Thursday, April 27, 2017

Don't Stop At The Dining Room: Modern Chandeliers For Every Space!

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When you think about spaces a chandelier ought to be hung in the house, I am willing to bet your first instinct is to hang it above the dining room table. You would not be wrong to hang a chandelier in the dining room; it is really the obvious choice, isn't it? The dining room is where we gather with family and friends to eat good food and have good conversation. Naturally, we would want the space to be lit beautifully. 

The formality of the dining room too makes us think that it must have an elegant light fixture to complement the use of the space. Be honest: you imagined an ornate, multi-tiered crystal chandelier with arabesque arms when I asked about the chandelier earlier, didn't you?

Fortunately, this is not the only style in which chandeliers are available. Retailers like Y Design specialize in offering design aficionados a variety of chandelier designs, from the ornate to the modern chandelier.

What does this mean for you? This means that you do not have to resign yourself to only hanging chandeliers in pre-approved spaces. You can hang chandeliers in the bedroom, bathroom and even the walk-in closet. 

Let us take a look at three chandelier designs that will blend seamlessly into your living space.

The Starburst LED Chandelier- Blackjack Lighting

Perfect for: The Bathroom

“A chandelier in the bathroom?” you are wondering. Yes. During our lifetime, we spend 1 ½ years in the bathroom. Broken down, this means we visit the bathroom six times a day. Shouldn’t a space we frequent as often as the bathroom be well-designed?

For a posh bathroom interior, the Starburst LED chandelier is the ticket. The starburst chandelier sends sparkles of light dancing across the ceiling and countertops. The chandelier’s stainless steel arms, available in either a polished chrome or brushed brass finish, will elevate a modernly designed bathroom and complement a traditionally designed bathroom. 

Perfect for setting the mood for a romantic bath, the starburst chandelier is wet-rated and made to handle damp conditions. As you can imagine, there are safety codes for installing a chandelier over the bathtub. This Old House writes that the bottom of the chandelier must be at a minimum of 8 feet above the highest point of your bathtub’s edge. 

The Washington 4-Light Pendant Light- Hudson Valley Lighting

Perfect for: The Master Bedroom

Is your bedroom in need of a redesign? You may not need to do much after you have replaced your overhead light with a modern chandelier for the bedroom. Lighting can drastically alter our perception of a space. You may have everything you already need in the master bedroom; it is the lighting that is letting you down.

The Washington 4-Light pendant light is artisanal, modern, arabesque and futuristic all at once. Made by a master glass artisan, the curved glasswork that surrounds and magnifies the pendant’s light source brings light and a sense of magic to the space. The master bedroom is supposed to be the most powerful room of the house: it is where the prominent members of the family sleep. A well-placed chandelier in the bedroom signifies the importance of the room and its inhabitants. 

The Sexta Pendant Light- Santa & Cole

Perfect for: The Home Office

You do not have to settle for a desk or floor lamp in your home office. A place of work and industry, your home office should inspire and motivate you to explore, create and produce. The Sexta pendant light is a modern take on secular tradition. Reminiscent of iron luminaries, the spin on ritual design in this modern chandelier will help you to get to work in style. Classic inspired designs for the home office will help you to feel comfortable and productive as the space will feel welcoming and accomplished.

Chandeliers offer users an experience. Do you want to feel alive in your home? Mix up your lighting fixtures and make bold design decisions. 

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