Monday, September 25, 2017

A fresh and timeless farmhouse-inspired home in Arkansas!

This beautiful ranch-style home in West Little Rock is designed by Katie Henry for her clients with a vision to create a home that complemented the natural environment. Using farmhouse-style as inspiration, the designer transformed the house from dark and cramped to light and airy. Let's check out the results of the makeover, shall we?

Photo credit: Rett Peek

I can't take my eyes off this gorgeous residence! Employing a neutral, tone-on-tone color palette throughout the entire house, this home feels fresh, open and cohesive. A mix of textures, natural elements and brass accents provide visual interest to the calming, neutral color scheme. Are you drawn to this decorating approach as well? 


  1. Love this home. Clean and chic, yet so welcoming.

  2. Love light tone-on-tone colors mixed with light woods and baskets. Yes, this home is truly beautiful!

  3. I love how the home just feels oh-so-relaxing!!!! I want that coffee table too!


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