Thursday, January 11, 2018

Redecorating Your Aging Parents’ Home For Safety And Comfort!

This post is provided by Katherine Smith.

As our parents age, they may find it difficult to get around the house like they once were able. Bodies stop working like they once did, forcing people to move things around and make their living arrangements more closely tailored to what is comfortable and safe. The goal is to prevent unnecessary slips and falls that can do significant damage to an aging body. If you will be in charge of redecorating your aging parents’ home, make sure to include safety and comfort features they can utilize on their own without assistance.

Add An Elevator

Elevators are not just for buildings and stores. Home elevators can be implemented as well, adding an easy way for residents to get from one level to the next. This is especially important for older adults who have a difficult time making it up staircases. Home Elevators & Residential Elevator Systems make the home safer for people who struggle to get from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa. Have a  professional install the system so it gets done quickly and efficiently.

Make A Home Office

Your parents may be getting older, but that does not mean they are ready to stop working and getting things accomplished. Many older adults continue working but might try working from home instead of having to make a commute each day. Create a stylish home office for them that includes everything they need to get their work done. Ensure there is good lighting so weakened eyesight does not hinder the experience. You should also add a conversation area with a couple of comfortable chairs or a couch where they can sit and relax during a break time, or converse with a client or partner if needed.

Purchase Comfortable Furniture

While you may prefer a soft couch you can sink into, it may be difficult for your older mom or dad to make their way out of it once they have sat down. It is best to purchase comfortable furniture that would not be hard on their aching backs, yet still allows them to get up or down on their own. A soft yet somehow firm couch would be a better option. Their bed may need replacing as well, along with the dining room chairs and anything else that gets sat or laid on for rest or relaxation.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are often seen in hospital restrooms in the shower and near the toilet. It allows people to hold onto something if they need to lower themselves down carefully or get up from a seated position. Many older adults start struggling to get up or down on their own, so bars like this in their home bathrooms would be ideal. Make sure you watch the weight limit of the bars you install to ensure they can hold up your mom or dad safely.

Tape Down Rugs

Despite their low-risk appearance, rugs can be hazardous to those who have a hard time getting around. The best option is to get rid of the rugs altogether, but if your parents do not want to do that, then taping them down is the next best choice. It will ensure they are stuck to the ground well so the edges will not come up and cause someone to trip when they are trying to walk over the area.

Our aging parents need our help more than ever. Before they have started to struggle, help them out with some home redecorating that will get the place in ideal condition as they start to get older. With grab bars installed, rugs taped down, comfortable furniture, and a home elevator, your parents will have a safe and comfortable home they can continue to live in on their own for some time. 

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