Monday, February 28, 2011

Effortlessly shabby chic.

A beautifully distressed traditional wood console table with pedestal and a wood mirror above, distressed wood cabinet with open shelves and a wooden stool combined with a small classic crystal chandelier, white polka dot pink bath rug, a few green bath towels, a topiary plant and a handful of small colorful accessories looks fresh in the bathroom while bringing out a sense of eclectic shabby chic with a touch of feminine charm.

An eclectic mix of distressed black wood coffee table, an occasional contemporary wicker lounge chair, distressed wooden drawer chest, white fabric sofa, small wood stool with twisted leg details and other glass accessories and colorful accents throughout with an adjoining casual kitchen exudes a warm, cozy and effortless shabby chic decor. 

A white distressed wooden drawer chest, a white mirror, a simple crystal chandelier, a vintage style delicate chair, a home made quilt area rug with classic white beadboard wainscoting and distressed paint treatment creates a charming, shabby chic space.

A blend of rustic, distressed wooden console with a few botanical prints in distressed picture frames, several huge glass vases, a metal stool, accessorized with fresh hydrangeas and daylilies, lighted candles, is the perfect display for a shabby chic vignette.

Pairing a cream colored rustic, slightly distressed kitchen table with cream wrought iron French chairs and black metal stools, distressed cupboard and some vintage canisters, vintage buckets, vintage aluminium milk pails and other accessories portrays a sense of effortless yet charming shabby chic decor.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creating major impact using unexpected bold wall color.

Using a moody brown wall in a dining room surrounded by classic painting and abstract art with two modern, streamlined adjoining light wooden tables, modern and delicate dining chairs and a patterned brown rug and a gorgeous classic chandelier with a modern twist oozes eclectic, sophisticated chic.

A room with bright and blue glossy walls enveloping a beautiful blue button-tufted velvet sectional sofa, a few modern arts, a blue classic leather chair, a pair of matching swing arm wall lamps, a sleek coffee table completed with a gorgeous zebra hide rug is key to a bold, chic and monochromatic space.

Adding a splash of sunny yellow wall in a kid's room with a combination of yellow bed, a mixture of brightly colored decorative pillows, purple shag rug, hot pink coverlet and an interesting wall decal is the perfect touch for a bright and cheerful bedroom.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exposed brick walls can be totally chic!

Having a large wall of exposed brick instantly brings rustic charm and character to the industrial and contemporary living space.

Exposed brick walls work just as well in a contemporary bedroom turning it into a focal point while adding color, texture and contrast to the rest of the sleek bedroom furniture.

A recessed and exposed brick wall in the living room is the perfect spot to house the entertainment unit and television while adding interest and personality to a modern setting.

An exposed brick wall in the entryway with the addition of a huge wall art, a pair of worn rubber boots and a delicate, artsy chair creates a casual yet warm and inviting welcome for guests.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gray is the new beige!

Long gone were the days where white or beige walls seemed to be the only wall colors that go well with almost everything. Lately, gray walls are seen everywhere especially in home decor magazines, furniture catalogs and design blogs. Decorating with gray is an easy and popular choice because of its versatility and it provides a more dramatic color compared to other neutrals. Gray works in all room settings from traditional spaces with dark wood furniture to the ultra modern spaces with sleek stainless steel furniture. To create cohesiveness and flair in a gray/ neutral environment, just bear in mind a simple formula such as this one:

One gray wall + One basic gray sofa + One basic wood coffee + One basic wood console + (Preferred color accents and accessories) = Different mood/ setting/ environment. 

Below are a few examples of how by changing just a couple of accent furniture and home accessories, it can easily transform a space to create different moods and environments while keeping the basics.

A combination of gray wall with a light gray sofa accented with shades of yellow such as picture frames, a stool, a throw pillow, an area rug and other similar colored small accessories ties the room together while creating a casual and contemporary living room.
To achieve a bohemian look, use the same gray walls, retain the basic furniture, change out the previous accessories and adding splashes of yellow, orange, pink, blue and purple accessories and accent furniture to pull the room together.
To achieve a simple, classic and timeless look for your living space, retain the basic furniture and keep the color scheme to a minimal in shades of browns, grays and whites for accent furniture and accessories for a cohesive and uncluttered setting.

I personally love all the three design styles above and will gladly move in any one of them anytime but if I am only given one pick out of these three choices, I will pick the first one because a pop of color in a neutral space always cheer me up. Besides, the decor is not too safe and it's not too overwhelming, with just enough color to keep things interesting. What about you? If given a choice out of these three decors, which one will you pick and why?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cool product designer alert- Kay Bojesen!

Featuring legendary classic toy designer, Kay Bojesen (1886-1958), a Danish silversmith and designer who is best known for creating a wooden toy monkey which was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert museum in London in the 1950's, and which today is still considered a design classic. He started designing his classic wooden monkey in 1951.  The Bojesen Monkey with the prankster's look with the light-colored belly has transformed kids' rooms into jungles and sparked dreams of far-away places since 1951. On Danish television, it has a permanent space as a mascot in wildlife programs and as a prize in quiz shows. The extreme popularity of his design lies in its superior craftsmanship and modern simplicity. Below are a few examples of his classics.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Equestrian decor can be absolutely chic and gorgeous.

Installing a built-in daybed covered with white sheets in a dark nook completed with wall shelves above with the addition of several throw pillows, artwork, some bright orange accessories and an arched Gothic window creates a sense of serenity and coziness in a small space.

A stack of logs and a combination of well-worn saddle on a wooden delicate chair, dark wide wood wall paneling and a pair of black leather equestrian riding boots and a pair of rubber boots evokes a sense of equestrian chic.

A simple and elegant wood desk with beautiful equestrian leg details, a delicate black chair and a few horse accessories on the bookshelf tie in the equestrian look in a subtle way.

A black Gothic arched doorway and door adds a ton of character and provides a great architecture feature while the red chair lends a pop of color and fun in an otherwise serious space. 

An equestrian space is not complete without the addition of a rustic wooden bar with some cut crystal stemwares, a few bottle of liquors and a few classic equestrian art. 

Displaying an artful vignette on a neutral bookshelf using splashes of bright colors, classic horse head bust, prize ribbons, even a handbag and a few folded throws conjures an interesting mix of equestrian flair.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creating interest and character using exposed wood beams in living spaces.

Blending exposed wood beams with warm tones, southwestern furniture and rustic home accessories help to create warmth and elegance in a space.

Using exposed wood beams in a modern eclectic space adds interest, charm and personality in a neutral decor.

An exposed wood beams with a combination of white streamlined sofa and curtains, neutral patterned rug and a rustic coffee table brings out a sense of casual, rustic elegance in a space. 

A mix of modern and classic wood furniture, hardwood floors and exposed wood beams results in a warm and interesting space filled with character and style.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cool artist alert- Charlotte Mann!

Gifted British artist, Charlotte Mann is well known for her awe-inspiring and densely detailed wall drawings. Her signature drawing style is using thick black marker pen on white surfaces to create intricate and imaginative art on walls often detailing life-size everyday objects like bikes, plants, pictures,sofas, etc. Her amazing work has been featured on many design and decor magazines, catwalk shows and on store window displays. Below are some examples of Charlotte Mann's beautiful work.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Using color and textures to create feminine bedrooms.

Using a neutral flowery wallpaper with a few pink decorative pillows and a gorgeous, bright pink textured coverlet is the perfect touch to create a relaxing feminine bedroom.

By simply using a white upholstered bench, a few white decorative pillows and other white accessories along with a textured, soft and fuzzy lavender coverlet, it creates a sense of comfort and serenity to a feminine bedroom.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Casual and chic entryways.

An eclectic mix of contemporary streamlined chunky wood drawer chest and a complementary console table, kilim area rug, modern umbrella stand and an occasional French dining chair with earth tone color schemes creates a chic harmony between the old and the new in a casual entryway. 

An open storage wood bench, several metal hanging hooks and a contemporary wall shelf provides a practical and chic solution for organization in a casual entryway.

A simple gray shabby chic dresser decorated with a couple of small accessories instantly becomes the focal point in an all white casual entryway.

Adding a couple of well-placed hanging hooks with several tiny baskets, two shoe storages and a coat rack is a chic and practical solution to avoid clutter in the entryway.