Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 tips for styling your home office!

Working from home is many people’s idea of heaven. No stressful commutes, some peace and quiet and the chance to strike a better work-life balance. However, without a well-designed home office, your attempts to operate from the comfort of your abode may not be as stress-free and successful as you imagined. 

From back pain to boredom, poorly planned home offices can lead to a range of problems. To help ensure you do not experience these difficulties, take a look at the following 5 simple styling tips.

1. Select the perfect spot
Before you get stuck into the finer points of styling your office, you will need to make sure you have found the perfect spot for your workspace. If you are lucky enough to have a study or spare room, this is a no-brainer. If not, you will have to use your imagination. A corner of your bedroom, a section of your landing or even the space under your stairs could double up as a work zone. Ideally, the area you select should be quiet and benefit from plenty of natural light.

2. Do not skimp on your seat

Arguably the most important piece of office furniture that you will buy will be your chair. After all, you might be spending long hours at your workstation, so it is important that you select a good quality seat and offers impressive levels of comfort and support. There are a host of designs to choose from these days and it really comes down to personal preference. For inspiration, you can visit the websites of specialist suppliers like Calibre Office Furniture. From mesh seats to executive chairs and designer ranges, you would not be stuck for choice.

3. Make sure you have plenty of storage

Storage is the unsung hero of office design. When you have the right drawers, cabinets and shelves in place, you hardly notice they are there. However, if you are lacking these furnishings, your office could quickly descend into chaos. So, if you want to prevent your paperwork from going walkabout around your home, make sure you invest in plenty of storage. Even if you do not use it all straight away, it is bound to prove useful eventually.
4. Use colors that will help you concentrate

Consider redecorating your office area too. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a color scheme. The important thing is to select a look that works for you. Some people find that soothing pastels help them to focus on their tasks, while others prefer more vibrant hues, like lime greens and oranges. If you are not sure which color scheme to go for, try a few test patches first. There is no substitute for actually seeing paint in situ.
5) Introduce inspiring personal touches

Once you have the main elements of your office in order, it is time to think about introducing a few inspiring personal touches. For example, perhaps you have a prized piece of artwork that you could hang on the wall in front of your workstation. A framed family photo can make a great addition to your desk too, while a cute pot plant could bring added added color. By incorporating details like this into your office, you can give it instant personality.

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