Thursday, March 12, 2015

Four Bathroom Remodel Tasks You Should DIY!

Remodeling your bathroom may seem like a scary nightmare, but it is not something you should be afraid of. Bathrooms sell houses, and even if you are not in the market to sell your home, updating your bathroom can provide equity in the home that you can use for other purposes.

Sure, there are sometimes when a bathroom remodel requires the help of a professional. If you are considering a major bathroom renovation, you should call in the professional contractor, plumber, electrician, and anyone else you may need.

If you are just looking for some minor upgrades, the following are four bathroom remodel tasks that you can easily handle on your own.


Updating a dated vanity can be an easy way to upgrade your bathroom. You can either opt to install a brand-new vanity on your own, or you can refurbish your existing vanity.

If you opt to refurbish, one easy way is to paint the existing vanity. You can paint the entire vanity a new color, or you can create new vanity doors for a new pop. Either option will make your bathroom look great.

You can also upgrade the vanity by installing new hardware or changing out the dated countertop.


When it comes to easy upgrades, painting is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to update your bathroom. Choose a new color, and then spend the day transforming your bathroom into a new retreat. You will be surprised at how, sometimes, only adding a new coat of paint is enough to make your bathroom look like new.


Updating your old fixtures in your bathroom is another simple task you can do on your own. For example, if you have old knobs on your vanity, old faucets on your sink or in your shower, or dated light fixtures, consider replacing these with something new. You may need to watch a few YouTube videos if this is your first time dealing with electricity or plumbing, but it is something you can do on your own.

If you do not want to buy all new fixtures, consider painting your existing fixtures for a cost-effective DIY upgrade.


Adding new tile to your bathroom is another great way to upgrade your existing bath. If you have old floors, adding new tile floors to your bathroom can make the room feel like new. You can buy tile at your local home improvement store, as well as the other tiling essentials you may need to complete the job. Plus, most home improvement stores offer classes to help you learn what to do.

If you feel like you have mastered tiling the floor, you can always opt to tile the rest of the bathroom, including the shower or adding a backsplash to the sink.

If the thought of tiling is too much, or if you are not having any luck, you can also opt for laminate or peel-and-stick flooring for your bathroom too. This is extremely easy to install, and it will make your bathroom look like new.

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