Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crafting The Quintessential Men’s Den!

The term “man cave” is archaic and tired, and our new take on the men’s den takes both the “man” and his family into the equation, focusing on crafting a comfortable space for today’s modern dude to kick up his feet, partake in his favorite hobbies, and spend time with his family. If you are looking to create an updated men’s den in your home, check out these design tips.

When It Comes to Comfort

Since the men’s den is a place to relax after a long work week and a haven where sports talk and poker games are the norm, the top priority when it comes to furniture should be comfort. Being comfortable should not mean sacrificing aesthetic however, and when it comes to masculine rooms, you can not go wrong with leather furniture. Easy to pair with a variety of design elements, simple to keep clean, and rugged enough to withstand roughhousing and spilled snacks when the final touchdown is scored, leather furniture is your best bet. Check out the online offerings from a store like Leather Furniture USA to find items that can be directly delivered to your house to make life a whole lot easier. 

Natural Elements

Looking to create some rugged appeal? Bring in natural elements. That might mean wood accoutrements like side tables, or paneling your walls with the amazing products from Stikwood. This awesome company has turned reclaimed wood into decals that DIY-ers can apply directly to their own walls with almost zero effort. This means having a professional looking wooden backsplash of sorts wherever you deem fit- an awesome option for the outdoors-loving fellow. If you are looking to incorporate more natural features, consider a regal bonsai tree or modern terrarium to add more vegetation to the space without creating a ton of extra upkeep. 

Wall Decorations

The walls are where the personality of the room (and its occupants) can really shine through. Is the men’s den meant to be a sports retreat, rife with the sounds of happy cheers and angry boos during the baseball season, or is it intended as an oasis meant to calm and soothe? Perhaps it is intended to become a poker mecca. Take into consideration the utility of the room, and select your wall décor on this basis. For a sports room, framed jerseys, photos of legendary players, and team photos of your child on his or her team can do the trick. If calm is your aim, stick to clean, modern décor, with a statement art piece or two. If you are a card player, channel the bright lights of gambling mecca Vegas with neon signs from

Some Recreational Pieces

Make room for fun in the men’s den and consider what type of recreational additions you want to include in your design. Perhaps you will work your motif around your pride and joy pool table. Maybe darts is more your game- a special, custom dartboard from will add the perfect personal touch to your space. This space is about paying homage to favorite hobbies, so make sure you take part in said activities as much as possible. 

An At-Home Bar

One of the chicest, most practical aspects to add into the men’s den is a wet bar. If you do not have access to plumbing in the room, or there is not quite enough space in the budget to add one, you can always turn a bar cart into an impromptu and movable bar. You can find bar carts at almost every home goods store these days, or you can rework an old work cart you have into a piece that holds all of your favorite libation ingredients. Make sure you find something with wheels that you can cart around and add a bit of versatility to your room décor. 

Whether you are looking to create your own personal hobby space or you are designing a room for your husband and family to enjoy, these décor tips will help you craft the quintessential men’s den. 

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