Friday, September 19, 2014

Home tour- A soulful and eclectic decorator's home in Mexico City!

This historic home is designed by decorator Dirk Jan Kinet. Inspired by Mexico culture, this soulful home is charming as well as inspiring! Let's take a look at this amazing Mexico City home, shall we?

Photo credit: Pablo Zamora

This home gorgeousness is absolutely off the charts! Using a wide array of unusual European antiques, interesting well-worn pieces and vibrant colors, the decorator-homeowner manages to create a warm and collected space that exudes charm, character and beauty! I love his flair for the dramatic and eclectic! He is a very talented designer for sure. Are you a fan of this fabulous designer as well? Thoughts? 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Favorite room of the week!

With help from Susan Feldman, the co-founder of One Kings Lane, news anchor Natalie Morales' living room is transformed into a chic and approachable space! I love the combination of sparkly and organic elements with the traditional and modern pieces. The results? A stylish, collected and inviting space with an eclectic flair. What are you thoughts? Are you drawn to this room as much as I do?

Guest post- How to make the most out of a small bathroom!

Not all of us are fortunate to have a large and spacious bathroom. Smaller units can feel cramped and stifling and as we are literally unable to avoid these rooms, it is important to realize that even the tiniest of spaces can be imbued with a style and a class of its own. In fact, there are a handful of novel ideas which can be employed to create a stunning, clean and open environment.

This latest guest post takes a look at unique factors and techniques to consider when designing your small bathroom. They do not need to be complicated or expensive, and this list gives you some great starting points for your next renovation project.


The latest popular trends in bathroom design should be kept in mind. Thankfully, 2014 has displayed a return to the minimalist look. Clean motifs that are free from visible hardware and dressed in warm tones such as bronze have taken centre stage. This is perfect for smaller bathrooms; too many items can further reduce the perceived amount of space. Hidden handles, single taps and showers with no walls, such as wet rooms, are some examples of this approach that work exceptionally well.


Another option to consider in a small bathroom is breaking up the space when possible. Many designers note that homeowners are now creating different zones. Dry areas and wet rooms such as those manufactured by Bathroom Deal can come in quite handy. By compartmentalising space in this manner, a greater sense of variety can be achieved. Also, this will enable you to add a touch of your own personality to the area. Gone are the days of plain tile walls and single color schemes!


It should come as no surprise that modern technology has found its way into the bathroom. Still, these innovations will boast much more than being a gimmick or the ability to conserve and regulate water. Instead, devices such as advanced electronics, audio devices, heated floors and even water-proofed flat-screen televisions will help to create new and interactive experiences within this environment, and make the most of your available space.


Small and large bathrooms alike can use an enormous amount of water – particularly if you are a lover of baths! So, it is vital that you find ways to reduce your overall consumption. Many taps now come equipped with flow regulators and low-flow showers have become commonplace. While this may represent the more ‘functional’ side of bathroom designs, we should never forget that water bills can be drastically reduced with the installation of any of these devices – and they do not need to take up any more space than typical fittings. 

Going Green

Another excellent way to spice up a small bathroom is through the inclusion of (small!) plants. Not only will these add a bit of color in an otherwise dull environment, but their presence will bring a freshness into the room. Hanging small potted plants from the ceiling or placing small flower pots onto window ledges can help to brighten up a smaller area, and provide a natural feeling in a small space.


Copper is also making a comeback in recent years as a design feature. The warm lustre of this metal is ideal to break up any open space and make smaller bathrooms feel less cramped and cold. Common uses include light fixtures, taps, sinks and even bathtubs. Copper provides a unique appearance and will enable even the most diminutive of spaces to "pop" with an inviting appeal. 

Floral Prints

An alternative to live flowers is to purchase self-adhesive vinyl prints that can easily be attached to a bare wall. While minimalism is still the rage, color is nonetheless king. There are a nearly limitless variety of prints to choose from and they can match the decor of any bathroom imaginable.

Armed with these tips, it is easy to see that tiny does not have to equate to dull. With a bit of innovation and ingenuity, any bathroom can experience a breath of fresh air and effective design.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 2!

My lovelies, thanks for checking in on my guest bedroom makeover. If you missed the first installment, please click here.

To be honest, I had the roman shades installed by my hubby two weeks ago but they were too wrinkled so I didn't want to show them to the world yet. I have thought of ironing the wrinkles out but I didn't get around doing it. 

Fortunately as the weeks go by, they became less wrinkled. Here they are!



Bye-bye ugly blinds! I am so happy with how the roman shades turned out. I have been obsessing over these beautiful roman shades (with ribbon trim) for a while and decided to splurge for a change! Knowing that my bed will have a tall headboard that will be covering half of my windows, getting the wider (and more expensive) roman shades is the only way to go so they would show more. If I had opted for the smaller sized shades, I can only mount them inside the window frames. Hanging the shades as high as possible help to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

As promised, the bed was assembled last weekend. Before we proceed to the pictures, I would like to say thank you again to the wonderful people at Arhausespecially to Kimberly for providing me this beautiful bed. Without their generosity, this makeover would not be possible!

Let's revisit my design plan again.

This room is about 40% completed so far but I am excited to show you our progress.


 After (still work in progress)


After (still work in progress)

Although this room is barely finished, you can already see a huge difference with the new pieces that we brought in. As you may have noticed already, there are no pillows and no bed sheets on the mattress yet. We have removed our old pillows and our old sheets and is waiting for our new ones . I supposed the missing pieces are okay because we are here for the bed today, yes? 

This classic beauty is everything I wish for in a perfect bed and more! The deep tufting is beautifully applied and the fabric is made of soft, sumptuous velvet. Do you realized the velvet fabric goes all the way to the back of the bed? It only mean one thing- the bed would still look fabulous no matter where you position it!

I also love the stunning silhouette and graceful curves, it looks very feminine and elegant!

Aren't the brass nail heads gorgeous? They are fabulous and perfectly aligned, love this wonderful detail! Oh, did I mention they have nail heads at the bottom of the platform as well?

Handcrafted in solid wood, the bed is quite heavy, which is a good thing. The bed came in two separate pieces, a headboard and a platform. The only assembling we had to do was putting the two pieces together using eight bolts. Easy peasy!

Another item I decided to splurge on is this Dana Gibson leopard lumbar in pink! I have been admiring it for a while and since I can't put any decorative object above my bed (artwork, mirror, etc), I figured getting a pretty, whimsical pillow would be a great solution to jazz up my bed. 

I love my stunning table lamps! The gourd lamp base and black lampshade with gold lining are from Target. It look substantial and has an expensive look but only cost a fraction of the price compared to the high end versions. If you like them too, grab them fast because the quantities are limited, both in store and online. I actually had to make a few trips to Target to get the shades and then go online to order the lamp bases. These things are flying off the shelves, let me tell you! 

Another wonderful Target find is this fabulous campaign side table I purchased earlier this year knowing I will be making over the guest bedroom down the road.
Unfortunately, the beautiful green is not available anymore. Other colors are still available though.

I am planning to get a few more items online and do some painting in the room. Can you guess which color I would pick and where I will be painting? Stay tuned for another update next week to find out!

If you need help decorating your home, please click here for further information regarding my design services.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Home tour- A beautiful modern rustic Alabama lake house!

This Lake Martin, Alabama home is designed by Susan Ferrier. A lot of wood and earthy browns are used to resemble the look of cabin homes. Let's check out the results, shall we?

Photo credit: Francesco Lagnese

This is pretty much my dream lake cabin home! Warm, slightly rustic with a modern touch, I found this lake house quite comfortable and refreshing. Although the walls of the entire home are decorated in ebony-stained woods, it feels cozy rather than claustrophobic, in my opinion.

Every room is thoughtfully designed and there is a great flow from one room to another. I think the dark walls are wonderfully executed and it works particularly well in this home. What do you think? Do you like the moody dark walls as much as I do? Would you paint any of your room a dark wall color? Thoughts?