Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest post- Take Your Bathroom From Boring To Beautiful!

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Bathrooms usually get the least amount of attention of any room in the house. Often painted in drab colors, devoid of artwork, plants or other individual touches, bathrooms in most homes are bleak, utilitarian environments. However, they don't need to feature a lackluster ambiance simple because they're bathrooms. If you're wondering how to best spruce your bathroom up so that it least has a bit of personality, there are plenty of ways that you can infuse some character into it without making a substantial financial commitment.

For those on a budget, thrift store and flea market finds can sometimes work well to furnish a bathroom, but other alternatives such as the vanities available from retailers like are advised. Because the vanity is one of the key components of the bathroom, it's important that the homeowner select just the right one. Second hand merchandise often wears out quickly or is already flawed when bought, so it's best to purchase something new that will last for a long time.

A well-decorated bathroom can reduce stress levels of household residents as well as increase the market value of the home. Bathrooms can function as sanctuaries for harried parents and busy professionals. Although homeowners naturally don't want to include expensive artwork as interior accessories in rooms that have a great deal of moisture in their atmosphere, but there are other types of decorative items that can be used with optimal effect in bathrooms.

Brightly lit bathroom windows are prime spots for green displays of thriving, moisture-loving house plants such as ferns. This also helps to create a soothing environment. Hanging plants can also be placed in various spots around the room.

Candles, soap and other common bathroom products can act as decoration in their own right. Vibrant color, artistic shapes and candle and soap items that simply smell terrific will greatly enhance the feel of a bathroom. Towels can be chosen in colors that improve the appearance of the bathroom as well. The key to making a bathroom look good and feel comfortable is to select everyday items that not only function as what they were meant for but also provide maximum appeal to the senses.

Luxurious bathrooms sometimes contain features such as fireplaces, sunken tubs, antique or otherwise attractive and well-designed linen closets and thick, soft rugs. Not many things are more relaxing than enjoying a glass of wine while soaking in a sunken tub full of scented water in a bathroom lit and warmed by fire.

A stand-alone linen closet is something that all larger bathrooms should have. If the bathroom isn't large enough to hold one, it's recommended that it be placed in the hallway just outside the door. Because linen closets are considered to be substantial investments, homeowners should take care when choosing the right one. It's best to explore various styles and make comparisons before making a final selection.

Homeowners who have devoted some time and attention to creating a soothing, enjoyable bathroom find that they enjoy their time at home much more.


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