Thursday, February 8, 2018

Top Trending Decoration Tips For Your Living Room!

This post is provided by Matt Lee.

Your living room is the go-to space for relaxing after a long day, spending time with family and friends, and entertaining guests. Since this room is often the host of get-togethers and likely where visitors will spend most of their time, it is important for this space to really shine.

Decorating a living room can be a little intimidating, but by following a few of these trends you can create a fresh, inviting atmosphere.

Bold, Dark Furniture Adds Drama Without Coming Across Cold

When dark walls are too intimidating or not an option, a solution is for your furniture to add drama. Dark-toned or classic Mission-style Amish living room furniture look substantial and really add structure to a living room, without making the room feel smaller or cold as dark painted walls may. The matching look of a set is very attractive, just be sure to decorate around it with more eclectic pieces that go along with your style. 

Incorporate An Unexpected Color In Your Decor

So much of home design focuses on very similar color palettes, particularly a range of neutral grays, beiges, whites, and browns. Consider bringing an unexpected color into your living room in the form of a bold emerald green or a jewel-toned amethyst. Such shades are not so common, and therefore are memorable, and really add a touch of richness. An easy way of doing this is added colored pillows or a throw over a sitting chair, but do not be afraid to have a chair or sofa reupholstered in a new shade.

Touches Of Natural Wood Creates Texture And Dimension

There is nothing like real wood to add texture, warmth and dimension to a boring living room. Though a driftwood coffee table or furniture is obviously a great route, consider covering the main wall in reclaimed wood wall panels or go for a very luxurious look with wainscoting. Both can be added to structurally sound walls easily but look as if your living room went under a serious remodel. Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and offers that incredible aged wood look that is highly sought after.

Minimalistic, Unique Lighting Fixtures

Minimalism always seems to be on trend, but recently has flowed into lighting fixtures. Matte-finished metal lighting fixtures that hang as pendants draw the eye in and are a great way of making a statement without the living room looking cluttered. Simply finish the rest of the room with recessed lights. Do not forget about including dimmable lighting to really set the mood. 

Smarten Up Boring Walls With Personalized Art

A living room without art is simply not a finished space. Rather than buying expensive art or spending time searching for the perfect frame for your photo, go the route of custom canvas prints instead. Not only can you print classic pieces as well as personal photos you have taken yourself, but they also come in a variety of sizes. Being so lightweight, canvas prints are easy to hang, look casually chic, and allow you to create a beautiful gallery-style art display.

Although any and all these tips can apply to essentially any settings, if you are starting from a bare room it is worth it to settle on a theme (i.e. industrial, farmhouse, urban, etc) prior to making big purchases. 

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