Thursday, June 19, 2014

Four Benefits of Owning a Pre-Designed Home!

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When it comes to home ownership, there are a lot of options available. One active debate that exists is the on-site construction option versus the pre-designed home building plan or modular home option. While there are several pros and cons of each of these options, the benefits of choosing a pre-designed home are many. Here are just a few of the reasons why choosing a house building plan is a no-brainer.

Options, Options, Options

A common misconception regarding pre-designed homes is that there are not a lot of options available when it comes to pre-designed house building plans. There are a few different types of pre-designed homes available. Modular, panelized construction, concrete panels, prefabricated timber frames, and even log cabins can be built from pre-designed plans. All of these options also include endless choices for fixtures, interior designs, and colors. Several people who choose to convert to a pre-designed option end up singing the praises of the structure, integrity, and beauty of the building.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly

If you consider yourself a naturalist, a pre-designed or pre-fab home should be an environmentally friendly option for your dream home. Many of the materials that are used in traditional on-site construction get tossed into the dumpster. This results in debris, dumper, and tipping costs that are practically non-existent with pre-designed homes. When a pre-fab home is made in the factory many of these materials are recycled and reused in other models. Furthermore, the factories where these homes are constructed provide an environment where the wood is protected from the elements, which means that the occurrence of mold and rot are less likely.

They Are Cost Effective

The materials used in the construction of pre-designed homes are also bought in bulk, so the materials used to construct them tend to cost less. This means that these homes can be offered at a lower price point. A study published by the Structural Building Components Industry states that a panelized home uses less lumber, and less scrap which contributes to about 16 percent less cost for labor and materials. According to a Pennsylvania coalition of building experts, the average savings for a pre-designed home is roughly $32 per square foot.

They Are Hassle-Free

Most people, who are not familiar with the benefits of a pre-designed house building plan, are not really aware of how hassle-free they can be. Reflecting upon the first point, most people have the misconception that they will receive a carbon-copy home but the reality is that in some cases there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unique options which allow the homeowner to customize their floor plan. For these reasons and all of the ones given above, a pre-designed home is a much easier option than traditional on-site construction homes.

There are some misconceptions that are often associated to pre-designed homes but now the benefits of owning one are clear. If you are in the market for a home like this, with the right due diligence, you can have a beautiful home that is uniquely your own. Aside from plenty of options to choose from, pre-fab or pre-designed home plans are also environmentally friendly, cost effective, and hassle-free. It should now be easier to make an informed decision for yourself whether or not a pre-designed home is the right option for you.

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