn't her portfolio gorgeous? Her classic modern traditional approach feels fresh, chic and collected, don't you think? I especially like the way she effortlessly combines traditional furnishings with modern textiles and accessories for a timeless yet updated look. Such delightful inspirational interiors, what's not to love? What do you think?

For information about the designer and her work, please visit:

Monday, January 16, 2017

An effortlessly rustic and refined family Ontario cottage!

A Toronto-based couple couldn't agree over their decor preferences over their new-build 4,900-square-foot Ontario cottage. The husband wanted dark tones and a woodsy Aspen vibe and the wife wanted everything white with clean lines. Would Lidia Van Zyl, their designer be able to resolve this decorating conflict? Let's find out, shall we?

Photo credit: Tracey Ayton

This beautiful abode is right down my alley! The designer did a great job marrying both the couple's tastes for their home, don't you think? A wonderful combination of rustic pieces, cottage charm and industrial touches creates a chic, visually interesting dynamic. Thanks to a mix of styles, textures and natural elements, this home feels fresh, warm and delightful. Such an inspiring space, what's not to like? Your thoughts?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Inside a designer's renovated bold and colorful Texas home!

Designer and entrepreneur Bailey McCarthy took two long years to overhaul her outdated Texas home. The results of the dramatic makeover? A fresh, bold and colorful abode! Let's take a tour of her fabulous home, shall we?

Photo credit: House Beautiful

There is so much to love about this chic and vibrant home! However, the bold design choices the designer made in her home is definitely not for everyone. From this home tour, we can see how this talented designer unleashes her creativity and design prowess by melding bold colors and unconventional materials with strong design elements to make each room shines effortlessly. With a great eye for color, style and a flair for visually interesting pieces and textiles, this home truly stands out, don't you think? I am particularly drawn to the luxurious master bathroom with the striking gold leaf glass tiles and the beautiful girl's room with the blue floral canopy. What about you? Are you a fan of this designer's bold design approach or otherwise? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

I am absolutely wowed by this super gorgeous space! Designed by the very talented Alex Papachristidis for the most recent Kips Bay Decorator Show House, this stunning white dining room is definitely a feast for the eyes! The first thing that captured my attention is the ethereal hand-painted wallpaper, it is definitely the perfect backdrop for the room. I am also in love with the beautifully crafted marble fireplace. The striking fireplace helps ground the space and provides a wonderful focal point in this room. The juxtaposition of antiques and 18th-century furniture with the bold, unexpected contemporary stenciled floor feels fresh and helps create an interesting visual dynamic in the space. Incorporating a seating area in the large dining area is a smart way to accommodate more guests during entertaining. Such an inviting, thoughtfully designed space, what's not to love? I am truly inspired by this amazing room, what about you? Your thoughts?

Photo credit: Thomas Loof