Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Keep a Space Safe Without Compromising Design!

Even so-called “cozy” interior design plans are going to want to take advantage of space, light, and access. These elements are at the core of any room’s charm and aesthetic.

Space, light, and access do not easily mix with safety, security, and privacy of a home. Curtains, doors, partitions, and multiple locks on the outer entrances are needed but prohibit the flow of a living space. 

Fortunately, folks looking to redesign a room or multiple rooms do not have to compromise on an acceptable level of home security in the suburban or urban setting. It is possible to eat your cake and have it too by utilizing the following approaches for keeping a space safe without worrying about the interior design limitations:

Outdoor Lighting

Depending on the view, you like to have your curtains left pushed to the side late into the evening. There is nothing quite like a nocturnal landscape or cityscape to accentuate the style of a particular living space at night.

However, we all know how vulnerable this situation can make us feel; anyone outside can easily see into the room, but people inside have a hard time seeing outward into the dark.

The solution is to install outward and downward facing floodlights. These serve to illuminate the ground and discourage prowlers from hanging around. If the position of the lights still causes obnoxious glare, opt for motion sensing models.

Subtle Security Cameras

When people think of security cameras in their home, many wince at the interior design implications. Nothing spoils the style and mood of a room like the glowing red light of a big camera quietly watching everyone from the corner.

Fortunately, the world’s leading home security experts have made great strides in providing subtle security camera installation options. The ADT price base for systems featuring smartphone and tablet accessible video feeds is inexpensive compared to alternative options. These systems involve very small cameras, which are barely noticeable but cover wide swaths of space.

The result is an ability to constantly monitor your home wherever you are, without having to come home to what looks like a police station.

Good Habits

Feel free to take advantage of open doors and windows when the weather is good. Just make sure to lock them all up when you leave!

Make weekly rounds of the exterior of the house. Check for broken basement windows and other signs of mischief. Crooks tend to prepare for break ins by setting the stage for later.

If you have gotten a security system, then use it! Many homes get alarms installed in the aftermath of a rash of break ins around the neighborhood, but after weeks and months of no new crimes they stop using them. Small yard signs indicating an alarm system are good deterrents, but a motivated enough of a thief will easily determine it is not being regularly activated.

Do these things, and there is really little to no reason why windows need to be barred, curtains drawn, and doors constantly dead bolted. These interior design inhibiting elements of home security can be avoided with due diligence, simple as that.

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