Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Creative Ways to Cover Up Those Unsightly Household Pipes!

There is nothing worse than stepping into a room and seeing exposed features like ceiling pipes, air ducts, electrical pipes, or plumbing lines. They are necessary in order for the home to function properly, but from a designer’s point of view, they can be a real eyesore. Exposed pipes of any kind can make what could be a potentially attractive room look a little less attractive.

Of course there are more expensive options for dealing with these exposed pipes, for example by installing a new ceiling, putting in cabinets, or even reconstructing walls to cover the exposed pipes. However, there are also the high costs of having to hire professional contractors to complete the tasks. This of course costs a decent amount of money and can take some time.

So what is the middle ground? How can you find a way to cover up those exposed pipes while staying within budget? The answer is pretty simple, get creative! Below you will find a few innovative ideas to get you started.

Home Décor Tip: Before you start working on decorating a room that has exposed pipes such as air ducts, you should contact a professional for HVAC service repair or installation. It is always best to have your heating and cooling system serviced to ensure that it is working properly before you start painting and designing a room. This way they would not have to destroy your craftsmanship later on if something goes wrong. 

1. Incorporate The Pipes

If you can not beat them, you might as well join them! A great way to deal with exposed pipes is to simply incorporate them into your overall design. Going with an industrial theme in the room can allow a great canvas for the pipes to stand out. Going with an neutral tone color wall with either copper or black pipes can be a great addition to the room. Incorporate a few industrial pieces, a beautiful rug and you are good to go.

2.  Build A Shelf Around It

Another option for exposed pipes in a room would be to build a shelf around it. Storage shelves are always a great addition to any home décor. Not only do they look good but they are pretty functional and can take away the attention from the eyesore known as exposed piping in the room.

3. Use A Sink Skirt

Trying to redesign your kitchen but you have a lot of pipes exposed? Creating a neat little sink skirt is fairly easy and gets rid of the problem with very little investment. You will need to choose a nice fabric that will either blend in or stand out as an accent in your kitchen. If you are not too handy with a sewing machine, the next best solution would be to purchase a ready made sink skirt. There are several different styles you can consider that will also match your kitchen décor.

4. Paint The Pipes

If the exterior condition of the pipes is in pretty good shape, but the color is simply throwing off the design of your room, then you could consider paint the pipes to match the room. You can choose to paint them a color that will match your wall or ceiling (depending on where the pipes are located) or you can paint them an accent color to add character to the room.

5. Design Tape

If you are not too handy with a paintbrush then you probably do not want to paint the pipes as it can look more unattractive if it is not done correctly. Fear not DIYers as there is another option that can still make the pipe’s exterior look a lot better, you can always use a design tape. There is now a tape that comes already colored with different patterns that you can simply wrap around the pipes instead.

This is just a few ways you can cover up those ugly pipes and bring any room in your home to life. Updating your home’s décor does not have to be expensive. With a creative mind, and a few arts and craft skills you can turn those household eyesores into beautiful accessories that compliment the look and feel of the home. Have fun trying these ideas in your own home, and even turn it into a fun family project!

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