Thursday, February 22, 2018

With Design, It Is The Little Things That Can Make Or Break The Look!

This post is provided by Katherine Smith.

It is the little things like this that can bring down your whole design if you are not careful. Here are a few of the little things that can make or break your design:


You have a pristine room with beautiful tile floors and a white linen sofa. Then a nasty cockroach crawls across the smooth stone or the alabaster fabric, creating a black spot on your design. Ditto for spiders, scorpions, or any other kind of pests.

Joshua's Pest Control in San Diego says that you need to develop a pest control plan well before you notice that you have pests. Once you have an infestation, the pests can be much harder to remove. But if you treat your home ahead of time, you can keep the pests from ever entering.


A jumble of wires behind your entertainment center or your desk just looks like a mess. It will be a blight on your carefully designed room. That messy pile of wires will make the room look more cluttered and decidedly less stylish.

There are many ways that you can hide those wires. The best way is to plan for the wires in your design, such as by choosing an entertainment center that has closed spaces where the wires can be hidden, such as drawers and cabinets. You can also hide wires by hiring an electrician to run them through the wall or to put an outlet closer to where you need it. You can also minimize wires by minimizing the number of devices in a location. Do you really need an Xbox and a Wii?

Generic Light Fixtures

You might not think that simple light fixture in your hall makes that big a difference to your overall design, but it does. All those generic light fixtures that you might think blend into the background actually detract from the full potential of your home's decor.

The best interior designs are planned to the smallest detail. The light fixtures should be chosen to complement the decor not only with their style but also with the ambiance they create. Different fixtures can change the light level in the room, which can have a profound impact on the atmosphere.

Shoddy Workmanship

Nothing looks as good as good workmanship. You do not want to look down at your custom made farm table and note all the ways that it is flawed, from that little puddle of stain in the corner to the screw sticking out on one of the legs. Nor do you want to be enjoying a bath in your huge garden tub and look over and see crooked paint lines or loose window trim. 

Make sure you hire the pros to do your home repairs or renovations. If you want to do some of the work yourself, make sure you take on only those jobs that you can do well. No one is going to praise your work if it does not look good, and your efforts could actually bring down the profile of your home.

There are dozens of other little things that can bring down your home design, ranging from ill-chosen throw pillows to a misplaced accent chair in your family room. It is important that you think through every aspect of your design carefully and that you pay close attention to the details. You will be looking at your decor every day, and you will notice the little flaws that are there. Over time, your guests will notice, too, and you will feel very self-conscious. You may even stop inviting people over as often because of it. 

Take your time with your design planning or work with a professional to make sure you get it right.

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