Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest post- A brief guide to using mirrors around your home!

However small or large your property is, hanging the odd mirror around your home can work wonders on the eye. As well as making your room appear larger than it is, mirrors make the most of your lighting installations and can add an air of elegance to any living space.

Here is a quick guide to integrating mirrors within your home, how to install them and tips for looking after them in the years to come.

As a feature piece

A popular choice in the living room and bedroom, feature mirrors are perfect for adding space and light to your room. Placing your mirror close to a window will allow the natural sunlight to reflect around the room, making your space seem larger than its dimensions.

Complementary to both the modern and minimal, and classic and traditional home, a stylized mirror can add interest and intrigue to any interior design theme.

If you are looking for something a little different, why not feature mirrors in your kitchen renovation? Gloss kitchens, such as the ones in the Wren Living range, offer light-reflecting qualities without the ‘full mirrored’ effect.

As part of your wall coverings

If you would rather integrate mirrors to your home’s décor in a subtler fashion, you can always feature them in soft furnishings or on your wall. There is no need to chisel off your bathroom or kitchen tiles, as many can be applied over the top of your original tiling.

Mirror curtains make great room dividers throughout the year, and can also be used as stunning backdrops if you want to jazz-up your wall without disturbing your wallpaper or paintwork.


Feature – For installing your large mirror, brackets, wire or hooks will do the job perfectly. Most mirror hanging kits define the size/weight they can support, so make sure your choice of fixing can support your mirror.

Tiles –Looking to add more shimmer to your room’s aesthetic? Mapei’s Starlike Adhesive and Grout, in stock at Walls and Floors, is super-sticky and gives in-between your tiles a glittery effect too.

Cleaning them

The most popular, cheapest and easiest way to give your mirror a gleaming shine is by using simple washing up liquid. The trick is to wipe using a little and often, as the worst thing you want is a streaky mirror with dried-on drip marks.

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