Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guest-post- Decorating with Patterned Bathroom Tiles!

In a bathroom many people are tempted to adopt a pristine white theme. White is a color we associate with cleanliness and it has the added advantage of being reflective to give the impression of more space in the room.  But is there an alternative?

Patterned tiles can give a room a sense of your own style.  When you are treating yourself to some relaxation time in the tub it is great to be able to feel comfortable and secure in your own little haven.  A totally plain, stark white environment can feel a little impersonal and sterile.

The Magic of Morocco

Moroccan styling is right on trend and it gives you the opportunity of making plenty of quirky additions to your bathroom. You can treat yourself to some specifically designed Moroccan themed tiling; a small taste of Moorish architecture in your home. If you are going with this look there are plenty of options to accessorize across the theme. 

Instead of using candles around your tub why not try out some Moroccan styled tea lights, a real touch of exotic.  You can even go African with your fittings, faucets with ornate golden Moroccan stylings are a great way to go. 

What Size and Style Should you use?

You may not be a fan of the Moroccan theme, that is fine but what style should you adopt and in what size tile? You want to express yourself in the style you choose so do not be afraid to go for it, you can learn more here. That being said if you have a small bathroom very intense fussy patterns can make the space feel even smaller. Likewise dark colors can purvey a claustrophobic feel. Tiles with a brighter, wider, less intense pattern will add some color and interest without making the space seem even smaller. 

It is also a good idea to use small tiles in a small bathroom, they are easier practically as they do not need so much cutting, and they do not dwarf the size of the room. Conversely, if you are lucky enough to have a luxuriously large bathroom you can be big and bold in both the size of the tiles and the theme.

Should I go for an all-over Pattern?

Some of this is down to personal taste, but remember that a small space can look overly busy with a lot of pattern going on. Black and white may seem simple but it can be ideal for keeping a clean and classic style while still putting your own stamp on the room. 

Another option is to spot your patterned tiles around the room, and use plain tiles for the remainder. If you are going to do this it is a good idea to choose a color from the design and to select plain tiles in a shade that complements this color. 

For a design in moderation, and if you want to keep clean and simple for the majority of the bathroom space, pattern the backsplash areas around your units; a great way to add a little uncomplicated style. 

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