Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Secret To A Clean And Organized Home!

Nothing feels more calming and relaxing than finding refuge to a clean home after a long day. Not only is clutter an eyesore, but we know very well that living in filth is never good for anyone, especially children. 

Keeping your house clean will promote good health and sanitation while extending the life of your home’s materials, preventing pest infestations, and making your abode aesthetically more pleasing for family members and guests.

However, with so many things to deal with-from making breakfast to getting the kids’ homework done-it is easy to just go about your day and think about doing the cleaning the next day, which becomes a vicious cycle of procrastination and aimless planning every day. 

Not to worry, you do not have to spend long hours on polishing your home, you just need to be smarter in maintaining it! Here, we reveal the ultimate secrets to keeping your house so clean and organized you would want to host more dinner parties on weeknights.

Make the bed every morning.

The first step to a tidy home is to wake up practicing a good habit of making the bed every morning. Encourage all the family members to lay the blanket, tuck the sheets, and arrange the pillows before they hit the shower. It would not be so hard once you get used to it.

Change and wash the beddings regularly.

Bed sheets can rack up dead skin and all types of body fluids like sweat, oil, and saliva. Pillows can be breeding ground for bugs and mites! To avoid infection, make sure to change your bed sheet weekly, wash your pillows every three months, and steam your mattresses every six months.

Clean the floor.

Keep your floor’s luster by cleaning it regularly and correctly. For ceramic-tile floor, sweep and vacuum to remove loose soil or grit and then clean with warm water. Wooden floors may need more TLC so be sure you get the right mop for wood floors. The cleanliness of the floor will radiate in the entire house.

Clean the kitchen every day.

Do not wait for dirty plates and pots to pile up! The kitchen is one of the places that is regularly used and can therefore easily accumulate dirt and disorder. Wash your dishes every after meal. If you can only take care of the dishes at night, you can load and run the dishwasher. Just make sure you also empty it at once. 

Familiarize yourself with what microfiber is as you will need this type of cloth when cleaning the counter to make sure you effectively remove crumbs, prints, and water rings. Also, take out the trash every night. Do not give bacteria a chance to sit overnight in your home.

Assign designated places of objects in the house.

This is hard to oblige when everyone is rushing. But always remind everyone to never leave anything on the floor, pick up any mess, and put everything in its rightful place. This will not only make your house more organized but it will truly prevent losing important things like keys, umbrellas, and even school books. You do not want to lose precious time looking for missing items!

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