Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nine Outdoor Living Tips for Your Home!


An emerging trend we are seeing is the natural flow from your home to your outdoor space. To achieve this, it is essential to align your outdoor area with the architectural style of your home. Consider all the elements here, like your selection of outdoor furniture pieces, surface colors, and other accessories such as plants and rugs. The styles and materials in general should complement each other and not conflict.


Consistency is key when setting the right mood for your outdoor area. Try to avoid mixing and matching too much as this will hinder your ability to create a theme. It is really important to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve here to avoid confusion when selecting the right outdoor furniture and accessories. 

Get Inspired

If you are stuck for ideas or feeling a little overwhelmed, take a break, make yourself a coffee, jump on the computer and start searching to get inspired. There are a myriad of blogs and other design websites that have ideas and resources which have been created to help you. If you are still a little uncertain, then you may need to contact a design consultant to help out. 


When planning for paved areas, it is important to work the patterns out to scale, to see if there are any obstructions or obstacles. If you decide to use brick, then a simple weave pattern will blend in quite nicely. The slightly more detailed herringbone pattern is also a great choice for many outdoor spaces.

Native Flora

As a general rule of thumb, native plants to your region will thrive as opposed to exotic plants. They also tend to attract local fauna such as birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. In addition to this, most native flora has already become accustomed to growing in your region, meaning less irrigation and general upkeep. 

Reflecting Elements

Water features are a great way to enhance your outdoor living area. Bringing this element to your existing space can add powerful effects and enhance the overall mood of your setting. Water movement is both calming and intriguing, depending on whether you are relaxing or socializing. On sunny days it can also act as a natural mirror, reflecting the beautiful blue sky as well as other beautiful aspects of your garden.

Sensory Experience

When planning your outdoor space consider all five of your senses. Our sense of vision is for obvious reasons the most powerful, however, by adding other little nuances to trigger our other senses (sound, touch, taste and smell) you will enhance your overall experience when relaxing or entertaining guests. 

Be Yourself

Probably the most important step is staying true to yourself. Your outdoor living area should evoke a sense of belonging. When planning to create this homely getaway, be sure to incorporate the natural landscape of the region. This will create a certain style that reflects a sense of place. It is highly important to incorporate our personality and what we love into the overall design and planning to maintain that personal touch. And last but not least, remember to have fun with it! 

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