Thursday, January 16, 2020

New Innovations For Your Home In 2020!

This post is provided by James Fitzpatrick.

Every year, new amazing innovations come out that are making the home cooler, more efficient, and a more amazing oasis than ever before. The year 2020 only promises to break out even more innovations for the home that will help connect it to the world and make it super efficient for you and your family. For the past decade, more and more technology has been used in every part of the house, from different types of mattresses to controlling lights and thermostats all from a touch of a button on your phone. 

Below is a list of the top innovations coming out in 2020 that will make our homes more comfortable and easier to live in than ever before.

Making your kitchen smarter

The most important appliance in your entire kitchen is the refrigerator. You use the refrigerator more than any other appliance throughout the day. You get your meals and snacks out of it, get ice for your beverages, get your drinks, store food that will spoil, etc. This year, refrigerators are going to be filled with more technology than ever. They will come with features that will tell your family what the meal schedule is for the week and read your recipes out loud as you cook so you do not have to pause and look down as you cook. You will be able to write your grocery list down on the refrigerator which will then sync it with your phone so you can access it anywhere you go. A smart refrigerator will come with transparent touchscreens so you can see what you have in there without even having to open the door and can alert you when you have food that is about to go bad. This innovation will make life ten times easier and can be controlled in real-time with the straight-forward technology it offers.

Monitor your sleep and temperature

Getting a good night's sleep is vital for your health and your mood. You can achieve a better night's sleep by getting a smart mattress. There are some smart mattresses that will monitor what your sleep patterns are, allow you to control what the temperature of your mattress is, and can even wake you up when you need to get up every morning. It utilizes an aromatherapy alarm clock that senses when you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle. The aroma that comes out of this smart alarm clock is a scent that is designed to give you energy and wake you up so you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Smartening up your bedroom is not only a way to make your life easier, but it also improves your overall health and your mood as well.

Make your bathroom smart as well

Smart bathrooms are just starting to make their way into the market and are expected to become more mainstream in the year 2020. However, a smart bathroom will take your bathroom experience to the next level and make it more like a spa than just another room in your home. You will have a digital assistant in there which will start your bath water for you. It will emit aromatherapy to calm you and will release brain waves that can be controlled from your smartphone. This will help you relax and sink into your experience so that you are completely calm when you come out and ready to unwind from the day.

Turn on your lights and your TV

New innovations for 2020 will show that using a smart assistant that is connected to your phone will allow you to turn on the lights, the radio, or TV, even when you are not home. Turn on the lights when you are on a trip so no one knows you are gone. Get the thermostat set just right so you come home to the most comfortable home after a long day.

Using some new innovations in your home in 2020 can make your home not only more comfortable and more fun to be in, but it will make it more efficient as well. Consider bringing this new technology into your home and see how much more functional your home becomes as a result.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Updates To Add For A Refreshed Home!

This post is provided by James Fitzpatrick.

Redecorating and adding a decorative flair to your home is sometimes not more than a simple weekend project. If you are tired of your boring kitchen or dated bathroom, there are some quick weekend projects that even the most novice of DIY level can perform.

1. Paint
2. Add new hardware
3. Replace textiles and window treatments

First Things First

The first thing you should do when you plan to renovate or redesign is to start with a clean and blank slate. Empty the room you will be working in of all its current decorative pieces. Cover any furniture that must stay so that it remains protected. Once space is emptied, it is time to perform a deep clean. Wipe all surfaces. Mop and dust, if necessary.

Refresh With A New Coat Of Paint

Even if you absolutely love the current color of paint in your space, you could give the room a fresh coat. Sun can naturally fade the paint and the lighting can also cause discoloration on ceiling paint. Give your ceiling a fresh coat of white ceiling paint and paint the walls to refresh the space. If you are unsure of what color you like for the room, get a few sample squares from your local paint supplier and let your creativity flow. A completely new color will make the entire room feel new and fresh.

Cabinets Will Look New With New Hardware

Dated cabinets do not always need to be replaced or painted. A good cleaning with some wood specialty cleaning cream will refresh the wood. Polish accordingly to bring out a marvelous shine. Once the cabinets have been cleaned and shined, you can then go ahead and add new hardware. If you are adding an interior barn door in your kitchen area, you can decide on a barn door hardware kit to make the door a real showpiece. 

If you are sticking with the same color and have internal hinges, you will not need to replace the hinges. Focus on door pulls and knobs as well as drawer knobs. Hardware can completely change the way a kitchen and bathroom look.

Hardware is not just limited to kitchens, bathrooms, and their cabinetry. Doors can often look completely refreshed throughout the house when they have new hinges and handles. Closet doors, bedroom doors, and doors leading to the garage or basement will all benefit from a facelift. Barn doors are also all the trend right now and these are fabulous for creating space-saving solutions. In areas of the home where swing doors are not practical, a barn door will create a division and privacy barrier that is necessary. Old pocket doors can get stuck easily when the wood swells. Barn doors move easily on a rolling track and serve as both functional and statement pieces.

Out With The Drab And In With The Fab

Get rid of those dated textiles. Over time, the sun will naturally bleach your curtains. Kitchen curtains that are dated can be updated with shutters and blinds. Rugs or shower curtains in bathrooms can also become boring and dated. Both solutions can be found online or in big box stores and are easily switched out in an hour or less. The same is true for all the other rooms in your home. You can easily change the way a living room looks by adding a new rug, throw blanket, curtains, and decorative pillows. A bedroom can feel like a completely new room when new bedding is displayed.

When you decide to redecorate your home and update it a bit, make sure you allow yourself ample time. Set a block of time to focus on your project at hand and add a bit of extra time just in case you spend more time cleaning or prepping. Acquire all of your hardware, textiles, and paints in advance. Once you begin replacing dated pieces, you may find yourself compelled to continue on throughout the rest of your house and begin focusing on external elements as well. 

You can also replace the front doorknob and add decorative hinges and pieces to your garage door to create a rustic barn door appearance that will flow into your home design as well. When the job is done, you will sit back and feel refreshed in the new atmosphere within your home.