Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Inject Your Personality Into Your Kitchen!

The last thing you want is to have a kitchen that does not reflect your personal style. Some kitchens can look clinical, bland and unloved. If you inject your personality into your kitchen you will instantly give it more life, and make it feel like home. Try thinking outside the box and doing something a little different, going with your preferences will make your kitchen your own. If you want to make your kitchen unique to you then here are some ways you can do it.


Head out to the shops and search for some great accessories for your kitchen. The accessories you choose are an excellent way of showing off your creativity and personal tastes. Look for accessories such as wall hangings, pottery, cake tins, mugs and candles.


Everyone naturally gravitates to a specific set of colors. When you walk into your kitchen and it is painted a color you love it will make it feel yours. Do not settle for a color that you do not really like just because it is easier to leave it. Colors can have an impact on your mood so choose a color that makes you feel great. Do not be afraid to go for a bold color, kitchens can really stand out with bold colors such as red, bright yellow and green.


What sort of theme do you want to go for? For example some people prefer a nautical theme, others like to go for a vintage look and a lot of people these days like the modern look. Have a think about some styles you like and consider a range of different themes. The type of accessories you buy will need to tie in with your theme so this might influence your choice.

Personal objects

Theo From DesignerKitchens said “Do you have any meaningful objects you could put in your kitchen? Objects that bring back memories or have an important meaning to you? Adding very personal items is another way of making your kitchen really unique and making sure it reflects your personality.”


Everyone has a type of flower that they absolutely love. Flowers can really make kitchens come alive and add a touch of elegance. You can get fresh flowers or buy some green house plants to make your kitchen feel vibrant and green.


You can go for plain block color kitchen walls or a use tiles or wallpaper with bold patterns. What sort of print you choose is another way of injecting your personality into your kitchen. Contrasting colours and textured patterns are very in right now so do not be afraid to try something new.

Gadgets and appliances

Do you prefer high-tech kitchen gadgets or appliances that are a little more classic? Connected products are very popular at the moment such as coffee makers operated by smartphones but this ultra modern look might not be you. You might prefer the look of a retro kitchen with slightly more unique appliances.

There are limitless inspirations out there. If you do some research, you are bound to find some ideas you really love that you can easily replicate for your own kitchen.

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  1. Hi, kitchen is definitely the heart of the home! The cook area of my kitchen is white shaker cabinets with gray quartz countertop and a gray backsplash but there oodles of pops of color throughout, including a lime green table in the breakfast nook!


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