Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy birthday to me!

My lovelies, guess what? I just turned 37 years old today! Happy birthday to me! Getting older isn't so bad after all considering I have made so much improvements in many aspects of my life. Compared to when I was in my twenties, I am definitely a better person, a better decorator, a better cook, a better communicator and someone with better skills overall especially in the makeup and singing department. :) Perhaps many people are already great at these things when they are in their 20s, but it took me a while to hone my skills. :) 

To celebrate my big day, I have the whole itinerary planned out because honestly, who knows me better than I do, yes? A few reservations have been made which included an "award-winning" hipster restaurant for brunch and a Peking duck restaurant for dinner in Chicago. I can't wait! In between both meals, I am planning to visit a few furniture stores in the city, do some serious grocery shopping in a few Asian stores to replenish some hard-to-get ingredients and indulge in delicious shaved snow (a popular Asian dessert originated from Taiwan) that I love but can't get in my suburbs. 

These desserts create an explosion of textures and flavors in your mouth and are truly yummy! I have tried it once in Hong Kong and I am hooked! :)

Besides the gifts (of course), special occasion for me is always about the food. LOL. Many of you already knew my love for interior design but food comes in at a close second. I can't wait to celebrate my birthday with mountains of delicious food today! My lovelies, how do you celebrate your birthday? Do you indulge yourself with lots of good food as well?


Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you taking the time to share with me your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Your comments always, always brighten up my day! So, keep them coming. Have a beautiful day!