Thursday, October 11, 2018

Three Benefits Of Having Exposed Pipes In Interior Design!

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If you are to be conventional with your home interiors, exposed pipes are a no-no. They are considered part of the home’s skeletal system, so they are likely to be obscured under walls and moldings. 

But you can actually reap some benefits if you leave your piping system, or at least part of it, exposed. 

You achieve that industrial/modern look.

Exposed pipes, just as long as their colors coordinate well the elements around them, can make your space look like its directly lifted from the home of a forward-thinking merchant in the industrial revolution era. 

The look feels advanced but not tacky, though it might make some visitors a bit uncomfortable, especially the more conventional ones.

Do not think, though, that having exposed pipes around evokes only feelings of business-like seriousness. The mood that they set actually depends on the colors that they come in. Color them black or red or even white, and yes, they will really feel heavy and serious. Such color schemes will be perfect for offices and study areas, where focus and concentration are desired. 

Color them bright and shiny copper and they will look like classy ornaments on walls. You can even place paintings or framed photos around them for a more homey look. 
Exposed pipe can trigger your creativity. 

Exposed pipes, if left as they are, can really become an eyesore. Remember, pipe manufacturers do not really expect their products to be left exposed in homes. Hence, they do not care so much about aesthetics. 

Of course, like any other design element, there is a need for you to make the exposed pipes go well with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. Aside from painting them as we described in the first point, there are other creative means that you can try. One is to cover the exposed pipe with wooden wrapping. This is recommended especially if your home has that overall rustic theme. 

You can also cover pipes with brown ropes. Doing this will surely go well with a place that has a rustic or nautical feel. Ropes are just so reminiscent of the sea and countryside, right? 

If the exposed pipes hang a bit low from the ceiling, you can use them to anchor your hanging fancy lights. To ensure safety, it will be great if you cover the pipes first with a reliable insulator such as thick paint.

Repairing them will be less costly.

When a wipe is busted, so much time is needed for repairs because the worker still needs to break the concrete wall or drywall to get to the problem. Needless to say, this process also has its corresponding high monetary costs.

When the pipe is exposed, you can not only notice the problem early but also have it repaired by a trusted professional quite easily. Looking for the right professional for the job is not always easy. But if you are from this famous Canadian city, there is one name that many residents have grown to trust: Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto ON. Having been in service since 1970, it is safe to say that the quality of plumbing work that this group does is really proven and tested.

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