Sunday, June 22, 2014

Appreciate what you have got with these design tips!

This post is written by Paul Watson.

Sometimes it is easy to take things for granted in this world of one-click internet purchases and next day delivery. We just do not know how good we have got it. A few hundred years ago, for instance, most of us would have lived in a clay hut, and the best accessory we could acquire was a bit of mud in a corner.

Maybe you could shove a fetid stick in your mound of mud, but that was about the end of interior design. That is why you should be thankful for all the fantastic products, accessories, gadgets and gizmos you can fill your home with. But what do you really need to turn your home from a regular hut to a luxurious palace? Have a look at these tips to find out.

Make your windows wonderful

A lot of people like to say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but few (if any) eyes would reap the benefits of double glazing. In fact, your actual windows are far more important than your eyes – nobody can peer into your eyes and see that your living room is a mess. 

With wide windows fitted with double glazing, your home will let in and retain far more light and heat, so contact a top notch glazer for windows that will welcome light into your home.

Apply yourself to quality appliances

Back in the days of mud huts, you would be happy with a log fire to cook your food. While you should be thankful that we have moved on since then, that does not mean you should remain content with poor quality kitchen appliances. A powerful oven and other white goods will make your cooking a cinch. The trick is to research your appliances thoroughly – look up customer reviews online, check energy efficiency ratings – and you will have products that would not leave your food half-cooked.

Make your wall the main feature

While we might be past the point of huts and hunting, that does not mean you will always have the cash to splash on new wallpaper. Indeed, giving your walls a fresh look can be costly, which is why you should invest in a feature wall to tighten those purse strings.

Perfect for living rooms, a feature wall is one section of your wall space fitted with a distinct and eye-catching design. Not only will this create a stylish focal point in your room, it also means you do not have to fork out too much to make it a haven for good taste.

First impressions count

When people wander up to your door, what do you think they want to see? A rundown squalor reminiscent of The Wire, or a white picket fence dream like an episode of Mad Men? The more stylish your entrance, the more at home you will feel. So, maintain a welcoming front garden, door and doormat, and you will be able to appreciate what you have got from the entrance onwards. 

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