Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dangerously beautiful staircases.

Indoor staircases are necessary for homes with multiple levels. A well designed staircase makes a dramatic impact and architectural focal point to any homes. However, some modern homes nowadays sacrifice safety for the sake of beauty alone and build these staircases without any railings. 

All the homes above have gorgeous interiors and stunning staircases but it is not quite ideal for everyday living, in my opinion. What are your thoughts about indoor staircase without handrails? Would you sacrifice function and safety over beauty?


  1. I agree; these aren't very practical. I would be too nervous with kids on these stairs. The third one looked especially dangerous. But they sure look pretty! I love the look of the second one with the built-in seat under it. It really makes a big impact, taking the railings off. BTW that is so funny about our blogs being almost the same age! Lets definitely do something for the 1 year mark- both guest post on each others blogs on the same day or something!

  2. That will be fun! Looking forward to our blog's first birthday! :)

  3. Just found your blog via a comment on mind. These staircases are indeed great to look at, like sculptural works of art. But not practical, especially with any children in the house! Fun post. Janell

  4. Janell, thanks for dropping by. Hope you have fun reading the rest of my blog!


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