Friday, January 12, 2018

Inside a new San Francisco home with a whimsically classic decor!

This San Francisco home is designed by  Miles Redd for an energetic young couple with lively children. Instead of opting for modern interiors, the homeowners desired something more timeless and classic for their new abode. The designer happily agreed and delivered what his clients wanted. Let's check out the results of this transformation, shall we?

Photo credit: Trevor Tondro

A combination of trompe l’oeil-tented walls and ceilings, classic chinoiserie scenic wallpapers, Persian rugs, antiques and bold color palettes transformed this house from new to regal! Beautifully layered, elegant and visually interesting, this home is beyond delightful and inspirational! I am especially drawn to the entry's whimsical ceiling and the gorgeous wallcovering in the formal dining room, what about you, my lovelies? Are you a fan of this lovely home tour as well? What are your thoughts?  

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  1. Beautiful !!! Each room has fantastic personality. The Foyer is out of this world, while the living space is stately, yet very comfortable. All with the children sliding down the stair railing. Miles Redd has achieved creating a formal, traditional home into welcoming happy family space.


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