Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Friday, July 29, 2016

A designer's charming and collected historic Long Island home!

This delightful two-bedroom saltbox beach house in Long Island belongs to designer Jennifer Vaughn Miller that she shares with her family of three. Although it was a historic home, the house was in move-in condition except for "interesting" color choices made by the previous owners. Every baseboard was painted in brick red and every wall was in covered in celery green. Major changes to the color palette were made after they moved in. Let's check out how it turned out, shall we?

Photo credit: Tony Vu

The wonderful exposed beam, wood door frames and wood backsplash are my favorites! These lovely elements bring so much warmth and character to this home, don't you think? I also like how the designer incorporated a few unexpected modern pieces amongst the mostly vintage furnishings for an updated look. A layered and collected home filled with charming touches, what's not to love about this comfortable home? Your thoughts?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Favorite room of the week!

I simply adore this gorgeous room! Furnished with polished pieces and glamorous accents, this chic space is perfect for any style-loving lady! I especially love the ultramodern etagere with the acrylic frame and golden steel accents. Not only it's beautiful, its height also draws your eyes up, creating a well-balanced, delightful composition. The glass shelves offer a stylish surface for books, trinkets, and other lovely home accents. Another piece I can't get my eyes off is the midcentury-inspired polished brass desk lamp. It's large and shiny, and truly makes a wonderful design statement in this room. Incorporating a neutral color palette in this home office is a wise choice because you wouldn't get easily distracted so work can get done. I am a huge fan of this fabulously designed room, what about you? 


Photo credit: One Kings Lane

If your neighbor builds over your boundary line what should you do?

This article is provided by Jesse Hughs.

Most people tend to get on with their neighbors, but from time to time there can be differences of opinion. One of the problems you can have with a neighbor is if they encroach on your property by building over the boundary line. The problem with this is that it can be difficult to establish exactly where the boundary line is. The only way to legally establish where the boundary is, is to hire a building or land surveyor. Once the boundary has been marked then it is illegal to build over it. 

You can see why it is so important to hire a professional to establish the boundary between two properties. If you do not establish where this boundary is then it is not possible for you to take action against a neighbor for encroaching onto your property. We are going to examine why establishing the property boundary is so important and what happens if the boundary has been crossed. 

Why do you need to know where the property boundary is?

If you think that your neighbor has built across the boundary of your two properties then you are obviously going to want to do something about it. If you want to take any sort of action you need to be able to prove that the boundary has been crossed. It follows that you can only do this if the boundary has been legally established. This is why you need to hire a qualified professional to do the work. Once the boundary has been established it is not legal for your neighbor to build across it.

What happens if the boundary is built across?

If your neighbor does build across an established boundary line you can take the matter to court, if no amicable solution can be found. It is possible for the court to make several different findings. It may state that any structure which has been built should be removed, it may make an award of compensation in relation to the encroachment or it may make an order for the land involved to be transferee or leased to the person who has encroached. It is not possible to say what decision will be made if you have a problem with a neighbor building over the boundary line; every case is different. 

If you want to try and avoid boundary disputes with neighbors it is usually a good idea to get boundaries legally clarified when you first move in. This may sound a little harsh and formal but it can help to prevent problems down the line. Of course there is no guarantee that your neighbor will not encroach on your property anyway, but at least you will know where you both stand should this ever happen. If it does then hopefully you will find the information we have provided useful in bringing the problem to a successful conclusion. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cool designer alert- Mark Zeff!

Introducing talented New York-based designer, Mark Zeff. Offering a full-service design-consulting firm, his projects span from residential to commercial design. With an eye for style and elegance, his work is unbelievably cutting edge with an insane attention to details! Intrigued? Let's check out this amazing portfolio below, shall we?

Photo credit: Mark Zeff

His work exudes so much warmth, style and sophistication. There's so much inspirations and visual interest in every space he creates, don't you think? I can't help but swoon over his gorgeous, effortlessly chic designs. Are you a fan of his amazing work as well? Your thoughts?

For more information about the design and his work, please visit