Thursday, April 20, 2017

How Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently?

This post is written by Quintin Bentley Crevling.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to remove from your home. They can live on any surface and burrow into your furniture. They sense your body smell and are drawn to you very quickly. The telltale sign of bed bugs are when you get a row of bites that all follow a straight line. These small creatures will suck your blood until they are too fat to walk (up to 200% of their body size), so you are unlikely to have a bed bugs walk great distance to find a new surface to feast. To learn more about exterminating the bed bugs, click here and see what they recommend. If you want to permanently remove these nasty bugs from your home you will need to machine wash all fabric items, treat surfaces they may reside in, and call pest control to thoroughly inspect your home.   

A bed bug’s favorite place to reside in a home is on fabric surfaces such as mattresses, or furniture cushions. These places often provide them warmth and enough human contact to fill their stomachs. Since these bugs can lives on any fabric surface, you will need to machine wash all fabric materials in your home including: clothing, towels, bedding, curtains, and furniture covers. You will want to wash and dry these items on the hottest setting. If you have items that cannot be cleaned on this setting, then you will need to have them professionally steam cleaned, as steam is one of the most effective ways to kill the bugs.

The hardest thing about exterminating bed bugs is that they can live in just about any surface and they are resistant to many pesticides. Bed bugs have developed genes outside of their bodies that detoxifies harmful pesticides. Vacuuming your home will serve as a good first line of defense by sucking up many of the bugs and their eggs. The vacuum may not kill the bugs, so you will want to immediately empty your vacuum outside of your home into a plastic bag that is then tied to prevent them from escaping. You will want to make sure all of your wallpaper is properly glued to the walls, because even the smallest gap can create the perfect home for these nasty bugs.

Bed bugs can thrive in any environment and they breed like their life depends on it. This means that you will have to completely eradicate every last bug or they are going to come back in force. Make sure to have pest control come to inspect your home and spray insecticide in the areas of your home that may house the bugs. A pest control expert will be extremely knowledgeable about the bugs and where they thrive. They will be able to find small crevices in your home that most people would not think to check. Make sure to follow all of the expert’s instructions so you can live pest free!

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