Thursday, September 21, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

Such a gorgeous Parisian style breakfast room! Fresh, light yet effortlessly opulent, this room reminds me of classic pattisseries in Paris. A few beautiful French furnishings and thoughtful accents totally transformed this space into a chic and elegant eating area, don't you think? What are your thoughts?

Photo credit: One Kings Lane

Four Challenges Of Moving To A New Place!

This post is provided by Katherine Smith.

Moving can be an exciting time, although that does not necessarily mean you will look forward to the process. Having to relocate to a new place can present a lot of challenges. It is common that a life change of this magnitude can create a lot of stress because of the things you need to do. You will want to be as prepared as possible beforehand to help alleviate your anxiety. Here are some of the issues that may accompany your move.

Challenge #1: Finding the right professionals

The key to making any move less stressful may rest in hiring professionals, like North American moving company, to assist you. Being able to rely on a team of professionals that can help you pack, move and unpack your boxes at your new location is important.

One thing you will need to do is shop around and look for the lowest price. Keep in mind, the amount of stuff you have to move will typically determine what you will have to pay to do so.

Challenge #2: Decluttering

It is important to take a long look at the number of things you have in your home. Do you need to pack and move all of these, or can you work to declutter your space as much as you can?

It is highly likely that you can have a garage sale or donate a lot of things you are not using any longer. Doing this will enable you to pack less and save you money on your next move by simply downsizing your home.

When it comes to your clothing, you may want to consider getting rid of anything you have not worn in the last year. This is proof that it is likely you may not wear it at all in the future either.

Challenge #3: Renting storage space

You may need to consider renting a self-storage unit until you get settled into a new home. This can allow you to keep a lot of your belongings in a safe and dry place as long as necessary.

The good news is the monthly cost for doing this is typically very affordable, and you can sign a contract that may only last a certain amount of time. You will want to thoroughly read any agreement before signing it because breaking it could mean you may have to pay penalties or late fees.

Challenge #4: Transporting pets

One of the greatest pleasures in life is having a furry friend that you love to spend time with each day. Regardless what type of pet you have, you will need to move it to your new location.

It can be a real challenge to transport your beloved pet, and you will want to be prepared as possible for this transition. One thing you may want to consider doing is getting some of your pet’s favorite toys together. This can be a great way to alleviate the anxiety of any animal you may have and is sure to help make a move easier for both of you.

Making a move may not be the easiest thing to do in life but could be something you may need to do at some point. The key to stressing less and getting through this task is to be as prepared as you possibly can. Being aware of some of the largest challenges beforehand could be the most efficient way for you to move with ease when necessary!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cool designers alert- Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto!

Introducing talented Illinois-based designers, Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto. Since joining forces, they have been creating beautiful and functional rooms together. Without further ado, let's check out their lovely portfolio, shall we?

Photo credit: Park & Oak

Aren't their work absolutely fabulous? Their designs feel fresh and casually chic, thanks to a thoughtful mix of neutral palette, clean lines, natural elements and eclectic furnishings. Exuding warmth and incredible style, what's not to love about their chic decorating approach? What are your thoughts?

To learn more about the designers and their work, please visit:

Monday, September 18, 2017

Inside a polished bohemian movie set in Los Angeles!

This Los Angeles home is not your typical home. A design set from the movie "Home Again" directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyers, the daughter of Nancy Meyers, this abode actually plays a major role in the film. Exuding an effortless polished bohemian vibe with a mix of East Coast and West Coast styles, the interiors feel like a real home instead of a showroom, thanks to the work of talented set decorator, Nicole Cates. Intrigued? Let's take a tour of this beautiful movie set, shall we?

Photo credit: Open Road Films

I truly adore this gorgeous home! Using mostly beige and ivory tones as the backdrop, I like how the designer injected this home with lots of colors, textures and patterns to create visual interest for a comfortable and inviting environment. Fresh, layered and livable, this polished boho chic style is so inspiring in so many ways! Are you drawn to this decorating approach as well? What are your thoughts?

Friday, September 15, 2017

A beautiful and timelessly elegant Buckhead home!

This elegant home in Buckhead, Atlanta is designed by Suzanna Kasler for a dad with her three girls. Employing a traditional style combined with clean lines and a quiet palette, this residence feels fresh while exuding a sense of timelessness and serenity. Let's check it out!

Photo credit: Emily Jenkins Followill

An absolutely gorgeous home inside and out! By marrying classic furnishings, sumptuous textiles, wood and brass elements with contemporary art and furniture accents, this home feels warm, timeless and refreshing all at once. Because she uses a restrained, neutral color scheme, she is able to introduce color into her designs and unify a mix of styles and eras into this abode easily. I can't take my eyes off the many beautiful details in this breathtaking home, what about you? Are you drawn to anything from this tour as well?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

Such a lovely room! The gorgeous autumnal palette works beautifully with the neutral furnishings, lush textures and global treasures. A few polished pieces adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. Chic, cozy and layered with a refined cabin vibe, what is not to love? Are you drawn to this this elegant, effortlessly timeless room as well, my lovelies? Any thoughts? 

Photo credit: One Kings Lane

How To Repair A Broken Stair Tread!

This post is provided by Jesse Hughes.

Stairway repairs are not a common household chore, but occasionally, a broken tread needs to be dealt with. You can not leave tripping hazards on the stairs and risk someone getting hurt. A tread can be replaced by the average homeowner so this is something you can work on yourself without having to call in a contractor.

Now these instructions are based on the usual wooden steps. If you a more modern staircase, with glass or stainless steel balustrades and treads you will need to take a different approach. 

You should allow for an hour or two for this simple construction job, and it would not take any specialized equipment. 

Secure the area

Make sure that everyone in the house knows that you are working on the stairs, and that they need to stay out of the area. Set a chair or other light obstacle at the top and bottom, so that nobody accidentally forgets and comes running into you as you work. Double-check that you are not stranding someone on the upper floor either. 

Remove the tread

Once you are ready to get started, the first step is to pry off the damaged tread. Be careful not to actually break it apart if you can, because you will be using the tread as a template to measure the new piece of wood. 

Create a new tread

Use the old tread as a guide to make a new one, trying to get the same thickness and type of wood if possible. Whether you use actual stair tread stock or just a plain wooden piece is up to you. Most stairs have a rounded, or "bull-nose" edge to them, which would be easier to replicate if you are working with actual tread board. 

Measure the dimensions, and cut a new tread piece. Sand down so there are no rough edges and you are ready to install it. 

Attach the new piece

Use the old tread as a guide to see where the holes need to go, where the tread was nailed to the stringers (the foundation pieces that are on either side of the stair way). Drill small guide holes in the new piece to match. This will keep the new wood from splitting as you drive in the nails. 

Now you just need to slide the step into place, and nail it in securely. Your step is now repaired and should be fully functional. Depending on the look of your steps, you may need to do some cosmetic touching up as well. Filling and sanding nail holes, staining the wood and possibly adding any trim elements to match the rest of the staircase.

Because an uneven step can be a hazard on the stairs, this is not a repair project you should rush. Allow yourself plenty of time to make accurate measurements and keep a level handy as you attach the new step. 

So next time you step on that cracked or broken stair, do not just overlook it. Get it fixed and keep your stairway safe. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cool designer alert- Charlotte Lucas!

Introducing talented North Carolina-based designer, Charlotte Lucas. Focusing her work on the juxtaposition between contemporary and traditional, her work always feel fresh while exuding a sense of casual elegance. Let's find how she did it, shall we?

How gorgeous is her portfolio? By mixing the old and new with splashes of unique colors and varied textures and finishes, her designs feels layered, livable and chic. I truly enjoyed her beautiful work, what about you? Any thoughts?

For more information regarding the designer or her work, please visit: